nano guitar

Musical instruments don’t get any smaller than this.  Coming in at a whopping 10 micrometers long, this little guitar, created by researchers at Cornell University, is no larger than a human cell.  The nano guitar has six strings, each only about one hundred atoms wide, which can be played only by an atomic force microscope.  You won’t be hearing any new music groups claiming nano guitar fame, however, as the sound produced by the nano guitar’s silicon strings would be much too slight to be heard by human ears.


The world’s smallest guitar is 10 micrometers long – about the size of a single cell – with six strings each about 50 nanometers, or 100 atoms, wide. Made by Cornell University researchers from crystalline silicon, it demonstrates a new technology for a new generation of electromechanical devices.

The guitar has six strings, each string about 50 nanometers wide, the width of about 100 atoms. If plucked – by an atomic force microscope, for example – the strings would resonate, but at inaudible frequencies.

The entire structure is about 10 micrometers long, about the size of a single human blood cell.

A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter. For comparison, the diameter of a human hair is about 200 micrometers, or 200,000 nanometers.