nani nani why you do this

Hey, if no one has said this to you today-

                                            You’re beautiful.

                                      You deserve happiness.

                                      You’re doing your best.

                                     Tomorrow is another day 

Remember when Lilo and Stitch came out, and it was one of the first cartoons (at least that I had seen) that had people and women with actually believable waistlines and proportions? I feel like a majority of people thought that that’s how all Disney movies and cartoons would be from then on. I sure did. But they changed back into having women with completely unrealistic waistlines and figures. They do this with men too. David isn’t super buff with bulging muscles. He looks like a normal guy you might meet. 

   David has a fit build, but isn’t unrealistically muscular.

But let’s be honest, it’s way more obvious with the female characters. Their bodies are sooo ridiculously tiny. Why? The characters in Lilo and Stitch looked great! Healthy even. They didn’t look gross, or heaven forbid, fat. They looked normal. Lilo’s sister Nani even has a tummy, and it looks fine. 

   I see nothing wrong with this picture. Nani looks great.

I just wish animators would adopt this practice again and not make their cartoons so outrageously skinny, or too buff to be real.