talking boundaries.
  • I had a life talk with a 9yo girl and it made me feel like an empowered momma bear.
  • 9-year-old girl:Guess who was annoying me today?
  • Me:Who?
  • 9yo:HUDSON.
  • Me:Who's Hudson?
  • 9yo:The annoying boy that likes me! And he tattles all the time!
  • Me:Oh, well that's obnoxious.
  • 9yo:And he's going to our friend Kylie's birthday party!
  • Me:Yeah? And?
  • 9yo:And he said he was going to kiss me! And I don't want him to kiss me!
  • Me:Okay, then you know what you do?
  • 9yo:What?
  • Me:You say 'NO'
  • 9yo:But then he'd tell on me.
  • Me:There is no reason that you'd get in trouble for that.
  • 9yo:But he's the biggest tattletale!
  • Me:Listen, if a boy tries to kiss you and you say 'no' and he kisses you anyway that is not your fault and he can get in serious trouble.
  • 9yo:Really?
  • Me:Yeah, big big trouble.
  • 9yo:Oh...
  • Me:'No' is a very powerful word, okay. Don't forget that and don't be afraid to say it when a boy or anyone else is doing something you're not comfortable with.
  • 9yo:Okay. Thank you.
  • Then I proceeded to tell her if she had any issues that my friend and I would punch whoever it is in the face.

Spent the last three hours making a Lego Movie themed behavior chart for the boys I nanny.

Each day they start as Emmett, at almost-great, with a reminder that they “don’t have to be the bad guy” (quoting Lucy). Moving down they’ll eventually hit Octan Robot (where they need to write an apology to whoever they hurt or disrespected and a note to their mom telling her what they did to get there), Micromanager, and Kragle.

If they make their way to the Special and end the day there all week, next week I will get and make them whatever they want for snacks or get taken out for ice cream after Tae Kwan Do.


  • I'm reading a book to two 5-year-old twins (boy & girl) and their 7-year-old sister.
  • It's an Olivia the Pig book and she's looking at a painting in a museum.
  • 5yo girl:Is that a Jackson Pollock?
  • Me:Wait, I'm sorry, WHAT?
  • 5yo girl:Is that a JACKSON POLLOCK?
  • 7yo girl:Yeah, it is.
  • Me:What.
  • 5yo boy:JACKSON. POLLOCK.
  • Me:I know, I know, I was just surprised! Do you guys go to the museum?
  • 7yo girl:Yeah...but not often.
  • Me:Why?
  • 7yo girl:Because one time we went and I farted really loud and we haven't been back since.

Getting ready for the little one’s week off of school! Just because he’s not in pre-k for the week doesn’t mean I am letting him slack off. :)

He has learned his letters and asks me all the time how to spell things. He loves it. So, I made an easy “game” (if I call it a game, he will do it. Obviously) where he finds the clothespins with the matching letters to form various words. I included a picture so he would be able to identify what the word is that he is spelling.


what do adults do?
  • I'm babysitting 4yo girl and 5yo boy.
  • 4yo girl:Why do you get to eat TWO fruit snacks?
  • Me:Because I am an adult.
  • 5yo boy:I don't want to go to bed!
  • Me:You kidding? If I could go to bed at 8:30 I would.
  • 5yo:Do you have a bed time?
  • Me:No, I don't have a bed time.
  • 5yo:Why?
  • Me:Because I'm an adult.
  • 5yo:Adults don't have bed times?
  • Me:What would my bed time be?
  • 5yo:6 o'clock.
  • Me:What?
  • 5yo:12 O'CLOCK!
  • So now they think that adults just stay up late eating fruit snacks. I've done my job.
When my employer returns late and doesn't apologize

If I was twenty minutes late and didn’t give them any warning that I was running late, I think they would have a problem with that so I find it odd that they don’t feel that I should have a problem with that.