nano garden


Some what ifs, also because I wanted to make monster forms. uwu

Beast Wirt - Becomes somewhat effected by magic and transforms into a pseudo-beast.

Fell Dipper - Overwhelmed by some of the energy from bill’s dimension and transforms.  Deer like because I’ve seen a lot of people represent him as a deer sometimes.

Nano Hiro V. 01 - Instead of Tadashi, Hiro is the one caught in the blaze and almost dies.  He’s saved by (primarily) Tadashi, who alters Hiro’s body with some cybernetics and a drastically altered version of Hiro’s nano-bots.  He has to come to terms with his new power and the fact that he may no longer be the Hiro he once was.

I’ll see if I can get around to another version of Nano Hiro. uwu