Give me Thor and Starfire being noticeably different than humans. Give me fics where people stare for too long, not sure why they’ve suddenly got goosebumps. Give me the hair on the backs of peoples necks standing on end, give me people grasping that Thor & Kory aren’t human.

Give me enchanting but unsettling aliens please 

I need a fic where…

Hearing the scandalized whispers about the very evident age difference between her and Matthew, Kat begins to worry if Matthew would want a partner that’s more his age. Elizabeta assures her that would never be the case, (Let’s be honest that boy is happily wrapped around your little finger) but suggests if Kat wants to spice things up a bit that perhaps they should go lingerie shopping. They do, and after a while Kat finds a few things though her heart isn’t it. 

Matthew gets home that evening, shedding all his hockey practice gear at in the foyer. He doesn’t see Kat in the main areas of their home so he heads for their bedroom, taking the stairs three at a time. However, he stops at the door, eyes widening when he realizes Kat’s crying inside. He opens the door only to be smacked in the face with a very expensive looking lacy under-thing. Kat stands by the bed, startled, arm raised like she’d meant to hurl the bra at the door out of anger not at his suddenly appearing head. Kat stares at him for a moment then collapses onto the bed, crying “They were supposed to be a surprise for you”.

Matt looks at the bed and the shopping bags scattered around, mixed with magazines and tissues, and it hits him why Kat is so upset.

“It’s the thought that counts… but I don’t think it’s my size”

Kat looks up, tired and baffled, then burst out into teary laughter. Because, of all things, he’s tried to put the bloody thing on. She feels his warm hands cup her face and leans into them. Matthew looks at her “I love you” and the sheer force of his sincerity blows her away

she kisses one of his palms and gives him a loving, watery smile. “I love you too, you dork.”

The Logyn teenage AU taking place in the late 80s/early 90s tho, where Sigyn and her sisters move in with their mom at the height of summer, ito a small sorta run down mountain-y town where the most exciting goings on is Bingo night at the casino and who’s stolen Mr’s prized lawn gnomes this time.
The house is cramped and old with no AC, and not getting on particularly well with Freya, Sigyn spends her time exploring the nearby forests and ravines to keep cool. She’s got nothing much else to do and doesn’t know anyone …except she keeps running into that weird grunge kid that lives across the street

Class gave me an unexpected CanUkr headcanon. 

We had an exam tonight right, and me being a dumbshit, wore leggings and a long lumberjack plaid shirt. The class is three hours long and not even 15 minutes into it my back starts to hurt- like bra digging in at all the worst angles all you want to do is adjust it  A G O N Y. But I couldn’t because shit is serious right now and nobody wants to be the first one to make a noise because you could’ve heard a pin drop in there and I’m terrified of being the center of attention in a school setting. So I sat there for the better part of 2 hours, hunched over in pain. I’ve never be so happy to take off my bra in all my life. 

So now I’m sitting here, whining, and it got me thinking about Kat and how she must have to sit through unbearably long meetings, shifting constantly in her seat due to pain. This makes her temper quite short and mood almost always grumpy and tired.
If Matthew’s sitting close enough, he’ll reach over and try to help with what he can, rubbing soothing circles over and over. Or when they get home Kat ’ll just drop everything at the door and frantically try to get her bra off, Matthew sometimes helping- this usually leading a a thorough back massage.He’s probably taken some actual classes in his free time and frequents the local spa store quite a lot, looking for things to help Katyusha with her back pains. He’s big into trying new things- whatever will help!- though sometimes he does have to talk Kat into trying them. 

I know I’ve talked to harmonious-relations about this before but I was thinking again about the possibility that Narvi and Vali were the only children Sigyn and Loki were able to have because of biological reasons. 
What if there was compatibility problems between Sigyn’s race and the fact that Loki’s Jotun? Maybe it’s not as easy to mix inter-realm races as first thought? Perhaps that’s could be one of the reasons Freya’s affair with Iwaldi was so famous, I mean besides the obvious rumor bait, but also because of the rarity of having so many children between them. 

Thinking about this as a possibly scenario, how would Loki react? Would he blame himself? Would he be happy they couldn’t have they’re own brood? See it as a sign or curse of his heritage? Would Sigyn be happy or sad that all they have are 2 boys? 

So many questions