Conman AU

In which when Reborn comes to teach Sawada Tsunayoshi, he also accepted a side mission to kill the horrific con ring that has taken over the mafia. Turns out everyone in Nanimori is involved, and are quite good at it as well. (Except Hibari, who’s family is trying to catch the ring as well)

Kyoko makes counterfeit money; Ryohei is a bookie for cage fights, boxing and MMA; Takeshi pickpockets and sabotages baseball leagues; Chrome runs credit card scams; and Tsuna bullshits his way into and out of anything.

Soulmate Special #6 - Hibari Kyoya

A little birdie told me that Hibari was @imagine-khr‘s favorite character, and I obviously needed to dedicate one to my senpai!  She’s an awesome writer who inspired me to start this blog and gave a shoutout in the beginning (idk why though, I was terrible, lol)!!  Thank you so much, senpai!!!

Soulmate AU where you share the same talents as your soulmate.  

Go to New York, they said.  

It will be fun, they said.

What could go wrong, they said.

Getting mugged was the answer that you would share with your friends if you got out of here.  Because it had been their brilliant idea to come and now you were the one being shoved further down a back alley where you were about to definitely get mugged and possibly be killed.  

“Hand over the wallet.  Now.” You were pretty sure that was a gun but you were trying not to look anywhere that would remind you of how dangerous it was getting for you.  You went to grab your wallet to give to the man.  Hopefully he and his two “co-workers” would be willing to just take it and go. Letting you walk away from this.

When he grabbed the wallet and didn’t leave immediately your bad feeling immediately grew exponentially.  Nope. This was not going to end well for this.

“Now, one last matter of business.”  Yep, you were going to die.  

As the man reached for you, you didn’t feel despair. Instead, a feeling you recognized as anger coursed through you.  There had been so much that you had wanted to do.  You were going to finish school and become incredibly successful.  You were going to meet your soulmate and just wow them.  You were going to get married and have your happily ever after.  You weren’t supposed to die in some back alley of New York.

A different instinct took over you as the man touched your arm.  

Grabbing his limb with your other arm, you held him in place as you spun to elbow him in the nose.  There was a feeling of something giving under your elbow, you knew that you had broken his nose.  As you finished the spin you let go of his arm so that your hand could snap up and jab him in the throat.  As he choked, you pushed him back into one of the other men.

The third one approached you only for you to grab his shirt collar and slam his head into the brick wall that you had previously been backed again.  He crumpled to the ground.  The man who had caught the first man took one look at the two men that you had taken care of in under ten seconds and promptly ran off.  

As you got yourself out of the alley and back onto the street, you could feel yourself start to shake as the adrenaline left your body.  You knew that that definitely hadn’t been you.  Besides the most basic self-defense class you had never been trained in any fighting style before, and the way that your body had moved smoothly through the transitions was something that spoke of years of practice.  

You knew then that whoever your soulmate was, he was not someone that you would want to piss off.  

It would still be a few years before you would meet your soulmate, Kyoya Hibari, the demon of Nanimori and Cloud Guardian of the Vongola Decimo.  The man was absolutely terrifying and yet you always felt completely safe around him. Well, you had been slightly worried when he had scowled and informed you that you had to learn something useful, that baking definitely was not a useful skill to bring to your “partnership.”  Years later, you still couldn’t stop a smile when you thought of the shared talents between the two of you.  

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Hibari finds out that Hibird is a girl and her eggs have just hatched on the roof!

Hibari ventured onto the roof of the Nanimori Middle School in hopes of taking a nap. His ears perked at the soft chirps that sounded from the far corner of the roof. He would have ignored it all together if he hadn’t spotted his precious pet. He wandered over to a nest Hibird had created at some point in time. As he opened his mouth to scold the bird his eyes landed upon the baby canaries that had just seemed to hatch. Their skin was pink and wrinkly and if it wasn’t for the fact that he knew they’d sprout feathers later on he would have stepped back in repulse.

“Go get them food,” he told Hibird and crouched down to poke gently at their heads.

He glanced at the canary he once thought was a boy and watched her fly over the gate. Her form was out of view within seconds and he moved his gaze back towards the young birds. He was already thinking up names. (In all honesty he’d probably name them Bird 1, Bird 2, Bird 3, and Bird 4)  

To be honest this was the cutest thing in the world. 

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I saw the Xanxus' wedding! so I was wondering what Yamamoto's and Gokudera's would be like!

I’m so glad people liked the first one, I had a bunch of fun writing that one…apparently some of my sister’s love of weddings has rubbed off on me.  And apparently I cannot do only 8 headcanons about weddings


  • one word: elegant - Gokudera is going to go for a gorgeous ceremony
  • he will actually be pretty involved in the planning - he’ll have more anxiety than his partner, trying to make sure everything goes off without a hitch
  • the color theme is black and white with red accents - there is no compromise on this
  • Tsuna will happily pay for the entire wedding - 1) because he is genuinely happy for his Storm Guardian and 2) with the wedding coming up, Gokudera can’t harass Tsuna about his paperwork - win/win
  • Gokudera is pretty intense about the wedding - the flower girl has ended up in tears more than once because Gokudera is being so harsh on her
  • best man is definitely Tsuna - though Gokudera nearly asked Yamamoto because he didn’t think he deserved to have Tsuna has his best-man; his fiancee ended up asking Tsuna for Gokudera
  • the other Guardians end up being the groomsmen - though Mukuro and Hibari both got a promise from Tsuna that he’d fight them if they didn’t disrupt the wedding
  • Bianchi (wearing glasses), Dr. Shamal, and Nana are all seated where Gokudera’s parents would have been 
  • during the ceremony, Gokudera’s the more emotional one - he ends up crying when his fiancee walks down the aisle
  • he took dancing lessons for months in order that the first dance would go well
  • ceremony is going to take place in Italy and the reception is going to be at some Vongola owned mansion on a vineyard (with a beautiful ballroom)
  • definitely going to get choked up during his speech and end up having to cut it short - despite that, it’s going to be so incredibly sweet, his new spouse will legit be in tears


  • the ceremony is going to be in Japan - Nanimori or a nice seaside resort somewhere
  • he’s going to be pretty laid-back about the entire thing - like he’ll be involved but he’s not going to get incredibly stressed about it
  • he’ll actually end up helping his fiancee stay pretty calm about it as well - since while he wants it to go perfectly, he also doesn’t want his fiancee worrying themselves sick about how it will go
  • while the ceremony is not casual at all, it definitely has a more relaxed air about it
  • dinner’s definitely going to be catered by his dad
  • he nearly dies having to choose his best man because between Tsuna, Gokduera, and yes, Squalo - he ultimately asks Tsuna and makes the other two groomsmen (Squalo never saw it coming - he then took it upon himself to make sure the wedding goes perfectly because he’s actually really sentimental and has more anxiety than Yamamoto or Yamamoto’s fiancee) along with the other guardians
  • he’s got the biggest grin ever on his face during the entirety of the ceremony
  • during the reception, he’s never far from his new spouse’s side, most often seen keeping an arm around their shoulders
  • the reception is going to be outside in a big gazebo type thing
  • definitely a horse-drawn carriage at some point in the wedding - maybe leaving the ceremony
  • there will definitely be children at the wedding and he’s going to be the groom that goes out and gets some type of ball game going during the reception and totally ruin his suit but will make sure that everyone is having a great time
  • is going to stay until the bitter end of the reception just to make sure that he’s gotten a chance to talk to every one
Piece for KHR Collab

I got @athanatosora and her lovely art for the KHR Collab Exchange.  I did the piece on her Vongola Dance Au Artwork.   


Most people didn’t understand how tough it was not to be able to dance.  Most people were lucky enough not to understand.  If they didn’t dance, their parents simply didn’t care.  It didn’t affect anyone.  Of course, Tsuna wasn’t most people.  Because most people didn’t have a father who ran the prestigious Vongola Dance Academy.

With people coming from all over the world to train at the renowned school, Tsuna cursed the fact that he had been born so clumsy.  Of course his parents promised they weren’t disappointed in him, and neither of them ever seemed disappointed, but Tsuna felt like they had to be at some point.  He probably would have been.

Iemitsu Sawada had once upon a time been a well-known Italian dancer, and once upon a time (in actuality, not even 20 years before) had met the beautiful dancer, Nana, well known for her performances of Chu No Mai.  The eighteen year old Japanese young woman had caught the then twenty-two year old dancer from Italy.  They feel in love got married quickly, made headlines together, were famous dancers and then, Nana got pregnant and decided to retire.

Iemtisu, not wanting to dance with anyone besides his cute wife, retired as well, deciding to work for Nono Vongola – the founder of the Dance Academy.  He was quickly put in charge of recruitment for the school, and thus started his travels.

Growing up, Tsuna used to think that maybe if he was able to dance, than his father would stay at home more.  If he was good enough, his father wouldn’t have to constantly search for more dancers for the school.  By the time he reached his teenage years, he realized that it wouldn’t have made a difference.

However, it didn’t change that he had always wished he had the ability to dance well-enough that he could actually fit in with his father’s ideals.  Not to say that he didn’t get along with them well-enough, in fact, he would often head over to the Academy, set up in the heart of Nanimori right after school.  It helped that he was close friends with two of the most aspiring dancers.

“Maa maa, Tsuna, I heard that your old man said that he was bringing in two more dancers today, do you know anything of this?”  Yamamoto Takeshi, a self-taught hip-hop dancer had actually been found by Iemitsu when he was going to the store with the then eleven year old Tsuna. Yamamoto had just been dancing to music with a group of friends.  Iemtisu had recognized the talent then and there.  The boy had been going to Vongola by the next week.

“You can’t ask him something like that.  There are rules against that.”  Gokudera Hayato, trained in jazz by the New Orleans born Shamal, and having been one of the few of the most promising upcoming dancers to actually have been trained from the beginning.  As such, he knew more about the “business” side of dancing than either of the others. “There’s privacy things involved, recruitment issues.  “Even if Tsuna did know, he couldn’t tell you.  Don’t listen to him, Tsuna.”

Tsuna grinned as Yamamoto tried to both explain what he had meant – he was just curious, didn’t want to get involved with the business side of it – and simultaneously explain it.  His two best friends were probably as different as their two dance styles. Hip-hop which was free and fun, all up to the personal expression of the dancer, like Yamamoto’s laid-back attitude, he got his inspiration from the music as it came.  Gokudera like the much more refined, stricter style of jazz.  

Coming up to the school, Tsuna stared at the Sasagawa siblings going into the building. Ryohei, older than him by two years old, had somehow managed to be convinced to give up boxing for the martial art style of dance, capoeira.  But it wasn’t Ryohei that was attracting Tsuna’s attention, it was the younger of the siblings.  The beautiful Kyoko Sasagawa was being trained in Chu No Mai, a moderate paced version of the Noh Mai; the story-telling type of dance that Tsuna’s own mother still performed sometimes at the cultural fests.  

“Why don’t you ever talk to her?”  Yamamoto asked as Tsuna immediately slowed his pace to avoid bumping into the siblings when they entered the building.

“Me? Talk to the school idol?  I don’t think so,” Tsuna laughed nervously. “Kyoko is the school idol, the most popular girl in school, a talented dancer.  What could we possibly have to talk about?”  

“She would be lucky to talk to you, Tsuna.”  Gokudera said in all earnestness.  Tsuna smiled weakly, one of his first friends often ignored many of Tsuna’s flaws – yes Tsuna might have been the first kid to go out of his way to make friends with the jazz dancer when he first showed up at Nanimori. Also, being the son of the man who had found the young boy and had recruited him to the prestigious school probably didn’t hurt anything.  

Tsuna’s breath of relief as he walked in the front door died a quick death as he took note of the tension that was right there in the front door.  A quick look to the front of the welcome area let everyone know the root of said tension.

A rather furious Hibari Kyoya was glaring rather angrily another teenage boy, who was smirking in return.  Iemitsu Sawada stood in between them, talking quietly to Hibari.  

“Aren’t those the Estraeno School’s dancers?”  Yamamoto asked as he pointed to the boy opposite Hibari and the girl next to him.

Gokudera and Tsuna were able to confirm that yes, yes those were the dancers from the Vongola’s biggest rival Academy on the “international scale” – the Italian founded Estraneo School of Dance.  Hibari’s angry expression suddenly understood – in the last competition, Hibari had lost (a very close second) to the other school’s tap dancer.  (It had only come to light later that the Vongola’s dancer had hurt his leg a few days previously and his performance became much more impressive).  

He had taken the loss quite personally and Tsuna was willing to bet that Hibari would never forget that fateful competition – and would willingly singly handedly destroy Estraneo School of Dance if given the chance.  The sheepish grin on Iemistu’s face let Tsuna knew that he had forgotten the personal vendetta Hibari had against the ballet duo’s previous school.

“Well, looks like things are going to get a whole lot more interesting around here.” Smooth accented Japanese came from right behind Tsuna and his two friends.  Tsuna felt himself going colder, having the premonition that Hibari’s issue was going to be the least of his worries.  

He turned to see his godfather, Renato Sinclair, another famed Italian dancer and his father’s best friend.

“Reborn?” The nickname attached to his godfather since Tsuna was a child tumbled from his lips accompanied by a shiver.  “What are you doing?”

“Nono convinced me to take a break from the dancing aspect of things, I’ll be a tutor for the Academy now.”

“That’s nice,” Tsuna commented weakly.  There was a sadistic gleam to his godfather’s eyes, one that Tsuna really, really didn’t like.  “I guess you’ll be busy then.

“Of course. But don’t worry, Iemtisu’s already talked to me about your ballroom tutoring.  Three times a week it was?”  

Tsuna wondered if it was too late to run…  probably.



Artistic liberties with backstories, nationalities and age

Also, only knowledge of all these dances comes through friends (except Ballroom, that’s what I did…)

I love this au honestly, I had so much fun with it!!!  Thank you!!!

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high school au where everyone in the same class au

For romantic ones:

Yamamoto is definitely one of the people who marries his high school sweetheart and they’re still voted king and queen at every reunion.  

For general:  (didnt get all the characters in, but I got people from Varia, Vongola, Arcoballeno, and Millefiore)

Xanxus is like king jock.  But he really doesn’t care and he still only lets like four people sit with him at his table.  Squalo is on the football team with Xanxus, but he also does a fencing club and is president of that.  (Officially, Xanxus is captain of the football team, Squalo does all the work for that and has made Levi unofficial “vice captain”)  Those three plus Lus (team manager, who also gets best grades in Home Ec) are all third years.  

Bel’s a second year who is somehow related to Lus and is so allowed some interaction with the older kids, only tried football because he likes banging into people, he switched to soccer within a couple of months and plays dirty but in a way that no one notices.  He has picked first year Fran as his kouhai, because he likes the fact that the kid is unemotional and basically will just stand there and look tough in the background without saying anything and taking the spotlight away from him.  

Yamamoto is the star of the baseball club, but Ken is the other one with the bad attitude who’s actually just really bad at talking to girls so he doesn’t and that makes him seem stand-offish, but he makes the lamest jokes.  Yamamoto is the only one from another club that’s allowed to approach the football table. And that’s only because he and Squalo are on the fencing club together.  

Gokudera, Mukuro and Reborn are all on the debate team - and are frankly, terrifying. (Gokudera’s a first year, Mukuro’s a second year and Reborn’s a third year).  All three years Reborn’s been on, they go all the way to the top, and he’s made sure to train his “replacements” well, because he refuses to let the school go down after he’s put so much work into it.  

Popular third-year Byakuran is school president, voted in pretty much unanimously.  He’s very sweet and everything, and all the girls love him.  But club presidents know that all paperwork and everything runs smoothly on their end because he can turn into a monster.  He’s vice-president is Kikyo, and is the one who does most of the work tbh.  Byakuran is the one who sweet talks everyone and makes sure that things get turned in, Kikyo handles the actual paperwork aspect of things.  

Second year Ryohei is the boxing team’s captain, but only because the former captain suffered and injury that kept him out of boxing for his third year so it would heal completely.  That was Colonnello.  Close friends with Reborn and the other half of the dubbed “Lady Killing Duo” of Nanimori.  

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It's the anon that sent the ask that confused you. I meant to ask how the Vongola would react to rescuing a civilian and that person ends up becoming their s/o. I hope this clears up any confusion.

Okay, thank you.  Sorry for not getting it the first time.

Tsuna:  Tsuna wasn’t sure how he got into a relationship with you at all.  After he had saved you, he had gone to check up on you once.  Apparently, that was enough for you to decide that such a nice guy shouldn’t always be so serious.  This led you to tracking the Vongola boss down - much to Tsuna’s surprise and Gokudera’s displeasure.  From there, you made him take breaks for picnics or for a day at the park, just trying to get him to be able to relax.  By the time he realized what was happening, he had already fallen way to much in love with you to even think about backing out.  After he realized, he made sure that he gave you a protection detail as well as getting you trained in self-defense, though he made sure that Reborn, Lal’ and Hibari had nothing to do with your training.  He tried not to be overbearing but there were some days were you had to tell him to back off with the protection detail.

Gokudera:  After he rescued you, Gokudera had started yelling at you for “being an idiot, seriously don’t you know how to run.”  Still pumped up on adrenaline, you yelled back.  The yelling match eventual turned into an awkward conversation full of pauses and “sorry for yelling at you” “it’s okay, after all you saved my life.  thanks for that by the way”  “don’t mention it.”  As you were leaving, Tsuna encouraged his storm guardian to walk you home.  Tsuna had to fight back a smile at how quickly Gokudera agreed - just to make sure Y/n got back safely, you know they almost got themselves killed once today.  Neither of you are exactly sure how the relationship progressed, but after it started becoming serious, Gokudera definitely taught you how to fight in multiple different styles. 

Yamamoto:  The relationship started with a “Thank you for saving my life”kiss.  Jacked up on adrenaline, you gave the swordsman a nice long kiss on the lips.  Taken completely aback, but rather liking it, a blushing Yamamoto asked you if you would be willing to see him again.  Agreeing you offered to treat him to dinner at the local sushi restaurant - not realizing that he happened to be one of the Takeshi’s involved in it.  Laughing about it when you found out, you decided that it must be fate and became determined to make the man yours.  After you two started the relationship, you always referenced how he saved you by calling him “your hero.”  A plus side was that always caused him to blush when he remembered what happened after.  He was pretty protective of you, seeing as the first time he had ever actually seen you, you had nearly died.

Ryohei:  Ryohei insisted on healing you and than making sure that you were okay after he rescued you.  It was then that you started talking and you found that you both found the other’s company appealing.  Ryohei asked you out before you left and you said yes in a heartbeat.  You moved to the relationship pretty quickly.  Ryohei was protective of you, but not to an excessive degree.  If you were going out for longer than a couple of hours than he made you promise to text him every so often just so he knew you were okay.  You both always looked back fondly on how you first met because he rescued you.  When you had kids, it was their favorite story to hear.

Lambo:  Lambo demanded that you repay him some how.  A few parts of grumbling on your end and you ended up making him dinner.  He was so impressed with your cooking that he started inviting himself over constantly for a meal.  From there, he started watching movies with you when he had free time.  Next thing you knew, you were texting him when you got bored and you would meet up outside of him just coming over for a free meal.  Eventually, you realized that you were in a relationship when people started targeting you to get to Lambo.  After that, Lambo became extremely possessive of you.  Literally, he tried keeping you away from the other guardians excepting Tsuna, and absolutely refused to letting Reborn even meet you.  However, he couldnt’ keep you completely away because he also wanted to gloat about how his partner was better than everyone else’s s/o.

Hibari:  You were terrified when Hibari first saved you.  After all, the Hibari Kyoya did everything to defend the peace of Nanimori - and the victim in incidents was often counted as disturbing the peace as well.  However, the former disciplinary committee chairman did not attack you and actually made sure that you were okay - kinda…well, he stood there until you managed to get yourself up and going home.  The next hing you knew, you were constantly being stalked by former disciplinary committee members.  Finally, you finally managed to build up enough courage to speak to Hibari about it.  When you talked to Hibari, you were unable to figure out why he had men following you in the first place - but you were able to get him to call them off, with the agreement that you’d text him once a day, and meet up with him once a week. You were so shaken up by it that you didn’t realize that this was the carnivore’s way of asking you on a date.  The relationship with him meant that you were back to being followed daily - except when you were with Hibari himself.  He was very protective of you, dealing with any threat to your safety himself.

Mukuro:  The real reason Mukuro had even gotten involved in the first place was because something about him had interested him. After the first instance, he kept finding reasons to show up when you were around.  That was how the relationship ended up starting.  After the relationship began, Mukuro would be pretty protective of you, always remembering how he had to save you.  He would also constantly remind you of his saving you when you tried to get him to do stuff that he didn’t particularly want to do - like go to your cousin’s wedding.  He was also always extra worried about  you when you went out (not that he would ever admit to it) because, if you had already been attacked once, what would happen now that you were dating him.  

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Could I ask for Hibari's reaction to finding his s/o napping with Hibird and Roll on the roof, please? ;v;

Hibard and Roll had been missing for quite some time  They  had disappeared right before lunch and it was now right before school ended.  And while Hibari was definitely not worried about the animals, he was a bit concerned as to the reason why they had not yet returned to him.  As the time passed, his temper got shorter and shorter; all the Committee members were grateful when Hibari decided to go look for the bird and porcupine.  

Hibari had the good idea to start at the top of the building and work his way down.  Opening the door, he didn’t see the two animals but he did see a lump composed of the Nanimori school colors.  Recognizing the build and hair of the person lying on their side, HIbari went over to wake them up.  Obviously they had missed at least one class and weren’t planning on being off of the school property by closing time.  And HIbari was not going to let them off the hook simply because he was seeing them.

Going to stand next to them, he was prepared to wake them up with a tonfa to the side.  There was something that stopped him from going through with waking them up.  Laying along with HIbari’s partner was Roll, curled up into a ball against their stomach.  And perched in the crook of their neck was Hibard.  Both animals stirred slightly at their master’s appearance, blinking sleepigly up at him before drifting back to sleep.

Gracefully sitting down next to his sleeping partner’s body, Hibari reached out to brush his hand over their head, smoothing out their hair.  Sighing, they shifted under his hand, unconscious enjoying the feel.  A soft smile spread over the prefect of Nanimori’s face as he layed down to take a nap as well, pulling his partner into his chest.  After all, he hadn’t been able to take a nap earlier that day due to having to search for his animals.  And anyway, he could always discipline his rule-breaker of a partner after his nap.

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Ahhh i found another reborn blog! Thank you ~*000*~ can i get honeymoon fluffy with hibari-san and byakuran?

Oh, such a cute prompt.

Hibari:  “C’mon, Kyoya,” you called to your new husband as you waited by the door to the hotel room.  You had finally convinced him to go sightseeing with you, and you wanted to get him out the door before he could change his mind.  Because you had refused to honeymoon in Nanimori, Hibari had decided that he did not want to see the city you were staying in. 

I’m coming, omnivore,” you heard your husband say as he exited the bathroom.  You had yet to hear your actual name come from his lips, but you were determined that it would one day happen.  The elevator ride down was interesting since Hibari was scowling at the other passengers you hadn’t let him jump down from the 7th story window. 

The day through the city was interesting to say the least.  You wouldn’t have thought that your husband was a man who was even capable of pouting, but you learned that he was, in fact, very good at it.  He made it absolutely clear that the city was not half as good as Nanimori and that once you got back to Nanimori, he would show you all the beautiful spots of the city that made this city seem worthless.  

After spending until early afternoon out and about the city, you decided it was time to head back.  You knew that Hibari was getting tired of being around people and he had been very good about walking around the city so far, you saw no need to push your luck with the temperamental man.  To keep him from thinking that you were pitying him, or doing this in any way for him because God help the fool that made Hibari think they were looking down on him you mentioned something about your feet hurting because of your new shoes.  Without warning, your husband picked you up and started to walk back to the hotel, you still in his arms.

You knew if you said something about it, he would only get annoyed by it, so you hid your blushing face in his chest and stayed quiet.  If someone had told you during your days Nanimori School that would be one day marrying the demon prefect, you would have thought that they were hallucinating or had some other illness.  And yet, here you were, on your honeymoon with the Vongola Cloud Guardian himself.  And you wouldn’t have it any other way.  Because even though he might never say something that indicates he cares, he always was more a man of action than of words.

Byakuran:  It was a strange feeling, waking up in another’s arms.  For a moment, you froze, trying to figure out where you were.  As the memories from the day and night before came back to you, you relaxed into the arms encircling your waist.  The arms tightened around your waist, signaling your new husband’s waking stage.

Ah, y/n,” his cheerful voice was rough from sleep, “you smell so sweet.”  He huffed into your hair, ruffling it with his breath.  You giggled as his breath tickled the sensitive side of your neck. 

He wrapped his arms around you, as he rolled you over so that you were laying on top of him, staring down.  “I know this wonderful restaurant down the road,” he said, leaning up to kiss you.

I really shouldn’t, I have a husband now.  Didn’t you know?”  You teased, bringing your lips down to meet his.

Hmmm…well, I hope he realizes what a lucky  man he is,” Byakuran said after he pulled away from the kiss.  He was only to keep the charade up for a little more before his sly smile became a full-blown grin.  “Husband.  I like the sound of that, y/n.”