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Here is SHN-105 aka. Nanobit more information to be added later.

Character belongs to nanobit-bitbot on tumblr, on twitch, and on deviant art. can also be found in this stream

new ocs Nanobite and Vi:

Nanobite is a sacrificial goat file that evaded the virus they were supposed to host. agender / he or they / 4'5’’

Vi is a virus that fully consumed it’s goat file and turned into a separate entity. male / he / 4'2’’

DS9 1.13: battle lines

First thoughts: lol. Cardassians bad mouthing Bajorans from beyond the grave.

And Bashir is also coming… Yay…

Dude, the most important person on Bajor just gave you a special thing. How are you so unfazed, O'Brien?

How long have those satellites been there and they still whipped your fancy Federation technology?

Wow. Kira feels. She is so much better than Bashir.

Sisko, he asked your race not your name.

Don’t worry Kira! No one dies on DS9 unless it’s a PLOT POINT

You said they stopped using energy weapons. What do you call those things then?

Nanobites! They fix everything!

Wait, that guy is Hickey on Community season five! I keep telling people, every actor has been on Star Trek.

Blah blah blah, fighting the same war forever.

“Needle in a haystack…”
me: You need a magnet!
“We need a magnet!”

Differential magnetimer… O'Brien sucks at naming things. But damn he can build!

DS9 is deep. Kira is dealing with major issues.

Point zero zero one two fluctuation? Nice sensors Chief!

Dude, who cares if you all get slaughtered? You’ll reanimate in, like, 10 minutes.

Have these guys ever tried burning corpses so they don’t reanimate?

Nice paranoia Chief!

“I’ve got one percent to work with.” Oh Miles, stop showing off.

Oh Kai Opaka, I’ll miss you forever.

Opaka is so graceful.

A moral dilemma, Bashir? Is there enough room in your brain for that and your ego?

Don’t patronize the lovely prescient lady.

I am sad that I won’t need to add Opaka to my device dictionary.

Final thoughts: I am going to forget who becomes the next Kai for a couple blissful episodes.

Rednaskela is the AI that houses Vi and Nanobite. they think of themself as their parent most of the time but they also talk about Vi and Nano as parts of themself. They glitch a lot and sometimes take on properties of Vi and Nano when they are glitching.