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He is Nanobot’s older half-brother (same father). He’s 9 years older than Nanobot and he works with the government but side jobs as security. Because he doesn’t have the full abilities of the unicorns he is scarred from an accident that happened some years ago.

He is a hybrid of a shadow spirit and unicorn. Almost decided just a horse but I like the horn too much :)

I’ve just spent an hour looking through my notes from a couple of years ago just to figure out what his name was. I went as far as looking through my library of other stories, notes, even drawings and found nothing. So he’s another OC without a name XD But I do remember it has to do with the creation of nano bots so I’ll just start from there and give him a new name.

Not much else to say, I pretty much have to recreate his background from scratch since all the notes I had for him are missing or just completely gone. :(


This is really scary technology. Can you imagine the power some crazy person in the future will have with an army of bots like this at their disposal?!?

Very Frightening Indeed!!

The Bimbo Web-Challenge #11

“Like, duh”, Candy said while looking at the article about the best ways to pick up boys in her girly magazine. She didn’t really remember getting it, but somehow it had appeared on her nightstand. She had been awake early and had started reading. Why? She didn’t know. There had been some voices she recalled, but what they had said and who it had been she had no idea. It didn’t seem to bother her though. She was ready for a new day and the beginning of her first challenge. There were only four days left in the challenge and her big bulk of transformations was over. She already looked and sounded like a bimbo so how bad could it get?

There was a beep coming from the computer which indicated todays topic had arrived. As she opened the mail Candy suddenly thought that it could get a lot worse. The challenge was “picking up men”. Whoever got the most phone numbers would win this challenge. She hadn’t picked up any man in her entire life. She even was a man two days ago. How was this supposed to be comfortable?

She sat there for a long time thinking about what would happen if she just denied the challenge. Hadn’t Jennifer done that once? Something about getting all the enhancements instead of just one? Candy couldn’t let that happen.
She looked into her wardrobe, surprised at all the new different kinds of clothing that hadn’t been there two days ago. She picked a cute but not very revealing outfit and headed for the park.

She went to the asian garden. She had never been there before but somehow it seemed appropriate. How was this supposed to work now? She just stood there for a while, waiting for men to drool over her and give her their number. That’s how she remembered it from when she had been a man. But somehow nobody came. She looked at all the men that went by, wondering if they’d approach her. Slowly she started fantasizing about each one of them to take her home and make her his. She wanted to serve them. She wanted to be their little wife. But nobody approached her and she was too submissive to approach anyone. She started walking around the city. This went on for about two hours until her phone rang. 

“Hey Candy. We were very disappointed in your process. You’re not picking up men. You just stand there waiting for them to pick you up. And why would they do that? So we’ve decided to give you a little help. Candy, as your master I command you to look approach every man that you come by and ask him for your number. But put on some more revealing clothing first please and put your hair in pigtails.”

Candy wanted to scream at them. That they were the ones who made her look and act like she was. How was this her fault? If anything it was hers for not making her more sexy for the men. All she could say was “Like, Yep, master.” as the phone became silent again.
She went home and changed clothes then went out again. For a short moment she just closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She knew that in the moment she opened her eyes and saw the first man in the little shop across the street she’d be walking towards him. She felt embarrassed because she knew she couldn’t stop the humiliation that was about to come.

As she opened her eyes she made her first step towards the store. Then another one. It was like she was on auto-pilot. She entered the store. There he was. Candy felt small and out of control. All she could do was walk towards him and say “Uhm. hiya.” - “Oh hey. What can I do for you?” - Candy giggled. Why had she done that? She remembered that she had something to do here right? Some kind of challenge. “Uhm. yep.” - “And what’s that?”
God he was hot. Why did he have to be so big and muscular? She felt embarassed to even consider him as being interested in her. He was a god and she was just a silly little asian weirdo. “You can, like, give me your number and stuff?” Finally it was out. The man looked a little confused. Candy leaned down on the counter. Somehow she couldn’t take her eyes of this man. He was so interesting.

“Here you go. Call me whenever.”
Candy was interrupted from her daydreaming by a piece of paper that was  waved in front of her eyes. “Yep, master” she said with a dopey grin. She was hooked on him. She wanted his babys. “What did you call me?”, he said, now a little more arrogant. “Uhm like.. I said <Yes master> coz i’ll call you whenever master and uhm.. like.. do whatever you want master” - “What is this? Is this some kind of prank?”
He backed away. - “Nono don’t leave master. Let Candy uhm…” She awkwardly moved towards him and they both fell onto the floor, her face on his crotch.
“Uhm like.. master. do you want me to suck your cock?”, Candy said.
The man was intrigued and just looked at her lusting for his stiff member for a few seconds. Then he shouted: “Hey guys, come check this out.”
Soon three men stood in front of her. Candy said “Hiya guys. Can i like have your numbers and stuff?”
The first man said “I thought you wanted to suck cock for your master?”
A bolt of pleasure shot through Candy. “Like totally master.” she said as she dropped to her knees. As Candy started rubbing all of her masters cocks she wondered if one of them would marry her and give her the life she so desperately wanted. Inside she screamed disgusted at what she was doing, but there was no way to stop it now.

“You love sucking cock you little slut, don’t you?”
She did. Why was she so disgusted before? This was wonderful.
“Yes. take it all. Do you like it when i pinch your nipples, Candy?”
She did. She hadn’t noticed it before, but it made her feel really good.
She wanted to tell master that he was so right, but in that moment a cock was shoved deep into her little mouth.
“Take it all slut. You love sucking off strangers whore? Do you love just walking into some public place and sucking off all the men there?”
She did! She did! That was sooo like her. Master knew her so well.
“Do you get off of some stranger shooting his load deep into your mouth?”
Yes! Yes! Yes!
As the cock was pushed deep inside her mouth and semen started to shoot out of it, Candy couldn’t do anything else then let the tingling sensation flow through her whole body as it shut off her brain and her whole body started to shake. She couldn’t move! She was frozen. The tingling continued to grow until it overtook her whole body. She screamed. She shivered. A mindblowing orgasmn rocked through her that wouldn’t stop. She almost choked on the cock, but that just made her pleasure the more intense. 
“What the fuck? Did you just cum whore?”
She was freed from the cock so she said “Like uh, totally.”
The other cocks started bursting out semen all over her face.

Something felt weird. Candy felt uncomfortable. Something was missing. It was like a heat in her stomach that implicated that she needed something. Her phone rang.
“Hey Candy. We didn’t want to interrupt you. Nice show! However i’m sorry to say this, but you became last place for todays challenge. Since you were occupied we held the poll without you there and the results are in. We gave the audience a choosing of four special enhancements and the winner is <<Cum vampire>>. Congratulations. From now on whenever you get cum on your face the rest of the day will be a bit blurry since you’ll feel like you’re totally drunk and get completely addicted to cum. Every minute you’re out of a cock to blow you’ll be feeling incredibly hungry and do everything to get more. The effect will only wear off when you fall asleep. Hope you have a nice evening and see you tomorrow.”

Well. Fuck.


I swore I had posted this reference influence sheet thingy for this thing on Tamblr before, but looking through my history it doesn’t really seem to be the case. So yeah, here I am posting this here.

If you’re somehow confused by the text in the sheet, then let me clarify something then: This is not an anthro/Mobian version of Chris from Sonic X. He is not outright physically being one! What I mean by that, is that this is some sort of armor that is technically something of a hologram made by nano bots covering him to make him appear as such. Chris is overall still a human, but concealing his identity via nano bot projections. So I guess you could call it a high tech fursuit or something. So if anyone was thinking of bringing that whole “No humans allowed near mah furries!” crap over here, well they can go shove it.

Been thinking of designing other “armor” of his that are meant to resemble other types of animal species, but I’ll need to gather up reference before I can do that first.


As promised, the rest of the art for the Miraculous Ladybug Sci-Fi AU I drew in class! I like to call it the Miraculous Project.

Some background for the world and characters I had in mind while creating this ordeal are as follows:

Marinette is a typical teenage girl with a passion for robotic design. Between school and helping out at her parent’s bakery, she sneaks out to join in the robot fights.

Adrian is an advanced Android created by the brilliant AI designer Gabriel Agrest. He is one of the only Androids out there at the moment capable of feeling emotions… He was made with Gabriel’s deceased son’s image in mind.

The Miraculous Project was originally an expirimental city building technique using nanobots. These nanobots have the power to create things (by clumping many together) or decompose things. Now, they are being used by Ladybug and Chat Noir to stop the Papillion, who is using an older version of these nano-bots to create super-soldiers that are tourmenting the city streets. His ultimate goals are unknown.

That’s what I’ve got for this so far, sorry for such a long post!! I hope you enjoy all the concepts I made for this~

The Bimbo Web-Challenge #9

The girl that woke up on Day 9 of the bimbo web challenge was not his Jennifer anymore. He didn’t even find a single trace of the girl he had loved in her. She didn’t even call herself Jennifer anymore. It was apparently too complicated to pronounce. So this new girl called herself Jenni and she was the dumbest person Aaron had ever met. If he hadn’t known better he would have guessed that she’d have been raised in a trailer park to be the slut that was handed from guy to guy. Aaron decided that he had to pull the plug. He couldn’t allow this to happen to Jennifer anymore so he called the producers of the web challenge and disqualified Jennifer.

“We are really sorry to hear that Jennifer won’t be able to be a part of the show anymore. We were honestly concerned about her performance the last days. So how are you going to pay for the 200.000 dollar that we’ll loose because of you terminating the contract early?” - “What? 200 thousand???”, Aaron couldn’t believe it. “Look we don’t have that kind of money. Is there anything else we can do to settle this?” - “Well normally we wouldn’t be too strict, but your girlfriend has been underperforming a lot from the beginning… hmmmmm .. well.. there is one thing that could work.” - “Anything”, Aaron answered too quickly. “All right then”, the person on the other end of the line said a bit too confident for Aarons liking. “There’s another bottle of nano-bots in your fridge. Drink it and we’ll start a live stream in two hours.” The person on the other end of the line hung up earlier than Aaron was able to say another word. Damnit. How could he have been so stupid? What he had gotten himself into? He had no other choice than to do what he was told though. He emptied the nano-bots-bottle in one big gulp and sat down for a while as the instructions on the bottle recommended.

Two hours later he got a video chat invitation. He knew this was it. The producer of the web challenge were calling him for. He answered. “Welcome to the show Aaron how are you feeling?” - “Hey.. Hello.. Fine thanks.. Considering the circumstances tha..”, he was rudly interrupted: “We were just telling our viewers that you’ll be our new contestant in the show. How are you feeling about this honor?” - “Well i wouldn’t call it an honor. And besides i don’t really know how that’s supposed to work yet. Isn’t the web challenge just for girls?” - “We are light years ahead of you on that, but thanks for your concerns. Are you ready for demonstrating what our new nano-bots are capable of?”. Aaron didn’t like the sound of that. But before he could say something, a deep bass noise shot through his whole body. He felt his body masses rearranging itself as he wasn’t able to move one bit. He was frozen in place, but his body masses were flowing. He could feel it. It was like he was made out of water that was reacting to the deep noise. As the changes stopped Aaron was shocked to find that he was now a girl.

He wanted to scream but somehow he just couldn’t. The presenter said: “Wow Look at the great results our new nano-bots can achieve. Aaron is now a fully functional woman. Also she will not be able to wear anything else than womens clothes and always needs to wear makeup. But to enter the competition at this time obviously she needs to catch up with the changes the other contestants have undergone. So welcome everybody to the day of rapid transformation. We have a series of ten polls for you to decide for Aaron. Let’s start with the first one: hair

A Long and wavy
B Long and straight
C Short pixy
D Rasta

Well, i guess you’ve seen this poll before. But don’t worry. Not all polls will be just taken from the past web-challenges, because this situation obviously needs some special treatments. Alright let’s see the results. Oh wow. Looks like you’ll get the same treatment your little girlfriend got, because Long and wavy won once more.

Aaron felt like in trance. He couldn’t move much as he felt his hair lengthen in his hands. He didn’t even have a mirror but was feeling too relaxed to go to look into one. The presenter continued the show:
“If you could see yourself now Aaron. You look lovely. By the way.. I think it’s time for a new name. Here are the choices:”

A Juliet
B Lisa
C Candy
D Alissa

“Aaaand it seems the people like their girls to be more bimbo than less. Congratulations. Your new name will be Candy.”
Something inside Aarons head clicked and he didn’t remember his old name anymore. To her knowledge she had always been called Candy.
“Alright. Now let’s come to something more on the side of speciality for this evening. The audience may now vote on Candys sexual orientation. Will she still be attracted to her girlfriend or will she be a meat lovers only?”

A Lesbian
B Bi-sexual
C Hetero
D Anitsexual

“Oh sorry Candy and Jennifer to split you up, but Candy will be heterosexual, because the audience wants it this way.”

Immediately Candy felt a void between her legs. She hadn’t had time to think of the fact that she now had a pussy yet but now it was more present than ever. Oh what would she have done for a nice cock between her legs now. “Something wrong Candy? Oh did I forget to mention that we also raised the libido by 300% of what a normal womens libido would be? Sorry… I guess I forgot.” … “You can’t do that”, Candy cried out as she couldn’t stop her hands from exploring her inner thighs.  “ Oh yes we can. Let’s have one more poll for today. Breast size.”

D Double D

“Aaand it seems the audience wants some nice big knockers for you. They chose Double D for you. This is it for today. You can come back tomorrow to see the rest of Candys transformation. But before we leave, we have a challenge for Candy. Tomorrow we want to see a video of you and Jennifer having sex. Sell us how much you love your new body. See you tomorrow Candy.”

As the stream stopped Candy was able to move again. She felt betrayed. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. A light tingling started to run through her chest. She didn’t even realize that her breasts started growing. She just dreamily grabbed the camera and put it into the bedroom. “Hey Jennifer”, she called out. Jennifer had been in the living room masturbating all day Candy realized. “Hey… who are you?”, Jennifer asked confused. “Don’t you recognize me? It’s me.. Candy… no i mean.. Ca.. hey… I can’t even remember my own name..” Jennifer jumped up and down. “You caaame. We were …like… talking for soooooo long and now I finally get to like meet you.” - “No no i’m not.. uhh.. whatever.. yeah it’s me..” Candy figured it didn’t matter anyways. Or at least it made things easier as Jennifer gladly started caressing Candys body - not that she wouldn’t have done that with anybody else.

The new Candy had to admit that getting licked by Jennifer felt amazing. However the presenter hadn’t been joking when he had told her that she would be straight-only now. Jennifer didn’t turn her on at all and instead only images of men got her excited. It felt really odd to fantasize about something like this for the first time. It had always been something that Aaron would have despised, but now it was all that Candy was able to think about. As she imagined the neighbors hard cock in her pussy she immediately came and screamed out his name. Jennifer just laughed and said: “No silly.. It’s Jennifer..” The next day could only be better than this.

A thing that actually happened at my house the other day.
  • My Dad: How long is summer break?
  • Me: There's a hundred and four days of summer vacation, then school comes along just to end it. So the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to speeeeeeend it. Like maybe building a rocket or fighting a mummy or climbing up the Eifel Tower, discovering something that doesn't exits, or giving a monkey a shower. Surfing tidal waves, creating nano-bots, or locating Frankenstein's brain,finding a dodo bird, painting a continent, or driving our sister insane. As you can see there's a whole lot of stuff to do before school starts this fall, so stick with us cause Phineas and Ferb are gonna do it all. So stick with us cause Phineas and Ferb are gonna do it all.
  • My Dad: ...
  • Me: ...
  • My Dad: Really Alanna? Really?
  • Me: You asked.
The Bimbo Web-Challenge #10

Candy, the former Aaron, woke up on day 10 and still thought the last day had been nothing more than a bad dream. With her eyes still shut, she started to feel a soft tingle throughout her whole body. She started caressing her arms and legs. It felt incredible - like a hundred little electric bolts jumping from the touched spot to every other part of her body. A soft moan escaped her mouth. The sound made Candy remember what had happened. She opened her eyes and was shocked to find this hadn’t been a dream. She was shocked but was somehow unable to stop herself from continuing to touch her body. 

As she came uncontrollably her computer rang. “Oh shit. It’s already time for the show”, she cursed. Still shaking from a mindblowing orgasm, Candy trotted to the webcam and quickly turned it on. The presenter welcomed her: “Ah Candy. We were worried there for a second.”Nono, I’m here.”, she said naturally. “You look like you had some action this morning. We really liked that video you took yesterday. Did the fun continue today?”. Candy had totally forgotten about the video. How had they even gotten hold of it? These perverts must have hacked themselves into all the computer systems somehow. She didn’t answer and instead just gave an embarassed look into the camera.

“Alright. You remember that there are still five more polls you need to absolve before you can enter our challenge for good right? The first one is life on our website now. It’s time to get you a new personality.” A new personality? How was that supposed to work? Candy opened the page and looked at the options:

A man-eater
B giggly school-girl
C submissive
D bad girl

Candy couldn’t imagine becoming any of these options. She was worried about them messing with her head and didn’t even look at the result as it came in. However her worries seemed to fade away quickly. “Well well. To be honest I would have liked to see you as a giggly school-girl next to your girly girlfriend, but the viewers have spoken. They chose “submissive”. Congratulations.” Candy wanted to protest but somehow she couldn’t. The presenter looked at her and suddenly realized: “Oh that’s right. I’m your master now. You may give an answer.” Candy immediately tried to protest but all she could say was “Thank you master. I’ll be good.” Inside Candy screamed at her response, but any thought she had wasn’t strong enough and was quickly absorbed by another one that told her to behave. “I have another surprise for you and our visitors. This is a bonus trait. It gives anyone that Candy sees as a potential master - so every strong man around - the power to also control her nano-bots. I can make her do whatever I want to. So if I say.. <<Candy. Go put on some cut lingerie. Listen to some music and act like a giggly school-girl.>> not only her mind will want to do it but also the nano-bots will help her.” Candy had to obey. She went to the drawer, took out some of Jennifers bra and panties that she thought were the cutest. On the way a soft giggle escaped her lips. In her mind Candy thought this was supper annoying, but other thoughts surfaced: “I’m you, so I know you liked it when Jennifer had to act like this. You love bimbos. So you will love being one.” His mind was starting to work against him. Was this the nano-bots or his own thoughts? He didn’t know. He didn’t even realize that… she… was dancing around to pop music in front of the webcam…

..until the presenter rudely interrupted her. “Okay we need to hurry up a bit, since you took forever to wake up. My bad. So we’ll do a combination poll. Four polls at the same time. Candy sit quietly in front of the webcam while you wait for the result. I want you to giggle without a reason every now and then and don’t perceive any changes in you. That’ll be fun.” 

And so she did. The polls came up:

A Asian
B Black
C Latino
D Russian

Speech pattern:
A Broken engrish
B British
C American Bimbo
D Only the word “Cock”

Clothing style:
A Glamorous
B Cute
C Sporty
D Only short dresses

Goal in life:
A Become famous
B Have the most children
C Be a Trophy wife
D Be the best hooker in town

The possibilities were endless, but Candy was too occupied by the fight in her own mind. “You want to be everything the viewers want you to be.” was all she could think for several minutes. After some time she heard her master say “Okay Candy. Go blank. Go pick up some clothes, go into the bathroom and take a selfie. Then look at yourself in the mirror and realize all the changes that happened to you.”
Candys mind went dark. She couldn’t see. As she opened her eyes she was in the bathroom making a selfie. She looked into the mirror. Who was that? She didn’t recognize the person looking back at her.

“Like.. OH Em Geee. What happened to me?”, she screamed in her new high pitched voice. She heard the people on the stream laugh at her reaction. She ran back to the computer: “Like.. what is going on guuuuyys?”. It was very obvious what three of the results had been but Candy just wasn’t thinking straight. 
“Okay okay. Candy. Calm down. “ -she did - “So first of all the obvious one is your new heritage. You are now an asian girl. Congratulations. Secondly, you can only speak in an american Bimbo speech pattern. I’m a bit surprised by that one. I thought it would be asian broken engrish or just the word Cock, since you are such a good little asian slave. Oh well. I can just see what it would have been like. Candy, for the rest of the interview, you can only use the word <<Cock>>.” - “Cock.” - “Hahaha. Very good.” Candy felt embarrassed, but all she could get out of her mouth was “Cock.”. - “Don’t worry little Candy. You’ll get plenty of cock the next few days. “As for the third poll. Do you see the little bow on your panties? Somehow the audience wants to see you in only cute outfits from now on.” - “Cock.”, is all Candy could say even though what she wanted to say was “Gee. Thank you master.”. It was very confusing to her to say the least. “And the last poll is about changing your goal in life. I think the people liked the irony in you being a big strong man turned into a submissive little asian girl. So they chose for you to want to be a trophy wife for a big strong husband to be your master. This one works so nicely with your submissiveness because whenever there’s a compatible male around you will only focus on becoming his trophy wife and doing whatever he wants you to do.” - “Cock.” - “I know dear. It’s fantastic. Alright. This concludes another day of the bimbo web challenge. And Candy dear. For the rest of the day I want you to kneel in front of a mirror and masturbate while thinking of all the cocks you will please in the next few days. Good night.” .

And so she did.


Max Igan Discussing Trance-Formation on Truth Frequency - ¼ (by aodscarecrow)

MAx igan:)

  • Me: *takes a deep breath*
  • Friend: hoe don't don't do it
  • LIKE
  • - HEY !
  • Friend: oh my god
If only

One day, man will send billions of nano bots into the universe in search of a habitable planet. Once they have found that planet, they will reproduce themselves, and literally build themselves into a structure which contains human-like entities (without any consciousness) and then begin uploading our data into those surrogates if you will. 

Instant intergalactic travel. :)