How to introduce Sigyn into the MCU

Big scary magic needs to be contained, Thor and Loki go looking for the ultimate “Incantation Fetter” to lock down said scary magic

Boom Sigyn is there. Done.

how hard is that Marvel

thecarefree That Canadian post has me laughing so hard because I legit just got back from a quick snack run (and I’m still defrosting the wind is fucking cold). As I was walking home the cold stopped being painful and just became numb and I was grinning like an evil maniac because FOOLISH COLD YOU DO NOT PHASE ME I AM WINTER

it’s like the reverse version of “Fire cannot kill a dragon”

“Cold cannot harm the Canadian”

Loki and Sigyn totally have their own language that only the two of them know how to speak because they created it themselves.

I don’t know, but they seem like the scholarly types to do something like that  … not to mention they’d totally use it to fuck with people