So being the HUGE ‘Here Be Demons’ by Naniiebim fan that I am, I was super excited to receive my copies of ’ShikaShika’ and the ’SHOAL’ art book in the post 2 days ago xx THANK YOU SO MUCH Naniiebim!! especially for the extra lil’ drawing of Meth’s in the SHOAL book :) I can’t wait for 'ORANGE’ to arrive now!

Yesterday however, I went to Manchester on an Art Gallery viewing trip for my course, and during lunch I popped into 'Travel man’s’ … a little comic store basically and was so buzzed to see the whole of naniiebim’s works for sale!! :D Whilst I already had them all, I did notice the 'Birdsong’ comic that she did some work for, so I quickly rushed to buy it :)

I just love her work so much :)