Tomorrow is the anniversary of one of the most horrific moments in the 20th century. It’s been seventy-seven years since the imperialist army of Japan invaded the city of Nanjing. Over 300,000 people were brutally murdered in this invasion of one city, but this number doesn’t even express the horrors committed against the Chinese people. Women were raped, and murdered, and sometimes raped again. Infants were raped and killed, and objects inserted into their bodies. According to various sources, the Japanese would cut open children just so they could rape them. There were “contests” between Japanese “soldiers” to see who could kill the largest amount of Chinese people with a sword. Japanese soldiers would go door to door and gang rape any females they could find, and they were often mutilated after the rapes. Pregnant women were also specifically targeted for rape and murder. 

This was an act of genocide, and one of the most evil events in history. The Japanese murdered hundreds and hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and raped perhaps even more, all because they were “bored and frustrated”. 

But of course, this anniversary will not be marked because it doesn’t fit the US agenda. The media happily reports on the anniversary of the so-called fall of communism, but is always mostly silent on these tragedies inflicted by an empire that is now America’s ally. Several Japanese officials have called the rape of Nanjing/Nanking a “fabrication”. The current ‘leader’ of Japan, Shinzo Abe, has questioned whether Japan ever committed these awful acts, despite there being vast amounts of evidence. 

We cannot forget. 


Last week, The Beat announced Ethan Young’s beautiful and heart wrenching Nanjing: The Burning City, an 196-page original graphic novel about two Chinese soldiers trying to survive the first days of the invasion of Nanjing by the Japanese, known to most as “the rape of Nanjing.” It’s truly an honor and a privilege to be editing this incredible book.