3. Who hogs the cover/ Who loves to cuddle?.

Carrie is a blanket thief. She will wrap herself up in blankets and become a living burrito. Gaster doesn’t really care. He doesn’t sleep much anyway. And if he DOES lay down he finds blankets too restricting and would rather just lay in bed.

Gaster is THE big spoon. He’s a big cuddle bug and enjoys cuddling Carrie cause she’s so small. He can’t sleep “soundly” unless she’s snug into him Q//w//Q


I couldn’t hold this back anymore. I fucking love the daddyfell thing @kimiwillsinforever is dishing!

My gosh! Russel is so dang cute! Ahhh h h h~ I had to draw Carrie interacting with him. If there’s one weakness Carrie has its definitely babies. Poor girl is simply helpless TT///u///TT

p.s: I’m sorry Kimi, I don’t know how to draw your sona properly. I did my best (;//u//;)

Thanks so much for the feedback everyone. I feel relaxed now drawing my ufGaster and I have all of you to thank. Less lines, more expression it is! ;v;

So as a thank you here is a quick sketch of what I’m leaning towards. He’s not as monstrous or menacing but here’s my boy!

Frans = otp ❤

I love these two as a couple in the future. It just seems so sweet and fitting. Don’t know why *shrug* For the longest time I was debating on how I wanna depict Sans in my style and honestly I like the sweet spot between smol and bara Sans. He stands at 5′8″ and Frisk at 5″ (=^_^=)

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I’m not crying
But I’m dying
And I can’t help but feel I’m running out of time
A problem I’m not solving
Eternally revolving
I wandered from the pathway
Praying you will come to save me

(Lost in Time - Celldweller ~ ♪)

A bit of a cool down scribble cause I am slowly finishing up final assignments =u=
Also I find that almost every artist in the Undertale fandom has at least ONE sad Sans in their gallery sooo here’s my contribution. I love Sans, I need to draw him more ;//v//; My poor sad bibi.