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My guess is that they didn’t want to tangle with the “Enderborn” by committing the heist at night…

Its good to see Lalna and Nano just banter and chill. They deserve a break… a nice calm moment… before the storm.

As a change from the norm, I photoshopped the backgrounds first this time. I desperately needed those backgrounds completed before I could have the Hat boys jumping out of a van or Nano & Lalna on the steps. I am far too used to doing up nighttime shots. Daytime is so… bright… ugh. Anyway, I’m happy to get the HatFilms logo on the van and the text on the sides of the back door to the van.

“That’s basically science.” Dr Lalnable Duncan Jones, Part-time Head Scientist of Yoglabs. Co-creator of M.O.D. Systems and inventor of the Clone Constructor.

Duncan is one of the most unimpressive yet astonishing men in the city of server… He’s a defective clone of the astoundingly lazy yet brilliantly minded man by the same name and like his master clone, if he finds something worth his time (or simply piques his interest) he’ll work 110% on that one idea to the detriment of everything around him, including himself. 

It is worth remembering… this man is a defective clone… he has a complete lack of analytical understanding and shows an over-attachment for empathetic requirements. Bad traits for an employee of Yoglabs.

spiritedandloyal  asked:

pssst could I ask for some Nano as Sombra? Nanombra? Sombrano? (I just. cannot look at Sombra's Incendio skin without thinking of Kim and Sombra's purples would rock with the flux.. pretty please?? <3 <3)

Mess with the best and die like the rest.

((hells to the Yes))