I feel like making a cyberpunk bingo for articles (or worse, books) about cyberpunk written by people having no fucking idea about cyberpunk. So far fields I have would be

  • William Gibson invented cyberpunk with Neuromancer
  • cyberpunk has died in the 90s (aka “what is this Matrix you speak of”)
  • article completely ignores existence of Japanese cyberpunk, especially Akira
  • cyberpunk is about hackers and artificial intelligences, never anything else (also ignores subgenres)
  • it’s always noir crime stories, aka “what is post-cyberpunk”
  • ignore early works that put groundwork for cyberpunk like stuff by Asimov and Philip K Dick
  • William Gibson and Bruce Sterling are only two real cyberpunk authors, all others are probably fake memories planted by the government
  • “cyberpunk is outdated and cliched”
  • fails to use any accepted definition of cyberpunk, even basics like “high tech and low life”
  • obviously failed to at the very least read Wikipedia “Cyberpunk” article (free space!)

I’m thinking about any else possible ones?