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I heard we were all sharing our favorite Markiplier videos ?? :0

This one never fails to make me laugh! IF YOU CAN’T GET THE MAN GLUE YOU GET THE BAby glue

Happy Birthday, Mark! Hope it’s a good one!

Chapter 11

On the North side of the Long Lake sat a tiny used-to-be tourist town named Erebor. The town was once a popular vacation spot with its many tourist attractions, chiefly, the myth about Smaug: the lake-dwelling sea monster that was rumored to live in the large lake. Now in the 21st Century, Erebor is struggling to survive with only a handful of people passing through during peak season. Management of Tourism for Erebor now lands in the lap of Thorin Durinson who’s inherited the business from his family.

Along with Bilbo Baggins, mythological fanatic and bookkeeper for Erebor’s current financial situation, Thorin’s determined to do something to drive people back to Erebor and the shores of the Long Lake. However, they quickly realize they may be in way over their head.

“Thorin, you there?” Bilbo asked as he pushed the talk button. He waited, listening to the faint crackle of dead air. “Thorin?” Bilbo tried again.

translating a treebird

Hair barking hair like fur.
For example, it bounces Bunny Boo three times.
A twisted rope of a tongue which is a portrait of a woman.
I am dead phone poet.
There are three hypnotism before the bed, panic disappears after 3 hours.
Licking lips, drift of the tide, stun gun.
Niche cites to activate Markus performed by Vigo.
Mango Mango.
Block chain unmanned aerial vehicle, quantum genomics, nano AI.
Perhaps we should start?
I dreamed of breaking the law. My penance was to have sex with a star in a crazy male.
carbon copy. Cogent. catalyst.

Killer Chat (Waylon Jones x Reader)

Originally posted by orchid-bud

“Hold that, please!” you rushed into the elevator, almost crushing on KC.

“Hey.” You greeted with a half smile and he growled in response. You both headed to the tenth floor where Rick was waiting for you so you could be examined by the medics and return to Belle Reve.

You were awkwardly tapping your finger on your hand as you waited for the elevator to arrive at your floor.

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Attention All July Camp Nano Participants!

Are you ready?!?!?!

If not, never fear! WC has plans to kick your month of writing off right! 

First, for the next five days, we will be reblogging the WC Camp Nano Prep series and the Forging Through Camp Nano series from April’s Camp Nano. 

Second, we will be open for ALL Camp Nano related questions and concerns for this week and for the rest of July. If you’re on the fence about Camp Nano and want to know why/if you should try it, if you’re having trouble setting a goal or if you simply need a pep talk, send in an ask! Your questions should be answered within the day.

Third, as usual, our Slack community will have a private channel dedicated to Camp Nano participants. This is a great place to come if you’re having trouble with your project, need tips on how to catch up on a word count or if you simply need support. Haven’t heard about our Slack community? Check out our FAQ for more info!

Fourth, we will be posting a series of character development exercises, prompts and other writing exercises on Friday as part of CAMP NANO EVE! 

Camp Nano Eve will culminate in a write-in during the first hours of Camp Nano! More info TBA!

The WC Cabin also has plenty of room available! July’s cabin is open to both followers and members, so feel free to send in a request to join!

Let’s get ready for a month of great writing together!

Reblogs appreciated to spread the word!

Gaarmageddon Spinoff: ~Monster Idol Gaaruru is here-garu~ Part 2

So, as I explained last time, this is a junior novel put out by Ciao on 4/25/2017 which focuses on Gaaruru. The first part is just an anime recap, but this second part is an original story! 

This is a free, unofficial fan translation with no copyright infringement intended and I encourage anyone who’d like to get some beginner Japanese reading practice to buy the original novel and use this as a guide. (Although I did take some liberties here and there.) Enjoy! 

(Note: Before someone points it out, the author of this book seems to think the Prism Stone Shop is inside PriPara where the cafe would be? Locations are kinda confusing. I kept it the way it was written.)

The secret of Gaaruru’s birth - The cursed black envelope?! -

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WC Forging Through Camp Nano Series: Part Five


Hi everyone!

Welcome to the fifth and final installment of the Forging Through Camp Nano series! We have a little under a week left in Camp Nano and I hope your projects are all going well! But if you find yourself a bit behind…and feeling like this:

Never fear! Today, we’ll be talking about catching up with your goals! This post, I’d like to…

1. Talk about the mindset required for catch-up
2. Discuss time management with your goals
3. Suggest a few tips for effectively playing the game of catch up

Here, I do speak from significant experience after catching up on 23,000 words in a little less than a week during last year’s April Camp Nano. But, having a few grains of salt on hand to take this post with might be helpful.

Let’s get started!


At this point in the month, most Nano participants feel overwhelmed. That can quickly spiral out of control into a sense of absolute hopelessness.

The unfortunate truth is this: if you end up giving into this hopelessness, then you’re already behind on the catch-up game. The first thing you have to do is get control of your mind. Once you’ve gotten control there, you’ve won half of the battle. But, it’s easy enough to say that you need to get control. How you get control is a much more complicated matter.

First, don’t panic. Panicking will only make you feel more overwhelmed and make it much harder to write. Take a few deep breaths and realize that this is not the end of the world. You have plenty of time.

Second, try to observe things objectively. Too often, we get caught up in our emotions and blow situations out of proportion. This makes it hard to identify ways to get out of the situation. If you’re able to stay objective, you’re much more likely to move forward to obtain your goal.

Third, think of other times you’ve beaten the odds. More than anything, this is a confidence boost. Such boosts are necessary to stave off any remaining sense of doubt or worry. If it helps to write these times down, then by all means, write them. Do whatever is necessary to convince yourself that this is possible. It absolutely is—as long as you believe it.

If you need to go through these steps a few times before feeling like you have control, that’s perfectly fine. Repeat as many times as necessary until you think that you have things straightened out.

Now that you have the right mindset to approach catching up on your goals, let’s discuss time management.

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I was rewatching the most recent Nano’s Village with Hat Films and then i thought abut their GTA V stuff and then this post………

Stuff happened. UmU

Quick NaNo/Blog Update

Hey all!

If you’ve requested an invitation to our cabin, please try to either accept or reject the invite as soon as possible! We are officially starting up our planned discussions this week with pre-NaNo prep talk. We do have a wait list, so if you’ve changed your mind, please reject your invite or let me know so someone can have your spot!

In addition, you will likely see a decline in our blog activity during the month of July as we focus our attention on our NaNoWriMo cabin and our own writing projects. We will still try to get a couple posts out each week. Thank you for your understanding!