New couple to ship!

Nan(Short Hair) and Hongyok(Guess who!) = NHY

They are from the singing competition show AF10, from Thailand.

Best part? There is a HUGE chance they are actually together, seeing as Hongyok full on confessed on a ‘private’ conversation(there were mics involved, so…yeah) that she had developed unexpected feelings for Nan, who said they should just focus on singing while in the show. However, the matching Pj’s picture above and the one where Nan is leaning HY back on the rail of a boat…those are from after the show ended…And it’s actually pretty common to find moments like these of the two now-a-days. So take your own conclusions.

Bad part? 99,9% of their material on the internet, is completely in Thai. Which is a great language, which I, unfortunately, know close to nothing about. Thanks to the work of some cool people, such as YouTube’s 'Mantaray17’, there are some of their moments with english subtitles. So it’s still enjoyable.