I can’t stop thinking about how damn proud Loki would be of his wordplay around Sigyn. Like he abhors the idea of love letters, but he writes them anyway just to show off. Loki leaves Sigyn little notes, a sonnet here and there, all always in his best exquisite handwriting,(and he’s downright smug when he learns that Sigyn’s kept all of them because “Of course, they’re all brilliant, I wrote them.”)

But then over the seasons, the decades, the centuries the words he wrote come back to haunt him, because, for a liesmith, they were a little too true

Give me Thor and Starfire being noticeably different than humans. Give me fics where people stare for too long, not sure why they’ve suddenly got goosebumps. Give me the hair on the backs of peoples necks standing on end, give me people grasping that Thor & Kory aren’t human.

Give me enchanting but unsettling aliens please 

thecarefree That Canadian post has me laughing so hard because I legit just got back from a quick snack run (and I’m still defrosting the wind is fucking cold). As I was walking home the cold stopped being painful and just became numb and I was grinning like an evil maniac because FOOLISH COLD YOU DO NOT PHASE ME I AM WINTER

it’s like the reverse version of “Fire cannot kill a dragon”

“Cold cannot harm the Canadian”