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Epilogue: Funny Little Frog

I wrote an epilogue to Over the Garden Wall. 

Spoilers, of course.

(Title taken from this song, which I was listening to a lot the other day. It really makes me think of this show and of Wirt especially. :) )

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Nano meets Specimen Five for the first time, and they explore their feelings towards the Lalna clones - and each other. 1,400 words.
Parings: Implied Lalnable/Echo only.

Exhausted after a tiring day of working alone in the garden, Nano gingerly ambled back towards the house, delicately skirting round the bellethornes. As she opened the doors, she was blinded by the bright flash of their security camera. She muttered curses at it, reluctantly climbing behind the tripod to check whether it had captured evidence of any other intruders while she was tending to the garden. Nothing, as usual. She was constantly complaining to Lalna about it, saying it was useless, there was no point having it - but truthfully she knew they had to do everything they could to keep themselves safe from Lalnable, at least until they’d figured out how to build better defences.

She traipsed up the stairs, looking down at her slim white slippers, which made no sound except for the muted scuff as silk brushed against unpolished wood. She pulled off her gardening gloves, which she used to tend to her botania plants, as she climbed the final step - and froze as she caught an unexpected shape in the edge of her vision. Her eyes darted upwards, her flux eye wavering, evasive, as if it were resisting focus. It didn’t matter; her brown eye could tell exactly what - who - was waiting here for her. The leather gloves fell to the floor.

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