Okay I know it’s fun to imagine the Foxes with an instagram and twitter and arguing in the groupchat and everything

But guys.

Mid-00′s Foxes. 2006 Foxes!

  • First of all, can you imagine the hassle Andrew must have gone through to get Runaway Train on Neil’s phone?!
  • Opening up the internet on a flip phone? Not by pressing the wrong key?
  • Then when it opens 10-20 minutes later he has to type the title with the number keys.
  • No results come up, and it takes him a few minutes to realize he spelled Runaway with two ‘n’s. There’s no spell check. 
  • It’s more expensive because it’s a more obscure song and not on the store stored in his phone, which also takes forever to load. 
  • Andrew hides the bill he gets from Cingular.
  • Neil doesn’t understand technology so he doesn’t understand the struggle and Andrew adds to the list of what he suffers in silence about.
  • Flip phones?, Neil thinks, Can’t those be tracked? Clearly no one in their right mind would use a flip phone to not be tracked. 
  • Don’t even tell me they don’t have Razr phones.
  • There are walkie-talkie-like beeps heard throughout the hall when someone is using their phone. Sometimes a voice echoes Hello Moto
  • The Foxes battle over who’s in each other’s Top Five. Neil flat out doesn’t tell anyone because he doesn’t want to start a war. 
  • There’s a team meeting regarding who “accidentally” taped over one of their games with an episode of Fear Factor. 

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Review of Watch Dogs 2

I really really love Josh Sauchak as autistic representation in Watch Dogs 2! However, I do have a few minor criticisms as well. There is also a minor character that is a black trans woman in the game, which is portrayed respectfully, but she is voiced by a cis man. 

While Jonathan Dubsky (the actor who plays Josh) is not autistic, the actor read an autobiography of an autistic man who did not realize he was autistic until later in life. He chose to listen to autistic voices rather than allistic “professionals” when preparing for his role.

When I actually met Jonathan Dubsky at a convention, he told me that this role was really important to him and that he took it very seriously. He even worked with the writers to change things they originally wrote, which he believed Josh wouldn’t do. Possibly because it was either inaccurate to the character’s motivations, or stereotypical and ableist.


Josh Sauchak is an adult with Aspergers who is part of the hacker group DedSec. Josh is seen as a very important member of the team. I personally find him relatable, however, there were two cutscenes in particular in which I started seeing him as a bit stereotypical, which I will explain later in the review. The game uses functioning labels a few times, but Josh mostly refers to his own autism as Aspergers. His autism is mentioned three times: once during an audio diary about him, once during a cutscene, and once in the DLC.

[Spoilers under the read-more]

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12. Favourite Ice Type: Froslass

Another ghost type!? Well, what can I say. I really do like many ghost type Pokemon so it makes me totally happy that I can choose so many of them because of their secondary type, haha! I really like this “yuki-onna”-type Pokemon (because I already love icey-things and the snow-women story too!)