nano workouts

Day 2= my new Captain America muscle tee!! The theme of today’s outfit was pink and black. Two of my faves. I wore two jackets two the gym so I kept warm.

Oh and Roxanne came on randomly before the workout and Kyle and Natalie made a joke saying start the burpees so we did! 6:15 has heart.

The speed portion before our workout was 4x 200 m row sprints with 60 sec rests between. I kept my pace at 1:44 most of the time. My fastest row was 42 seconds I was pumped!!

The WOD tonight had no weight lifting so I told myself that there was nothing to really frustrate me so I had to keep moving.

16 min AMRAP
5 burpees
10 KB swings (35lbs)
15 box jumps (12in)
20 ab mat sit ups
25 air squats
30 double unders aka 90 singles.

1) burpees go away.
2) the KB swings felt strong. At one point Natalie said ‘good Tori it’s like lightweight’ (the coaches like to say lightweight to reverse psychology us into thinking the weights aren’t heavy, FYI) and I laughed cause I was happy it felt lightweight for real.
3)box jumps I think I got worse. Almost ate it again. Gotta work on those.
4) ab mat sit ups were a breeze
5) squats seem like a simple move but dang you can feel them
6) I found a jump rope the perfect length for me and my singles were on point!!! I hope I can find the same one next time we attempt DU’s.

I made 2 rounds + 63. It was a long workout but I worked hard and felt great after.

My cute little pink nanos loved their first workout.
Then the family went and got chicken wings.

A wonderful Tuesday night for me!!