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Persona 2 Eternal Punishment Honorifics Guide

This took a lot longer than I had expected, but I completed the chart I said I would do for the Eternal Punishment cast! Special thanks to strangeshrimp​ for helping me with filling in some of the blanks I had left in the chart.

(Innocent Sin chart can be found here)

I have a lot more notes this time around, so I’ll put them under a read more.

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Persona 4, 5 & and submit your choices to me!

Okay with these last two I’m out of currently drawn characters but that just means the poll will follow!

Yu Narukami | Persona 4

Probably my favorite of the bunch, Yu came out well, just enough of a smirk and Izanagi looks great as always.

Protagonist | Persona 5

I love the protag and the shit-eating grin but damn did Arsène give me some problems! If I have time once this is all over I’ll go back on him, I don’t feel quite satisfied yet. He still looks badass tho, what a damn good persona design.

And now for the list! Remember to pm me with your choices or reply to this post with who you want. Everyone will be done eventually (including the little characters) but I’d rather start with what people want to see! And if I missed someone, let me know! The full list is below this cut! 

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