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I think Nani from Lilo and Stitch is a very important Disney heroine.  She was always cool, but I appreciate her much more now than I ever did as a child.  Part of that is that I didn’t fully understand the story when I was younger.  A lot is probably being her age now and having siblings significantly younger than me.  She’s a very admirable character, and I’m excited to write about her.

Nani is a 19 year old girl whose parents recently died in a car crash.  Aside from the obvious tragedy of losing her loved ones, this leaves Nani all on her own to care for her much younger sister, Lilo.  Who knows what Nani’s life plan was before the death of her parents.  Maybe she was going to go to college or travel.  Whatever it was she had to completely put it on hold to take care of her sister.  She essentially had to become a mom overnight.  We see that Nani has to brush all other aspects of her life aside so she can make Lilo her first priority.

It’s a hard job but Nani does the best she can.  She is remarkably hardworking, patient, and responsible.  There are plenty of hardworking princesses (Tiana and Cinderella come to mind) but Nani stands out to me.  Lilo is an unusual girl and taking care of her is incredibly demanding.  Nani does everything in her power but still struggles to keep a full time job and properly care for Lilo.  Nani constantly lives under threat that Lilo will be taken from her and put into foster care.  

There is something striking about the fact that Nani does everything she can and it still isn’t enough.  It’s very realistic.  It may seem a little backwards, but somehow that is encouraging.  Sometimes terrible things happen to you and you just can’t fix it.  That does not mean there is something wrong with you.  Nani’s misfortune does not reflect negatively on her character.  I think it’s important that people understand that.

Nani really is incredibly good with Lilo.  She understands her in a way that nobody else can.  She respects Lilo’s eccentricities and makes sure that she doesn’t feel abnormal.  Nani let Lilo pick the strangest dog possible and didn’t fight her on it.  She let her name him Stitch and hushed the lady who tried to tell Lilo that wasn’t a real name.  There are countless more instances like that throughout the whole movie.  Nani never makes Lilo feel like her ideas are stupid or her decisions are invalid. 

Every now and then I’ll discuss a character’s physical appearance if I think it’s significant in some way.  I have to take a second to talk about Nani’s looks.  She looks very different from other princesses/heroines.  Some of that is because she’s Hawaiian and Disney’s animation styles got very stylized for a few years there (think about how different Atlantis, Hercules, and Lilo and Stitch look.)  But it goes beyond that.  Nani is not super skinny like every other Disney heroine.  Don’t get me wrong, she isn’t fat at all.  But she does not have what people nowadays consider a “perfect” body and I LOVE it.  Nani is relatively flat-chested with wide hips, large thighs, and that unmistakable tummy pooch.  And she’s really beautiful.  Is she insecure about her non-supermodel body? NO.  She goes around in crop tops and short shorts and she absolutely rocks it.  There is nothing wrong with the way she looks.  So why do real girls that look like that feel like they need to change?  I love that Disney made a character with that body type.

Clearly, I think Nani is a really important character in so many ways.  I’m so happy that she’s one of Disney’s heroines.  She was really a character worth writing.

blake-wyatt  asked:

I literally want you to write a whole series where you do EVERY SINGLE 'THINGS YOU SAID' prompt on that list, not kidding, but for now: fitzsimmons + things you said on the phone at 4 am :) [and if someone has already sent you this one then: things you said that I wasn't meant to hear]

i decided to use both, just because they fit together so nicely!

The cry comes at just after three and Jemma moans into the mattress, where she had fallen face down and stayed after she’d shuffled back to bed after the last cry at two am.

As much as she adores her newborn baby son, the constant disruptions during the night are slowly starting to drain her will to live.

Next to her, Fitz sighs and starts to roll over.

‘My turn, I think.’

She pats him clumsily on the back in gratitude as he slides off the bed. ‘If he’s hungry again, just come and wake me.’

Fitz kisses her on the back of her head, the only part he can reach for all the blankets cocooned around her. ‘Will do.’

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