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Olicity fic

In the last five years, no one has seen or heard from billionaire Oliver Queen. At some point, it was rumored that his parents Robert and Moira Queen had disowned and sent him away.  Recently,  rumors say that Oliver Queen was back to Starling City, but no one has seen him. Oliver’s little sister Thea Queen is the manager of"Verdant" nightclub along with her long time boyfriend Roy Harper and long time friend Walter Steel is still CEO of Queen Consolidated after Moira and Robert Queen died.

A.R.G.U.S  agent, Oliver returned to Starling City to recuperate from his injuries after five years undercover as Bratva member. Rather than going back to his childhood home, Oliver asked his sister to buy him a secured apartment for him to live. Oliver Queen barely leaves his home due to the extent of his injuries and everything he had to do to survive as a member of the Russian mob (guilt and nightmares). One day, a little girl (no more than 7 years)  with glasses knocked on his door selling candies for a “boring” school project and next day, the little girl came back to say “hi”  and make him company. Soon after the little girl had Oliver Queen wrapped around her little finger. 

The little girl lived with her mother Felicity Smoak and nanny Rose a few floor down. Everyone knew and adored little girl. 

Good morning Kiddos!

Nanny Rose here to remind you to eat something for breakfast, it’s okay to eat! Make sure to have a nice glass of juice, milk, or water to wash it all down.

When you’re finished, if you take medication or vitamins, be sure to take those. They are very important! 

I’m very proud of you for getting up and greeting a new day!

If you have anything to tell or share, or need someone to confide in, I will be here all day so drop a line in the ask box.

I hope you all have a wonderful day today kidhearts!

-Nanny Rose

It’s MY shitty drabble

Remember that shitty drabble I was working on????? 


Based it’s a psuedo-adopting-the-runaway au. No title because titles are for squares. AAAAAAAND here is the thing:

Soul’s bare toes wiggled in the green grass, quietly shifting with each little twitch. He tried to stifle his giggling, the tickling sensation threatened to overwhelm him, but he stayed quiet. Soul just managed to escape the nanny, who was busy being moved to tears by Wes’s practice.

Soul scowled to himself. He wouldn’t let thoughts of his big brother ruin the moment. He was six years old, after all, and a big kid. Big kids got to make their own choices, including taking off their shoes and socks outside.

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today’s thoughts

Wow. What a big reaction we had for this last outing. I don’t think BC and team realize how damaging this was for him. Today I’ve seen one big blog closing down with this pic…

…and it made me incredibly sad.

Seems to me at the moment, as BC is sabotaging his future career, all for something that’s not possible to save any more. It would be high time to cut losses and move on. A few nans may say that BC and SH are a cute couple , but that won’t satisfy most of the reasonable fan base and you can’t build any Marvel campaign on it. It seems all fans get with every outing is just advertising a still very much fake and miserable looking pr relationship and selling designer clothes. Let me ask this, if he can’t get new fans because of a newly sleep-inducing image, the majority of neutral fans are leaving because there’s no fun to blog about any more – what’s more the fan community is constantly dissed, patronized and disrespected - not fun to be associated with, how long will the nans persist when they will see that they will never get their cookies and lets say it won’t be cool to support BC’ because his career might take a dip? They will move on too to next big thing. Who will stay around, I wonder, to support?

To make Dr Strange a success BC needs to seriously pull himself together, because he would have to do big time fan interaction for that - and not with nannies with rose coloured glasses on but quick witted geeks. Posing like a cardboard cut-out in designer and dragging around a sour looking fake ‘wife’ with no voice wont get bums in seats for this one, I’m telling you. While he is desperately trying to save face he is losing a lot of valuable bums in seats, and this actually accelerated since the Star Wars premiere, because there’s actually no fun left following him, just plain awkwardness and misery. If they are planning more 'private life’ shilling over Christmas they will even make it worse. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t expect the Sham to be over magically, what I expected from now on is focusing on work, and maybe a few fun solo outings at least. The Star Wars premiere should have been one, but oh no. @benedicts-third-testicle and JT Anon at  @annashipper are right. Being Dr Strange, this evening would have been a great opportunity to start to connect with the geeks with some subtle, effortless but fun media and fan interaction, but they opted for the bland couple act showing off some designer dresses badly, pretending to be married badly followed by the usual over - praising ridiculous DM article. I said it before and say it again, at this moment I cannot imagine BC doing a full-on Marvel promo parading in Dr Strange costume at comic cons, wowing all the comic fans. They won’t give two shits who he pretends to be married to or whether or not he is a new father, they want the all singing all dancing Marvel show. I’m not sure at this point of time it is taken seriously enough how much rides on pulling this off.  Underestimating it and getting comfortable in cheap, half-arsed publicity stunts would be a big mistake career wise, I think.
I had a chance of working on a few small film productions myself and this is when you realize how difficult it is to get to a position where he was in last August. He had so much potential with the image he had, almost just effortlessly wooing everyone into doing what he wanted: everyone wanted to work with him, and it was so much fun to be a fan. For me it is really frustrating to watch that he is seemingly willing to throw that all away for a big fat lie a– but it seems he made his decision for now, I can only witness whatever consequences it will have. I have one major question though…if all the public gets is what we’ve seen over the last year and the layer of lies are getting bigger and know…after giving this thing a million of chances…what’s the point of staying for anyone? For now it is only the skeptics that keep me here and the curiosity how they manage this PR-wise. If this place didn’t exist, I would have moved on long ago…

Nanny Rose's Queen Bee @elmerlapena

Eto ang bongga. A friend of mine just made her own brand. Paano ba naman lahat kami super avail sa kanya ng mga homemade chenes nya. ABOUT TIME NOH!

Since nakikiuso ako sa all organic, ayan! What I really like about this is that I saw how this came about. She started with her friends, since lahat ng friendships nya best in avail- hingi kami ng hingi. She had to make big batches na and eventually people we know were also asking for it na!

Now it’s available in WATSONS! :)

Congrats Mandy! 

Foot Salve and Hand + Elbow Salve

D ko na iakakahiya ang mga “stoppers” or calyo ko. Since I hate scrubbing kasi best in laughter ang nagaganap. This is what i use!

After Wax Salve and ALL NATURAL hair remover hot|cold

Para sa mga ayaw ng balbon. You can actually use it by yourself. :) Kaya sya and no chemicals! All natural ang peg! Actually yung wax talaga ang una naming pinagkaguluhan sa kanya :)

Lemonest Lemony Lip Balm + Sunscreen and Raspberry Cheesecake Lip Balm

Masarap sya and i like the texture : Wag pagbaligtarin! haha!

I like how now, Mandy is ready to share this to others. Dati pang friendships lang. Abonado na ata samin. haha!


Much love,


whatisthepointofyouhardy  asked:

Ten x Rose, 46 :D

46: nanny/single parent au

“And you’re sure you don’t mind keeping him for the weekend?”

John rolled his eyes, shifting the toddler to his other hip.

“Rose, for the last time, we’ll be fine,” he assured, coaxing Michael to wave goodbye at his mother. “I’m with him all the time, anyways.”

“Two days straight is much different than eight hours,” she countered, knowing that she was leaving her son in the best possible hands whilst she went on a business trip.

“You’re going to miss your train,” he said, ushering her into the waiting taxi. “Go, go!”

Rose let out a sigh, and pressed her lips once more to her son’s head, feeling guilty about leaving him. Not once since he was born had she spent a night away from him. Now she was leaving him for forty-eight hours.

“Call me if anything happens,” she ordered, sliding into the back seat of the taxi before she lost her nerve and canceled her appearance at the meeting in Cardiff.

She was miserable for the next two days. She was constantly checking her phone for messages, and was constantly texting John for updates. John, bless him, was an absolute saint, and tolerated her hovering. He even sent her dozens of pictures Michael, or of him and Michael throughout the weekend.

She grinned every time their faces popped up on her phone.

She met John shortly after giving birth to Michael. She was desperate for a sitter so that she could go back to work when her leave was up, but nobody seemed qualified enough to stay in her home with her child for eight hours a day. Finally, her friend Donna called and suggested Rose contact her brother. Rose was skeptical; she’d heard tales of Donna’s brother John, how explosions seemed to just “happen” while he was around. She was not letting her son near a pyromaniac, thank you very much.

“He’s gotten better,” Donna had assured. “He teaches night lessons at the university. He’s great with kids!”

After several more weeks of fruitless interviews, Rose finally gave John a ring. He met her and Michael for a light lunch. After two hours of laughing with him and getting to know him, Rose tentatively hired him for the position.

Now, two years later, he was still around. Michael absolutely adored John, and would often throw a fit when it was time for him to leave. Rose also had to admit that she fostered a soft spot for her childminder.

Presently, Rose threw money at the taxi driver, too tired to count out an actual amount as she stumbled up the stairs to her flat. She unlocked the front door as quietly as she could, knowing Michael was probably asleep.

“John?” she whispered to the darkness.

She turned on a lamp in the living room, and her heart melted at the sight: John was laying on the couch with Michael on his chest, and they were both sound asleep. John’s arms were wrapped securely around the boy and his glasses were dangling off his nose.

Rose grabbed her mobile and snapped a photo of her two favorite boys, wanting to save this moment forever.

When she made to lift Michael up, John’s arms wound tighter around him and his lips pursed into a frown. Rose chuckled and she ran her fingers through John’s hair. It was so soft beneath her fingers. John hummed in appreciation, and he moved his head closer to her hand.

When his eyes blearily blinked open, Rose removed her hand from his hair and smiled down at him.

“Hi there, sleepyhead,” she whispered.

John’s eyes squinted in confusion, until he realized where he was and he let out a soft groan.

“Blimey, didn’t mean to fall asleep,” he said.

“No problem,” she said. Then she nodded to her son, who was still peacefully sleeping on top of John. “I’ll put him to bed.”

John leaned down and brushed his lips across Michael’s head before relinquishing his hold. Rose’s throat closed with emotion upon watching John being so affectionate with her son. As much as Michael loved John, she was sure John loved Michael just as much.

After putting her son to bed, Rose came out into the living room to see John putting his trainers on.

“I want to thank you again for watching Michael this weekend,” she said, walking up to him with his coat. “He’s really fond of you, you know.”

A soft, wistful smile crossed his face as he said, “Yeah. I’m quite fond of him, too.”

Rose walked him to the door, butterflies dancing in her stomach as she chewed on the cuticle of her thumb.

“I was thinking,” she said nervously. “Would you maybe want to go out to dinner sometime? Just you and me?”

John blinked at her for a moment before saying, “Like-like a date?”

Rose’s cheeks flamed as she nodded. John smiled brilliantly and said softly, “I’d like that.”

Excitement bubbled through her as she asked, “Yeah?”

He nodded and took a step towards her. He cupped her cheek delicately, and slowly leaned down to press his lips to hers. It was soft and chaste, but it still left Rose feeling giddy and wanting more. They pulled apart after a moment, both grinning like fools.

“You know,” he said, pulling open the front door. “Michael’s not the only Tyler that I’m quite fond of.”

He wiggled his eyebrows at her before closing the door behind him.

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licieoic  asked:

I need more of the grade school teacher/parent AU! That was so adorable!!

(Here is the ficlet Licie mentioned)

She saw John a week later, when he called the office to say that he wasn’t able to pick Ian and Sarah up at the right time, so they didn’t mind terribly if he was fifteen minutes late, would they? Sarah’s teacher was a mother herself so Rose offered to watch them both so that she could pick up her children.

Rose sat down with them in the reading area, smiling. “I have a surprise for you both,” she said, and pulled out two workbooks, but this time in reading and writing. “One for you both.”

Sarah looked delighted. “This is a high school level book!”

“You may want to ask your dad if you can work on it, but even if it takes until next year I think you will enjoy it,” Rose replied. “How’s the math book coming along?”

“We’re already half way through it,” Ian said as Sarah looked through the work book excitedly. “At least I am. Sarah doesn’t like it as much.”

Rose smiled. “She just has different interests, it’s not a bad thing. From the way she’s looking through that workbook I suspect she’ll go through it faster than you will.” At his look Rose narrowed her eyes. “That’s not a dare, young man. Promise me you won’t look through this until your dad says you are good an ready.”

“Promise,” Ian muttered.

Sarah clutched the book tightly. “Miss Tyler, will you be our nanny?”

Rose blinked. “Pardon?”

“Our nanny quit because we were precocos… precoshish… pre…”

“Precocious?” Rose asked.

“Yep. Preeecoooociouuuss,” Sarah replied. “What does that mean?”

“It means you ask a lot of questions,” Rose replied. “And that’s not a bad thing, so don’t you dare stop. And while you are wonderful children, I already have a job here.”

Sarah remained stubborn. “But you can have two jobs!”

“I have a flat, Sarah,” Rose said gently. “And teaching takes up more time than you think. I’m sure your father will find another nanny who you’ll adore.”

Ian frowned at his twin. “Sarah, you know what Dad said about being rude!”

“Sorry,” she muttered, but Rose could see Sarah’s mind whirling. Bemused, she pulled her book out of her purse and watched as the children began working on their homework.

Sarah noticed her father first, leaping up and scrambling across the room. “Daddy, daddy! Look what Miss Tyler got me!” she exclaimed, shoving the book at him as he bent down to hug her. He got a face full of paper instead, and dodged so that it wouldn’t smash into his face. 

“That’s… lovely, Sarah,” he said, startled, then grinned when he read the title. “Ohhh, she’s spoiling you, she is. Before long you’ll be asking to live with her instead!”

“Nonsense,” Ian proclaimed as he marched up. “You’re too silly to be anyone else’s father.”

“Is that so?” John asked, laughter in his voice. “Well, get your things together, kids. Your sister is in the car, and she’s getting fussy.”

They ran to do as they were told, and Rose approached John with a smile. “I don’t mind watching Ian and Sarah on days you’re running late,” she told him. “I was raised by a single mother, I know how rough it can be.”

He sighed and smiled gratefully. “I try to be there for them, but sometimes University can be demanding. I just haven’t found a nanny that can keep up with them.”

Rose smiled and bent down to hug Ian as he told her goodbye. “I’m sure the right one will come along,” she said after the kids ran out into the hallway. 

John smiled softly. “Yeah. I think she will.” He looked down at Sarah, who was tugging at his coat, and laughed. “Alright alright, let’s go. Bye, Rose.”

“See you later,” she said, and waved. Ian and Sarah waved enthusiastically, and John once more graced her with that soft smile before he disappeared. Sarah and Ian shot each other knowing smiles and immediately began whispering to each other.

As Rose moved about the room and tidied things up, she wondered just what the smile meant.