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Can we talk about this though? At the end of the day, aside from his brothers whom he loves very much, this is what defines Sabo as an adult. He is concerned for the well being of others. He is not a pirate with an existential crises (aka Ace) or one that is pretty much all or nothing for his dream (aka Luffy) Instead he is a revolutionary. He shapes the world in broader terms, taking care of people in trouble he may not even know.

He’s also good at understanding people on a normal level. He knows what it is they want to hear. They want to hear him taking charge, being confident, giving them direction. There may be nowhere safe to go, and Sabo knows it. He doesn’t lie and say there is, but he gives them hope in finding it. 

While inside, he doesn’t know if there is such a place. He hopes for it, too, but there’s a suggestion of despair here. Still, his main goal is to keep the people safe, as I said. 

Though Ace may help people if he chooses to (though iirc we’ve never actually seen him do it) and Luffy will fight with and for his friends, Sabo is the type to say: Go hide and leave the fighting to me. 

And I just think that’s really cool.