nano planted tank


i used to make nano planted aquariums. 

these are my creations. 
some are of the same tank with slight upgrades.

sadly only one of these tanks even exists anymore.
i left where i worked and they just stopped taking care of them.
it’s very upsetting.

and the one tank that DOES still live…. is overgrown and just… sad…
please let me know if you have any questions about anything that is in these tanks. (including plants,fish,soil type, supplements)


Apr 11 2013, got some dwarf baby tears today!

Shrimp/crayfish tank is finally up and running. Since I just got them less than a week ago, and there’s a few babies already, I’ve decided to move the betta who’s finally out of quarantine into the tank to keep the cycle until the shrimp are ready to be moved into their tank!

The shrimp are actually living in the cycled tank for the betta that was in quarantine. I think I’ll leave everyone where they are until the plants grow in a bit more.

(Ignore the fake plant. It’s to help give coverage until things grow in.)