nanki poo

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The Mikado is racist and appropriative and disgusting so yeah fuck Gilbert and Sullivan

Okay listen up:

1. The Mikado was actually meant to be a satire of the British class system and of governmental officials at the time; thinly disguised as a romp in “exotic” Asian dress

2. It was also a satire for the craze for “exoticism” and fangirl like worship of Japanese culture

3. With character names like “Nanki-Poo” and “Yum-Yum” I don’t think it even pretends to be anything remotely about Japanese Culture

4. The Japanese critics at the time liked it. One Japanese journalist recorded “I was greatly and pleasantly disappointed… I came expecting sincere insults to my country but instead found great music and great fun”

5.. Please take the time to actually argue your point rather than blindly maligning two of the greatest musical theatre figures ever by just going “FUCK GILBERT AND SULLIVAN”

6. I completely understand that some people DO find it offensive and I understand why but for my part I am a Japanese American and that doesn’t stop e from listening to it, singing in it, and loving it. n

Rant over.