killing with wrenches.
  • I'm watching the movie 'The Box Trolls' with a few girls.
  • A scene comes on where it's implied someone is beaten to death with a wrench (yep--it's a kids movie).
  • 9-year-old:I could never kill you with a wrench.
  • Me:...oh?
  • 9yo:I mean, even if I tried.
  • Me:...
  • 9yo:I couldn't kill you with my bare hands either.
  • Me:...
  • 9yo:Not that I want to! But if I did I wouldn't be able to do it with a wrench!
  • Me:..........
  • 9yo:I don't think I'd be capable of killing anybody.
  • Me:...
  • 9yo:I don't want to kill you!
  • Me:Okay, alright. That's enough of this.
  • 9yo:I'M JUST SAYING!
  • Me:I'm so comforted right now.

Getting ready for the little one’s week off of school! Just because he’s not in pre-k for the week doesn’t mean I am letting him slack off. :)

He has learned his letters and asks me all the time how to spell things. He loves it. So, I made an easy “game” (if I call it a game, he will do it. Obviously) where he finds the clothespins with the matching letters to form various words. I included a picture so he would be able to identify what the word is that he is spelling.



Not much to say in my world. I worked (and we had a company meeting for two hours where I almost died because I’m getting sick), went to class, and now I’m nannying. Calling the two miles I walked to campus my workout for the day because my entire body aches and my throat is being a weird jerk. My half marathon is Sunday. WHY am I get sick? Not cool. 

The simple dinner I made though was devoured by the kiddos. Green chile pork sausage with broccoli and onions, plus a little bit of Annie’s macaroni and cheese because yolo. I so badly want to skip my 9am-noon class tomorrow, but really shouldn’t. I haven’t missed any though and we’re allowed one absence… So excited to sleep. Time for homework though.

talking boundaries.
  • I had a life talk with a 9yo girl and it made me feel like an empowered momma bear.
  • 9-year-old girl:Guess who was annoying me today?
  • Me:Who?
  • 9yo:HUDSON.
  • Me:Who's Hudson?
  • 9yo:The annoying boy that likes me! And he tattles all the time!
  • Me:Oh, well that's obnoxious.
  • 9yo:And he's going to our friend Kylie's birthday party!
  • Me:Yeah? And?
  • 9yo:And he said he was going to kiss me! And I don't want him to kiss me!
  • Me:Okay, then you know what you do?
  • 9yo:What?
  • Me:You say 'NO'
  • 9yo:But then he'd tell on me.
  • Me:There is no reason that you'd get in trouble for that.
  • 9yo:But he's the biggest tattletale!
  • Me:Listen, if a boy tries to kiss you and you say 'no' and he kisses you anyway that is not your fault and he can get in serious trouble.
  • 9yo:Really?
  • Me:Yeah, big big trouble.
  • 9yo:Oh...
  • Me:'No' is a very powerful word, okay. Don't forget that and don't be afraid to say it when a boy or anyone else is doing something you're not comfortable with.
  • 9yo:Okay. Thank you.
  • Then I proceeded to tell her if she had any issues that my friend and I would punch whoever it is in the face.
When my employer returns late and doesn't apologize

If I was twenty minutes late and didn’t give them any warning that I was running late, I think they would have a problem with that so I find it odd that they don’t feel that I should have a problem with that.


Mmm, an evening walk and fresh berries with the kids I nanny is how I’ve spent my night so far. Ya jealous? 

I really wish everyday could be like today. I got up early (and only slept through the first alarm which I figured I would anyway), busted out an unexpected great run, showered, threw together paleo crockpot pulled pork chili (except I added 1 cup of corn and 1 cup of black beans because I have an excessive amount of them in my pantry… so it’s not actually paleo), wore a dress to work, and then went on a 15 minute walk during my lunch break.

After work, I got a few groceries, ate, put the chili into containers, and then headed to Boulder which is 35 minutes away. I even convinced the kids to go on yet another walk which lasted about 20 minutes and is when I took the above photo. My only regret is that I didn’t bring nail polish to paint my nails now that they’re in bed. 

I’m crossing my fingers for another easy morning wake-up and workout. It sucks monkey butt trying to get up that early, but it makes my day 110x better. PS - I even rocked MFP and logged everything. 

2047 calories (still gotta finish my berries). 
64g of fat (27%).
276g of carbs (51%). 
120g of protein (22%). 

It’s a work in progress, I suppose. 

  • 4 year old:Why don't you live with your mom and dad?
  • Me:When you get much, much older people sometimes don't live with their parents anymore.
  • 4 year old:Well, I am going to live with mommy and daddy FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER.
  • Dad:(after I sent him the convo via text) Until we change the locks.