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“The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed…It is indeed a precious gift to understand the forces that guides oneself…”

Characters of The Hierophant Arcana

I’ve was thinking...

So you know how in the original American release of Persona 1, they changed the character’s designs to seem more American and sell more copies? Except making them more American mostly entailed just changing their hair colors and names? (And also making one of them black.)

For example:

(Original versions on the left, American versions on the right)

They changed “Masao” to “Mark”, “Kei Nanjo” to “Nate Trinity”, “Eriko” to “Ellen” and so forth.

But this makes me think…

We should continue this obviously perfect trend in the more modern Persona games as well!

So I present to you all:

Revelations: Persona 5!

With hip new American characters such as:

Alex Kent: The Protagonist!

Rick Simpson!

Joshua King!

Gabriel Arnold!

Hayley Owens!

Marie Nicholls!

Francis Scott!

And last but not least…

Ann Ta–hey wait a second…

Anyway, hype yourselves for the North American release of Revelations: Persona 5!

It’ll be EXTRA American!

masterlist of persona characters' zodiac signs
  • aquarius: tohru adachi, jun kurosu, yusuke kitagawa
  • pisces: futaba sakura
  • taurus: mitsuru kirijo, naoto shirogane, ryotaro dojima, lisa silverman, makoto niijima
  • gemini: rise kujikawa, baofu, goro akechi
  • cancer: ken amada, yosuke hanamura, maya amano, ryuji sakamoto
  • leo: shinjiro aragaki, chie satonaka, tatsuya suou
  • virgo: akihiko sanada, aigis, eriko kirishima
  • libra: yukari takeba, nanako dojima, kei nanjo
  • scorpio: eikichi mishina, ann takamaki
  • sagittarius: yukiko amagi, ulala serizawa, haru okumura
  • capricorn: junpei iori, fuuka yamagishi, kanji tatsumi, katsuya suou

Persona 2 Eternal Punishment Honorifics Guide

This took a lot longer than I had expected, but I completed the chart I said I would do for the Eternal Punishment cast! Special thanks to strangeshrimp​ for helping me with filling in some of the blanks I had left in the chart.

(Innocent Sin chart can be found here)

I have a lot more notes this time around, so I’ll put them under a read more.

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