nano planted tank

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2, 8, 20, amd 25? For the fishblr asks?

2. What is your dream tank?
I’d love an 80 gallon deep blue frag. The build and style seems similar to a 40 gallon breeder, and would provide so much space for plants and   schooling fish.  

image curtsy of google..

8. Planted tank or reef tank?

Planted…. I went down the reef tank life before….Never again unless I win the lottery. To expensive and to time consuming for someone as busy as I am. Though I do miss my cleaner shrimp

Image  of my old 30 gallon

20. Favorite non-fish animal?
If this means non aquatic, and domesticated I’d say chinchillas.

How can you not love Roys cute face

Other wise if it means aquatic I’d say shrimp, or maybe the sea snake species.



To many choices… 

25. What do you think is the most beautiful fish? 

Oh jeez this is a hard one, each fish is beautiful in its own way. I mean have you see the different colors that Apistogramma’s come in now a days? Don’t get me started on the bettas, both bubble nesters and mouth brooders. Oh man and all the new color mutations of guppies now a days? Salt water wise there’s the Mandarin Dragonet….The list goes on and on. But when it comes down to it, I’ll have to say Bettas. I’ve owned some amazing bettas over the years.

Bettas I’ve owned over the years, besides the last one. He was one I was considering at the time.


i used to make nano planted aquariums. 

these are my creations. 
some are of the same tank with slight upgrades.

sadly only one of these tanks even exists anymore.
i left where i worked and they just stopped taking care of them.
it’s very upsetting.

and the one tank that DOES still live…. is overgrown and just… sad…
please let me know if you have any questions about anything that is in these tanks. (including plants,fish,soil type, supplements)


I finally got shrimp!!! (6 of ‘em!) They are SO cute and so much fun to watch I love them so much already. Their collective group name is Team Voltron!! (I haven’t named em all individually tho. they all actually have pretty different markings so it’s a lot easier to tell 'em apart than I thought it’d be! So far we have Racing Stripes, Shrimp Tempura, and McCree xD)

I want to get another inhabitant with them sometime in the future- thinking two or three least killifish/dwarf livebearers, a couple pygmy killifish, or a cpo dwarf mexican crayfish? obviously not all 3 at once lol :p if anyone has any ideas or input I’d appreciate it! It’s a tiny 2.5 gallon tank~


Did one of these for my other tank as well but just as pleased with this one’s progress if not more so! Smaller space really made it easier to fill how I wanted. All parameters stable with the new additions and plants proving they like the tank also!

Day 1

Day 40

Really hoping this monte carlo will one day do what I wanted it to but other than that, happy me and happy tank residents! 


The sideboard 2015/09/29

Filled the tank completely up again. It was on half filled mode the last couple of weeks. The plants look more bad than nice and I need to get some new ones again :( need money ha.

The small tank seems fine. Moss is growing good (everything else not lol) and the shrimp seem okay too. They stopped breeding because of the Panacur I guess. I hope the Nerite snails will survive the medication. :( worried.
Only cell phone pictures, sorry. Maybe I’ll take out the good can again when the tanks look better but now it’s just pearls for swine (dunno if I can say than in English haha)