I awoke in an icy-hot sweat. Stupid lousy mediums and their stupid lousy dream-memory-lust. Didn’t even learn anything practical from her, just the usual wishy-washy ghostly bullsh- no wait. The name! Okra. Surely a slippery customer, if he was able to make such a fine dame part with her familial Ring of Ultimate Power. The remainder of my bed rest passed without incident and by the end of the week I was back on the Streets. A man can only stay cooped up so long before he starts thinking he’s a bird, if you catch what I’m saying.

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I’ll make up for the loss of a day by drawing two prompts for one day… eventually.

Day 2 - Any OC as their respective League of Legends champion. I chose Anne as Annie.

Yeah, we have this thing where we call LoL champs by our OC names because of similarity. You know you do it too.

The Adventures of Annie August, the Dark Child Detective.

EDIT: If you guys don’t want to see these, just savior NaNoDraMo, that’s what I’ll be tagging it as. I don’t care if the name makes zero sense.

Fine, since it seems my self indulgent noir nonsense is causing me to hemorrhage followers left and right I suppose I’ll have to resign my NaNoWriMo efforts.

NOT. I’ll just move them to a separate place. A safe place. A judgement free zone where all overly verbose prose is welcome;


STAY TUNED for your regularly schedule program of WIZARDS and FANART and WHATEVER.