BRO: I got the shades and the ironic bib. That’s it. How the hell do you change a diaper? What should I feed him? You’re a hot mama. Help me out here!
NANNA: Hoo hoo! All right, all right, I’ll help you, you little charmer! <3
BRO: … I said the hot part out loud, didn’t I?

…Wanted to draw some Bronanna, okay? >_>;; 

Please fire me. I work at a greeting card store and found myself in the receiving end of lots of yelling and an official complaint from a customer that could not deal with the fact that we didn’t have any “Happy Birthday Nana” cards.

We only had “Happy Birthday Grandma/Gran/Nan/Grandmother/Granny” and that was unacceptable.


Ok Homestuck Fandom. You guys always argue about this stuff and Idk if this has been done before but i took the time to put all these gifs in one set so you guys could compare the heights of the guardians AND the alpha kids.



anyway looks like mom is the tallest if not tied with bro, grandpa is second tallest and nanna is shortest. That directly relates with the height of the alpha kids cause they’re the same people.

edit: Alright, I see that Mom is wearing heels and Bro is slouching but they still look to be roughly the same height without moms heels and if bro was standing straight up. Also Even though Nanna and Grandpa are older Grandpa is still clearly shorter than Bro and Nanna is much shorter than the rest of them. And finally, ok maybe it doesn’t directly relate with the alpha kid’s heights but it gives you a good idea on how tall they are compared with each other.