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Cake By the Ocean

Min Yoongi/ Suga X Reader 

So this is low-key (high-key?) for @fluffygummy-yoonmin who legit asked me for Yoongi/Noona smut a thousand years ago. I’m sorry it took me so long! I just wanted to do it right and I hope you enjoy!

Oh, and it’s just under 8k words. Sooo yeah. 

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Love you drabbles you think you could write iwaoi maybe watching lilo and stitch or something

“We’re barely half-way through the movie, dumbass,” Iwaizumi says, even as he’s patting Oikawa on the back in a consoling manner. “Why are you crying already?”

“Because!” Oikawa sniffles loudly. “Nani is such. Such a beautiful lady. She’s so nice. She’s so good to Lilo, like who has a heart that big? She loves her sister so much. Why aren’t you crying, Nani is so good.”

Iwaizumi pats Oikawa’s curls, even fluffier and curlier than usual after his shower. “Are you projecting? Should I be texting your sister pictures of Nani and hoping she gets a hint?”

“No! Don’t do that! She can never compare to the goddess that is Nani!”

“Yeah, yeah.” Iwaizumi settles back on the couch, stretching his arm behind Oikawa. He’s feeling a little sleepy, but he’ll stay up a bit longer for Oikawa. They only ever watch animated movies this late on a school night when something’s bothering Oikawa. Iwaizumi doesn’t want to pry, so for now, he’ll just sit, allowing Oikawa to lean into him and soak up his warmth.

“Oh my god,” he says, some time later. Oikawa barely stirs where he’s nodding off on Iwaizumi’s shoulder. “I get why you like this movie so much. It’s because there’s aliens, isn’t it?”

Oikawa only hums, snuggling back into Iwaizumi’s chest.

Iwaizumi sighs. “I can’t believe I’ve been duped into watching this for years because of your weird alien obsession.”

“It’s not an obsession,” says Oikawa, yawning wide against Iwaizumi’s ears. “They’re real.”

“Uh-huh. Sure they are.”

“Mm. They are.”

Iwaizumi wakes the next morning with a crick in his neck and Oikawa’s drool all over his shirt, but the sparkle is back in Oikawa’s eyes, so he doesn’t mind at all.

Hey, if no one has said this to you today-

                                            You’re beautiful.

                                      You deserve happiness.

                                      You’re doing your best.

                                     Tomorrow is another day 

Kirigakure Saizo - Tenka’s Voice Notes

Here it is, the ninja of the group. I love him, and #11 making me tearing up a bit. I love having them showing strong emotions, especially lashing out like that, it just fascinates me. I’m honestly a bit lost for the #12, but oh well… maybe someone who have deeper understanding can correct me ^^
I’m responsible for #1, #3, #5, #7, #10, #11, #12, and #14. As usual, the rest is taken from
Feel free to correct my translation or adding the missing ones~


Tsutawaranai nara, sore de ii. Baka mitai ni omoi wo butsukeru dake ga, koi no michi janai tte koto
If you can’t convey it properly, that’s fine. To just vent our emotion at each other like an idiot is not a way of love, is what I said


Nande ore kara nigeru no sa. …Aaa, nani, sou iu koto. Yatara issho ni itagaru no mo sou iu riyuu ka?
Why are you running away from me? …Aaah, so that is why. Is the reason for you to keep wanting be with me, that kind of thing too?


Omae ni aratamete kirai tte iwareru to, kizu tsuku mono dane
To be told ‘I hate you’ by you again, it certainly hurt my feelings, huh…


Kikasete yo. Omae no omoi wo, omae no kotoba de
Let me hear it. Your feelings, in your own words


Omae-san ga hoshii tte iu nara, nozomi doori, itsudemo aite shite ageru yo
If my little lady request it from me, as you wish, I’ll keep you company whenever you want


Ano sa… jiyuu nano mo ii kedo, kanojo, ore no dakara
Well, wait a minute… it’s okay to do as you please, but she is mine, you see


Sou iu kao, hoka no otoko ni misetara, soitsu wo korosu kara
That kind of face, if you show it to other guys, I will kill them, okay?


Urami wa nai. Tada sato no mei dakara. Shiite iu nara umaretsuki
I hold no grudge over you. I just do what the village command me. If I need to say why, it’s my nature by birth


Omae… Ore ga nani wo nariwai ni shite ikiteru ka shitteru ka? Ore no oya wa… ore no umareta ie wa… ore ga naze ame wo kirau no ka mo… omae wa nani mo shiranai
You… do you know what did I do as a living until now? My parents… The house where I was born… And also the reason why I hate the rain… You know nothing


Ore ga inochi wo kakeru no wa, omae dake dayo. Dakara nakanai no
The one I’ll risk my life for is you alone, you know. That’s why don’t cry


Honkakuteki ni jama dane
Truly, such a hindrance


Omae-san, kimochi warui ne
You, are really make me sick

Remember when Lilo and Stitch came out, and it was one of the first cartoons (at least that I had seen) that had people and women with actually believable waistlines and proportions? I feel like a majority of people thought that that’s how all Disney movies and cartoons would be from then on. I sure did. But they changed back into having women with completely unrealistic waistlines and figures. They do this with men too. David isn’t super buff with bulging muscles. He looks like a normal guy you might meet. 

   David has a fit build, but isn’t unrealistically muscular.

But let’s be honest, it’s way more obvious with the female characters. Their bodies are sooo ridiculously tiny. Why? The characters in Lilo and Stitch looked great! Healthy even. They didn’t look gross, or heaven forbid, fat. They looked normal. Lilo’s sister Nani even has a tummy, and it looks fine. 

   I see nothing wrong with this picture. Nani looks great.

I just wish animators would adopt this practice again and not make their cartoons so outrageously skinny, or too buff to be real.



Hernando Guanlao is the man who turned his home to a public library. His abiding passion for books and his advocacy to promote reading gained attention from worldwide and local media. He is definitely one of the modern heroes of today.

His home at Balagtas St., Makati City is the also the home of thousands of books from his collection, a mix of donations from people from different places and some of his favorites as well.

His library and his club, Reading Club 2000, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The only rules in this library is that, “there are no rules,” as Mang Nanie relays.

Question 1: Paano niyo po sinimulan itong open library? (How did you start with this open library project?)

Mang Nanie: 'Yung Reading Club 2000 ay nagsimula sa paghahanap ko ng liwanag sa kadiliman. Naisip ko iyon sampung taong gulang ako. Binalikan ko yan. Nilakasan ko ang loob ko na balikan ko yan. Noong sampung taong gulang kasi ako ang ginagawa ko, ganito rin. Masaya ako sa ginagawa ko. May kaligayahan ako, maraming akong kaibigan. So nakita ko iyong mga libro naming magkakapatid sa bodega. Ayaw nilang i-uwi sa kani-kanilang mga bahay. 50 years-old ako nun, year 2000. Ang ginawa ko, para ‘di naman masayang iyong mga aklat, iniligay ko sa pasamano sa bahay bilang proyekto na inalay ko sa aming pamilya lalo na sa mga magulang ko na nagpunta ng Amerika. Namimiss ko sila e. Kahit wala sila dito, iyong ala-ala nila, andirito. (The Reading  Club 2000 started when I was searching for light within the darkness. I thought of that when I was 10 years-old. I went back to that time. I was happy with what I was doing back then, and it transpired to what I am doing now. When I was 50, year 2000, I saw a bundle of books that my sibling don’t want to take home with them, so I took the books and placed it in front of the house as project that I dedicate to my family, especially to my parents who migrated to America. I miss them. Even if they are not present physically, their memories remain because of the project.)

Question 2: Lumago na po ang library ninyo. Ano po ang vision ninyo kung bakit niyo po siyang tuluyang ginagawa? (You’re library is getting bigger and bigger everyday. What is your vision that keeps you motivated to continue with the Reading Club 2000?)

Mang Nanie: Kasi nga, hindi maubos-ubos ang dating ng mga aklat dito. Hindi ko naman pinlano na humingi ng abuloy sa mga taong may mga aklat, sa mga korporasyon o institusyon ng ating pamahalaan, na alam ko na napakarami nilang bodega ng mga aklat. Kasi nga sila na mismo ang nagsabi na pumunta sila dito, ang dami naming mga aklat, mga warehouse. Bakit sila andoon sa bodega at hindi gamitin tulad ng ginagawa ko? So, katulad nga niyan, ang magpasaya ka ng isang daang tao sa isang araw, sa isang buwan, tatlong libo yan. Masarap sa pakiramdam na ipinamimigay mo iyong libro sa kanila na napapasaya mo sila. Hinahanap-hanap ko sa pangaraw-araw iyong gawain na magpasaya. Kaya kapag hindi dumating iyong isang daan na tao, hinahanap ko sila sa ibang lugar. So may kasabihan nga, kung ano ang ibinigay mo sa sanlibutan, iyon ang babalik sa iyo. Ganun siguro iyon, ang nangyayari. (The donation of books keeps on coming in. I didn’t plan to ask for help from different corporations or from the institutions of our government, because I know that they have a lot of warehouses filled with books. Why don’t they give the books to the people like what I do? I like to make people happy. Like 100 people in one day is equivalent to making 3,000 people happy in one month. If I don’t get 100 people here, I go somewhere else to find them. According to the saying, what you give, will also be given back to you. And I think that’s the primary reason why the donations keep on coming in.)

Question 3: Nabanggit ninyo po na libre lamang ang pagpunta dito at libre rin po ang paghiram ng mga libro. Madali lang po ba iyon na libre niyo lang po ginagawa at bakit po libre lang? (You said earlier that it’s free to go here whenever you want, and it is also free to borrow books. Is it that easy to give books for free and why do you this project for free?)

Mang Nanie: Natugunan nito ang paghahanap ng liwanag sa buhay ko.  Buhay ko ang halaga. Kaliwanagan. Light. Nakita ko iyon nang makita ko itong mga malulungkot na libro na pinapasaya mo sila ang mga tao kapag ipinahiram mo ang mga libro. (This project helped me to find the “light” in my dark life. My life is the cost and value of this project. Light. I saw this “light” when I started lending books.)

Question 4: Ano po ang kampanya ng proyektong ito? (What is the campaign for this project?)

Mang Nanie: Seeding principle. Magtanim ka, tutubo yan at ipamahagi mo. Iyon lang ang pamamaraan na ikinakampanya ko. (Seeding principle. You plant, it grows then share it to the world. That is my campaign.)

Question 5: Para po sa inyo ginagamit ang libro para po makapagbigay ng kaalaman? (So for you, you use the books as a tool to give knowledge?)

Mang Nanie: Ganun na nga ang nangyari sa pagsunod sa mga magulang. Hindi na planado ang sumunod na ginagawa ko. Wala na sa plano na katulad ng sa mga paaralan. Ito ay nanggaling sa labas ng aking senses. Natutuwa ako dahil sa nangyayari. (That’s what happened after I obeyed my parents. Everything that came after are not planned. They are not planned like what we do in schools. My plans come from outside my senses. I am glad to what is happening with the Reading Club.)

Question 6: Ano po ang pakiramdam ninyo na nakakatulong po kayo doon sa mga rural areas? Edukasyon na rin po kasi ang naibibigay po ninyo sa kanila. (What is the feeling that you get when you get to help the people living in rural areas? Because somehow, you’re already providing education.)

Mang Nanie: Gawa ng normal ang paglapit ko sa kanila, mainit naman ang pagtanaw nila at pagtanggap nila ng mga aklat. (Since I approach them, they welcome me warmly as well as when they receive the books.)

Question 7: Paano po ninyo na inspire si Sandra po, iyong Tausug na gumawa rin ng ganitong klaseng pagkilos? (How were you able to inspire Sandra, a Tausug, to be able to start this kind of movement along with yours?)

Mang Nanie: Ang kanilang lugar, mahirap puntahan. Ilang isla tatawirin mo. Ang lugar nila talagang kapos. Kung aklat ang paguusapan, sa isang bata, isa sa dalawampu. Hindi nabibigyang puna yan. Hindi katulad dito sa atin, ang isang libro, isang bata. Kaya kung mangarap man lang ako ng pagkilos, gawin ko na puntahan ang mga pinakamahirap at hindi napapansin. (Their place is difficult to reach. There are many islands to cross to. They lack resources in their area and it is not given the proper solution. When we talk about books, for them, one book is to twenty children. Here at our place, one book is to one child. If I were to dream about another movement, it is to go to the poorest communites, the ones that are difficult to reach.)

Question 8: Ano po ang reaction ninyo na isang Tausug ay nagsisimula na rin po ng ginagawa ninyo? (What is your reaction to Sandra’s will to start your project somewhere else?)

Mang Nanie: Hindi lang naman si Sandra ang ganyan, marami pang nauna diyan. Sa Kalinga, sa Abra, sa Catanduanes. Hinahayaan ko lamang sila. Interes nila 'yan. (It’s not only Sandra, for there are a lot who also went ahead of her. There are people from Kalinga, Abra and Catanduanes, just to name a few. I just let them, for it is their interest.)

Question 9: Para sa inyo po ba, nakikita niyo na napupunan nito ang kalooban ninyo? (For you, does it fulfill your vision when other people try to do the same?)

Mang Nanie: Ang binibigyan ko ng halaga ang pagserbisyo sa iba. Ang kalooban ko, okay na ako, from the start pa lamang na nagdesisyon ako para sa proyekto na ito. (I give importance to helping other people. My vision is fulfilled. I am already contented, from the very start when I first decided to pursue with this project.)

Question 10: Hanggang kailan niyo po balak gawin ito? (Until when do you plan to do this?)

Mang Nanie: Ang totoo nga ay ang pangarap ko ay may broadcast live-in sa mga indigenous people, yung mga hindi inaabot ng media. Ang katwiran ko, hindi ko naiisip na humina katawan ko, kasi nagpapalakas ako ng mga tao. (To be honest, I want to do a broadcast live-in to indigenous people, the one that media can’t reach. I don’t think of getting weak because I know that I make other people strong.)

I want to say I love Lilo and Stitch. I really do. Lilo and Stitch was the last movie I watched with my mother before she passed away, and I later went to see Disney on ice version of it with my sort-of-mother-figure.

But the thing that really makes me sad is that people use this movie to put down another movie that I loved, and that is of course Frozen. It’s really sad, because nowadays when I see anything related to Lilo and Stitch, I don’t think of how much I liked it, but I think of the people who use it as a weapon for their war against Frozen. I don’t even understand WHY people need to compare these two movies and sister relationships. Lilo and Nani are sisters who aren’t separated, and try to get along with each other the best they can. Anna and Elsa, on the other hand, are sisters who ARE separated. While Nani tries to keep Lilo close to her, Anna tries to FIND Elsa, figuratively (and literally too). She tries to get Elsa back, and Nani tries to keep Lilo. These situations are really different, so of course the relationships are different. Another reason is the age gap, Nani is sometimes more of a parental figure.

But KIDS LOVED IT. And I think it’s great that kids can appreciate a movie about sibling relationships. What kids think of disney movies is more important to Disney than what tumblr bloggers think of them, because kids are the target audience. So why do you have to try to put down a beautiful movie about sisters, that kids loved, using ANOTHER beautiful movie about sisters, simply because of your personal issues. And then you go and insult bronies because they want My Little Pony to be about their interests? Lilo and Stitch deserves better than that.

Every Disney movie has it’s quibbles. I can find a bit from every movie, and Frozen doesn’t have them the most. You don’t see them or care about them because of a shield called nostalgia. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy these movies.

Anna’s sacrifice in the end was BEAUTIFUL and truly an act of true love, just like how Nani did everything for her little sister. I can see the beauty in both relationships, without mocking the other. Amazing how a kid’s movie about altruistic love can make people so mad. Why won’t you let it go (lawl) ?

Though maybe people will calm down about Frozen when Disney makes another kid’s movie they can hate.

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