nandos and niall


I took this way too far/long and I APOLOGIZE

Trigger Warnings: Bullying and Mental Illness

Although it was Niall’s first day at his new school, he could already tell that he wasn’t going to be the most popular kid in school. He was barely halfway through the day and he had apparently already made an enemy.

The dark looking, green eyed boy clad in black skinnies and a band tee, green bandana holding his hair back just wouldn’t stop glaring at Niall. It had begun in their first period class, when the teacher had first introduced Niall. Most people didn’t pay any mind to him, save for a couple of girls and this mean looking boy. Niall hadn’t really expected much to come of the boy’s glare, but it hasn’t stopped all day. They had nearly every class together, and even when the green eyed boy was sitting behind Niall, he could feel the glare on the back of his neck.

“Wow, what’d you do to Styles?” Niall’s new lab partner, a kind of mean looking, brown eyed guy asks lowly as their teacher rambles on about the extensive syllabus he had made for their course.

Niall, a bit stunned as this was the first time anyone made direct contact with him all day. “Uh– who?” Niall stutters, feeling his face heat up.

The guy– who looks like a total jock with his broad shoulders and muscular arms– laughs. “Him. Harry Styles” He nods towards the glaring boy who’s eyes narrow as both of their glances land on him. “You don’t want to make enemies with him.” The boy warns and Niall gulps.

“I don’t want to make enemies with anyone.” Niall murmurs, and the guy smiles at him goofily.

“Well, you’re definitely different from most people around here. I’m Liam, by the way.” He introduces, and Niall opens his mouth ready to introduce when-

“Liam, do you and Niall have something to share?” The teacher asks with an unimpressed look on his face.

Liam smiles apologetically, and Niall can already tell that this guy is both cute and charismatic. “Sorry, sir, no.”

Niall shrugs at Liam after that, and they stay quiet until the bell rings.

When the class finally ends, Niall had nearly forgotten about the green eyed boy– Harry Styles. Between watching Liam doodling on his paper and tapping his foot to the beat of an unknown song, Niall was completely distracted, hopeful that he had finally found a friend.

“So, Niall, are you gonna be busy this weekend.”

“No.” Niall answers immediately, and he internally slaps himself. How desperate must he look?

Liam smirks casually and zips his bag, heaving it over his shoulder, “We should hang out, yeah? Do you play Fifa?”

Niall reminds himself to take a breath before responding. “Of course, mate, see you.” He calls as he realizes Liam isn’t really waiting on an answer.

He sighs, hoping that maybe this is the start of a better day. Well, until the mean kid– Harry shoves into him, “accidentally” making Niall loose his balance and fall to the floor.

At first, Niall is too shell shocked to even get up at first, because ‘what?

* * * *

The day is fine after that.

He’s still reeling from his little interaction with Harry, but it seems like the assailant left school because in the last two classes, the teacher calls his name but he is nowhere to be seen. Niall’s kind of grateful for that. The final bell rings and Niall takes his time on leaving the building. He knows that there’s a good chance Louis could be late. He goes ahead and sends his brother a text, but he honestly doesn’t expect a response. It seems like everyone at this small school drives themselves because over half of the parking lot is empty five minutes after the bell has rung. It makes Niall sigh in relief, glad that he could at least avoid looking like a loner to most of his school.

Thirty minutes later, Niall is contemplating walking home. His brother has yet to respond to his text and he’s beginning to get an eery feeling sitting next to the empty school. The parking lot was basically deserted, and Niall just wanted to go home. Making a choice and he quickly gets up and rounds the corner past the stairs, deciding that the three mile walk was better than waiting.

To Niall’s surprise, the second he passes the corner, he’s pressed against the wall forcefully by a hand around his neck. There’s no direct pressure, so he can breathe fine but the hand is calloused and large, obviously able to crush his windpipes in a squeeze. Niall lets out a loud squeak, and is suddenly face to face with his new “enemy,” Harry Styles.

Harry doesn’t say a thing but he studies Niall’s face closely, as if he’s memorizing every freckle on his cheeks, he stares intently. Niall opens his mouth, ready to say something- anything to save himself from what he’s sure is going to be him getting beaten to a pulp. “Don’t.” Harry shushes, his voice deep and raspy. It’s slower and more light than Niall would’ve expected (he expected a nasty, grinch-like drawl)

Niall makes a terrified, questioning noise as Harry gets closer to his face, so close that their noses are a centimeter apart, and Niall feels like he’s going cross-eyed looking into Harry’s dark and demanding gaze. In an instant, Harry moves his head to Niall’s neck, inhaling deeply and rubbing their cheeks together. Niall makes another embarrassing sound that mewls lightly, making Harry snap back, a newfound smile gracing his face and Niall realizes– dimples.

Harry is attractive.

He’s not attractive like Liam is. He isn’t the all-american, happy-go-lucky boy that your mother loves. Harry is darker with an odd sense of style and hair that was different from the other boy’s buzzed or swept over, “Justin Bieber” hair. He had tattoos and he was mysterious but Niall was into it. And now he was smiling kindly with white, straight teeth and prominent dimples along with a goofy look in his eyes as he whispers. “I like you.”

It’s all he says before he walks off, not looking back, leaving Niall stunned against the wall, until he turns back– “Are you coming?” He asks, smile still on his face.

Niall can’t make himself move quite yet but he sputters out, “C-coming where?”

“You need a ride don’t you?” He asks and Niall really isn’t sure if he should be getting in the car with a stranger who used to want to beat him up. Nevertheless, the blonde was more afraid of Harry’s reaction if he didn’t get in the car, so he stumbles after him. He expects Harry to continue on, leaving him slightly behind but the brunette waits until Niall is within arm reach, and then lays his arm over his shoulders casually. Niall flinches, but Harry doesn’t move, if anything pulling him closer as the near the car.

Hesitantly, Niall texts Louis that he got a ride home, and then Harry begins to drive. They’re both quiet for a while, and it doesn’t even occur to Niall that he never gave Harry any directions until they’re driving down his street.

“Wait… how did you know-?” Niall begins to ask when Harry pulls into the wrong driveway, the one directly next to his house. “This isn’t my house.” Niall says, deciding to leave his other question for another day.

Harry rolls his eyes. “I know. This is my house. That’s yours.” the green eyed boy simpers, getting out of the car and picking up both his own and Niall’s backpack, already walking towards the blonde’s house.

“My window faces your window.” Harry comments when they reach the door. “So we can talk any time you want.” He says a bit childishly, and Niall’s beginning to catch on that there might be something wrong with Harry.

Niall nods, taking his backpack from Harry gracefully. “Alright.” He says kindly, as if he was talking to one of his little cousins. “Thanks, Harry, for the ride.”

Harry smiles, dimples back in action, and he steps closer to Niall. “Can I kiss you?” He asks bluntly and Niall’s eyes widen comically.

Niall doesn’t want his first kiss to be with someone he barely knows. Instinctively, Niall shakes his head, stepping away.

Seeing the angry and hurt look cross over Harry’s face, Niall is quick to rectify his gesture. “I just… you have to take me on a date first, Harry.”  Niall says lightly, sending the brunette a smile. Harry brightens at his words.

“I will.” He pledges seriously. “Whenever. This weekend. Instead of Liam you’ll come a date with me.” He says and Niall’s brain freezes for a minute, blindsided by how Harry even knew about that.

“Yeah, f’course.” Niall murmurs, and Harry’s smile is blinding. He steps closer, pulling Niall close and kissing his forehead chastely. Niall exhales, relaxing into Harry’s hold.

“Harry! Are you out there?” A feminine voice calls from the next-door. Harry pulls away from Niall reluctantly, waving at his mother from his spot on Niall’s porch.

Harry sighs. “I have to go.” As if it isn’t obvious, he gestures to his mother. Niall nods, smiles at the boy and goes into his house with a huge sigh.

He slumps against the door as he watches Harry go over to his own house. ‘what the hell?’ is the only thing running through his head.

* * * *

“So how was school?” Louis asks as the two sit at dinner. After coming home and begging for his little brother’s forgiveness for completely forgetting to pick him up, the brothers had ordered in some Nandos.

“It’s okay.” Niall shrugged, not sure if he wants to bring up Harry to his brother.

“Nobody’s giving you trouble?” Louis assures, not wanting history to repeat itself. In response to Niall’s shaking head, “You would tell me, right?”

Niall sighed. “Okay well, there was a guy… who kind of roughed me up.” He admits. At Louis’ fiery gaze, Niall  explains. “But then after school he told me.. he said he liked me and gave me a ride home. Then he wanted to kiss me but I told him he had to take me on a date.”
Louis looks downright confused at NIall’s rambling. “Um. So you have a boyfriend?” He asks, confused.

“Lou, I think there’s something like… there’s something up with him.” Niall says lowly and Louis’ eyebrows furrow.

“What do you mean?” Louis asks, and Niall sighs.

“What normal person goes from glaring at someone and shoving them to hugging them and asking to kiss them? That’s not… I don’t know.” Niall says, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Louis, who still looks extremely confused at his brother’s expense, “Who is this again?”
“Harry Styes. He’s our neighbor.” The blonde informs his brother, watching in confusion as the brunette lights up.

“Anne’s son?” He asks. Niall simply shrugs, not sure what Harry’s mother’s name is. “She invited us for dinner at the end of the week.” Louis comments excitedly.

Niall’s eyes widen. “What.” He blurts, already uncomfortable with the idea of being around Harry’s family. After all, Harry must’ve learned his weird ways from somewhere.
“This is a good thing, Niall. I can do some investigating!” Louis giggles mindlessly like the child he is.

Niall rolls his eyes, mentally preparing himself for the day he has ahead.

* * * *

The next day is even weirder than he had imagined. After getting ready and finally gathering the courage to heave his backpack on, Niall opens the door, ready to yell at Louis to get downstairs before he was late to school. Only, he’s confronted by the large, familiar figure waiting for him on his own porch. “H-Harry.” Niall greets, surprised. 

Harry replies with a smile of his own, pushing his hair back with one hand, looking like a model in his tight skinnies and another band tee that Niall didn’t recognize. “I’ll drive you to school.” He offers in a voice that makes it seem more like a demand. Not wanting to turn down the boy in front of him (both to avoid making an enemy as well as for some… personal *he’s hot* reasons), Niall turns behind him and yells up the stairs, “I’ve got a ride to school Louis, see you later!” 

The drive to school feels a bit awkward and tense, at least to Niall. That probably has something to do with the fact that Harry took it upon himself to hold Niall’s hand the entire way to school. “You’re coming to my house on Friday.” Harry acknowledges and Niall nods simply. “My mom’s really nice, you’ll like her.” He says, sounding kind of like he’s trying to convince Niall of it. 

“I’m sure I will.” Niall says, squeezing Harry’s hand reassuringly and Niall isn’t sure why his heart flutters when Harry displays his dimples once again. It probably isn’t at all good for Niall to be encouraging Harry like this, but he can’t help but find the green-eyed boy somewhat charming.

By the time they get to school, Niall has to basically pry Harry off of him. “Harry, I don’t think we should make a big deal of us… at least until you take me on that date, yeah?” Niall tries and, despite his doubtful and upset look, Harry reluctantly agrees. They walk into school separately, but that doesn’t stop Harry from literally following Niall closely as they go throughout their day. 

Every day starts and ends the same with Harry picking him up and dropping him off. Every day, Harry is just as sweet as the last. And unlike Niall was thinking, that Harry would be on-and-off angry and loving, Harry keeps a solid record of being caring and kind towards Niall. It’s hard to distance yourself from someone who seems so genuine. 

The end of the week comes quickly and Harry drives Niall home once more on Friday. Again, Harry carries Niall’s bag for him and walks him to the porch, kisses him on the forehead and says, “I’ll see you tonight.” In a very gentlemen-like fashion. For a second, Niall forgets that he’s supposed to be hesitant with Harry. 

* * * *

Meeting Harry’s parents is nothing like what Niall thought it would be. 

They’re normal. Completely and utterly normal. 

In fact, they’re almost too nice. After getting through the awkward pleasantries, Anne guides them to the dinner table where Robin and Harry are already sat. Harry’s sitting on one end of the table, and naturally, Niall sits next to him, which gains him a beaming smile and a interested glance from Harry’s mother. The dinner is a bit awkward, especially after Robin starts the conversation asking where our parents are, and Louis has to lightly brush over our parent’s slight negligence and just comment that Niall was happier in Doncaster than where he was in Ireland. Harry seems to catch on to Niall’s uncomfortable and slightly upset demeanor because he place his hand on Niall’s thigh comfortably and squeezes. 

Thankfully, the dinner gets a little bit better as it passes, and the adults are having their own conversation as Harry tries to lighten Niall’s mood with idiot jokes and goofy faces. 

“What’s green and also sings?” Harry asks, seriousness written all over his face. 

Niall pretends to think for a second before giving up. “Tell me.” 

“Elvis Parsley.” He cracks, smiling uncontrollably as Niall lets out one of his loud, head thrown back cackling laughs. 

“You’re an idiot.” He giggles, shoving at Harry’s shoulder and he realizes. They’re flirting

The realization seems to dawn on him as it does with everyone else. Anne’s face holds nothing but fondness as she gazes at the two boys, but there’s also a sense of urgency in her voice as she beckons Harry over. She whispers something and Harry shakes his head, not looking nearly as worried as Anne does. He shrugs, walking back over to Niall. “Hey. I forgot to tell you. I have had this mental illness since I was about 3 that gives me some pretty bad separation anxiety and sometimes it makes me a bit overly-protective and possessive over things I like.” He says, so nonchalantly that Niall almost misses the fact that Harry just admitted to having a mental illness. “There’s some long, boring name for it but I never bothered memorizing it. Is that a problem?” harry asks and Niall just feels sort of relieved. All this time he thought that there was some kind of trick Harry was playing. 

“Of course not, but like, are you– are you dangerous?” Niall asks, a bit timidly. he can feel Anne staring at them and Harry looks like he’s about to deny deny deny, but one look at his mother must tell him otherwise. 

“Not to you, Niall, I promise.” Harry says vaguely. “But to other people, I have been.”

Twirling one of his own hairs with a finger, Niall sighs. “Will you tell me?” 

“One day.” Harry offers. 

“Will you tell me about your parents?” Harry asks, and Niall feels like the entire table has gone silent by now. 

“One day.” Niall agrees. 

After that, the conversation between Anne, Robin, and Louis at the table seems to resume, but Harry has other plans for the teenagers themselves. The two sneak away from the table and up the stairs, Niall being dragged by Harry into a large room with a huge bed and television. “Wow.” Niall whistles, impressed. 

When Niall turns away from the room, he’s surprised to see Harry in his space once more. “Hey.” He says softly and Harry returns his word with a smile, dimples out and eyes bright. 

He’s closer than he usually gets (and that’s saying something), and Niall’s heart is thumping wildly behind his chest. He’s never felt so good about one person in his life… and this one had just (as in literally a minute ago) admitted to having a mental illness. “I really want to kiss you.” Harry complains, and Niall shakes his head. 

“I’ve never done that before.” The blonde admits and Harry’s eyes widen. 

“I get to be your first?” He asks excitedly and Niall rolls his eyes, smiling without a clear answer. 

Harry grins, pulling Niall close by the small of his back ,shoving his hands under the blue eyed boys’ shirt. “I want to be. I’ll be a good first kiss. I’ll teach you how to do it proper.” He says cheekily and Niall smiles back genuinely. 

“You… you can kiss me now, if you want.” Niall allows and Harry’s eyes widen. 

“Are you sure? You told me that you wanted to wait till our date…” He hesitates and though Niall appreciates it, he can’t help but tease the taller boy. 

He sighs, pretending to contemplate, “if you want me to go find someone else to kiss me, then I can.” Niall huffs jokingly, but the darkening look on Harry’s face proves that he didn’t catch the joke. Pushing Niall against the wall just as he had the day they met, he grabs Niall around the waist, pulling the blonde off of his fee, leaving  his legs to wrap around the brunettes waist. Niall gasps, surprised at the curly haired boy’s strength. Spurred on by the blonde’s reaction Harry holds him tightly, securing his neck in place and looking into his light blue eyes before kissing him softly and chastely. Niall sighs in content as he grabs at the hair on Harry’s neck. After a couple of soft, uneventful pecks, Harry gets bored, taking control once more as he rolls his tongue against Niall’s bottom lip and begins teaching Niall the art of frenching. The blonde is very obviously new to this, and it results in an extremely wet and sloppy kiss but Harry’s never had better. Niall lets out a low moan, teenage hormones getting to him as his strong, built, and estranged Harry controls their kiss. The two take a moment to pull back and breathe in each other’s air. Harry allows Niall to stand on his wobbly feet 

“Holy shit.” Niall murmurs and Harry laughs. 

“I like you.” Is all Harry can muster. and Niall nods because yeah, yeah, he likes Harry too.

* * * *

Harry picks him up on Monday morning and to say there’s something different in the air is an understatement. The two had spent nearly the whole weekend together, cuddling and getting closer than Niall ever thought he could be with someone within such a short span of time. Of course, Louis and Anne had both recognized the flushes on their faces the moment they came downstairs after their make out session, resulting in both of them getting the “no closed doors, no fooling around, and absolutely no sex” talk. Other than that the weekend went by flawlessly and Niall never wanted it to end. 

But, of course, they make their way to school on Monday in a newfound comfortable silence that they had found over the weekend. Niall lets Harry kiss him before they walk into school, but they both agree that maybe they should take things slow when it came to introducing their relationship to the school. 

The da seems to go by without any dilemma. Of course, Harry is still not really understanding the “distance” part of their deal, so he’s still trailing around behind Niall all the time, but nobody makes a comment. 

The drama doesn’t really start until the end of the day. Liam had just walked up to Niall, looking all perfect and tanned and buff, with that cute smirk on his face and Niall stops abruptly, completely ready to hear anything the boy has to say. “Hey Niall.” He says cooly and Niall nods, trying to sound normal. 

“Hey.” He acknowledges, doing his best to breathe and not sound too desperate.

Liam snorts as he looks over Harry’s shoulder and Niall has a quick flashback to his old school in Mullingar as a few boys take their places behind Liam as if they’re in some kind of wolf pack. “Did you know that the little psychopath has been following you around like some kind of love sick puppy all day long?” He asks venomously and Niall is immediately taken aback. 

Of course, he knew that bullies existed (obviously) and he knew that there was a good chance he’d run into more at this school, but he had never heard someone else get bullied. His eyebrows pull together, and he gives Liam a confused look. “What?” He asks, hoping that Liam might just drop it, because he really doesn’t want to get in a fight on his first day.

“Oh, you’re new. You don’t know what the psycho has done yet, do you?” Liam chuckles, and Niall is now acutely aware of the crowd they’ve gathering. 

Suddenly, there’s a soft hand at the small of Niall’s back and Harry growls at the jock in front of them. “Don’t listen to him.” He snarls and Liam laughs out loud. 

“Did you know that he used to be in a gang? Did some pretty nasty drugs back then, I heard. Oh, and he beat up some kid so bad that he had to go to the hospital for three weeks. Not to mention that he’s a fag.” Liam spits, and Niall flinches back at his words. Harry’s at a constant growl by this point and Niall is worried that he’s going to jump on the jock. Placing a hand on Harry’s subtly, Niall swallows heavily. 

Of course, Niall isn’t sure if what Liam is saying is true or not, but he doesn’t want to stick around and hear the boys reasoning. “You know what?” Niall says lowly, knowing that he could potentially be ruining everything he had going here (a.k.a. not getting beaten up everyday). “So am I.” Niall shrugs as he watches Liam’s face drop completely and then he backs up as if Niall holds some contagious disease that nobody saw coming. He’s about to walk away, but instead, with a rush of adrenaline, turns to the green eyed boy next to him. “Also,” He says, a bit more loudly, grabbing the back of Harry’s neck and pushing onto his tip toes to kiss the taller boy soundly. 

Before anyone can gasp, or even say something in return, the bell rings, alerting them that they’re all late for their final period. 

Niall turns on his heel, and sets off walking, not going anywhere in particular, just trying to get away from the crowd that had just watched him come out. 

It takes him a while to realize that he’s being followed. He exits through what must be the back door and turns instantly, and gasps out when he’s slammed into. He’s honestly wondering why he’s surprised when it turns out it’s just Harry hugging him. It’s so intense and tight that Niall had literally thought that he was about to get the shit get kicked out of him by Liam or one of his buddies. They sort of collapse together, sitting on the concrete ground outside huddled in each other’s spaces. Niall’s legs are around Harry’s waist and he’s sitting in between the larger boys’ knees, allowing the brunette to keep his head resting on his shoulder. 

It takes a while for Harry to clam down, but once he does, he finally whispers out, “Liam’s a liar.” 

Niall pulls away from Harry, shrugging. “I figured.”

“I’ve never been in a gang or done drugs. I have beaten people up but– I don’t regret it. Now they know not to mess with me, not really, anyway.” Harry says and Niall gets it. If he could’ve beaten up his bullies in Mulingar, he would’ve. 

“I think we made some new enemies.” Niall says with a laugh, but deep down, he’s kind of terrified of what may happen. 

Somehow sensing what Niall’s feeling, as he seems to be able to do quite easily, he stands to his full height. “Nobody will hurt you. I would kill them. I would– Niall I would fuck them up.” He says, sounding so serious it almost scares Niall. Niall clambers up beside the taller boy and rubs a hand across his broad shoulder blades. 

“I know that. They know that. It’s really not necessary Harry.” Niall tries to reassure the curly haired boy, 

Harry is silent. “You know?” he asks and for some odd reason, the question feels loaded. 

“I know.”

Harry nods in content. “You’re all that matters.” He decides, hugging the blue eyed boy tightly until the final bell rang and they had to face the masses. 

But that’s a whole different story


Idk why i can’t just write a single oneshot anymore I just have all these ideas for stories. (not that this is a story, but i want to continue it so) ANYWAY I hope y'all like it ;) 

Prompts are open! I do any Niall centric OTPs, OT3s, OT4, or OT5. You can see my previous writings here and my master post here

#6 He's Your Brother and Another Guy Likes You


“Cal? Where did you put the remote for my TV?” I say walking into the living room, looking for my younger brother, I had been sick for awhile and looked sort of messy, large sweats, messy bun, no make-up and a spaghetti strap tank top on. “You know I hate when you watch TV in my room with you asking, and I can never seem to find the re-” I stop walking, dead in my tracks as I see the 4 boys staring at me. “Y/N we’re in the middle of practice!” Calum says, trying to shoo me out of the room. Michael, Luke, and Ashton all knew me, but they never saw this, my true form… the messy, bossy older sister who could probably use a shower.

I quickly run up the stairs and back into my room, shutting the door loudly before burying my face in the pillow of my bed. God dammit Cal, why didn’t you tell me you were going to have practice here. Suddenly having another sneezing fit from the aggravation, I sigh and blow my nose, rubbing until it is red. Oh God, I can’t imagine what I look like right now. ‘Y/N The Red-Nosed Reindeer.’ minus the cool antlers, cause lets face it, having antlers would be awesome. I sigh giving up on my quest for the remote control and cuddle up in my blankets once more.

There is a slight knock on my door before it opens and in walks Ashton, holding the remote in his hand, and some tea in the other. “Hey, Y/N. Calum told me you were sick.” He smiles handing me the remote and mug while sitting on the corner of my bed. “Yeah, a little obvious huh? I bet I look horrible.” I say blushing, Ashton was in my year at school and we were good friends, he was a little flirty and really nice, but I liked it. “Just a little.” he laughs before touching my hand to tell me he’s joking. It is obvious he’s had a crush on me. “I hope you feel better, Y/N.” he says, kissing my forehead before getting up.

“Ash you can flirt with my sister later, we need you to figure out the drum solo now.” Calum says peering through the doorway. “Shut up Calum.” I roll my eyes and hide my blushing face. Calum laughs and takes Ash downstairs, saying things like 'Okay, ground rules: She is my sister, I want to hear nothing about what you do with her. You respect her. Also, her time of the month is in 2 weeks so watch out, also buy her lots of chocolate during that time, as for yourself, some soundproof headphones. God knows they work for me.”


“Ashton! I need a hug.” I say opening my arms to my brother. “Y/N, you’re 18 stop acting like a weird child.” he says, smashing buttons while playing video games with Michael. I had been watching for a while but I got bored and suddenly felt the urge to be hugged, but apparently that wasn’t going to happen. “Well someone is grumpy.” I pout and put my arms down, crossing them over my chest. “Well that’s because someone is losing 29 to 14 on Call of Duty.” Michael laughs. “Shut up Michael.” Ashton grumbles, smashing more buttons, he truly was terrible at video games.

The couch dips next to me as Luke sits down, a plate of nachos in his hands. Luke Hemmings, does he ever stop eating? I stare up at him for a while just watching him eat before he notices and stares back. “Wha?” he asks, his mouth still full of nachos. I smile a bit, what a loser. Loser, yes. Cute, also yes. “Nothing.” he finishes eating and puts the plate on the table in front of him before stretching his arm back around me and laying back, and watching them play.

“Luke will you cuddle me?” I ask, shyly wrapping an arm around him. He blushes and wraps his other arm around me so that we are in an awkward couch sitting hug type thing. “Uh okay.” he smiles, moving his lip ring with his tongue.

“No you won’t Luke. No cuddling my sister.” Ashton says, pausing the game and swatting Luke’s hands off of me before handing him the controller and hugging me instead. Luke moves away and starts playing with Michael, rolling his eyes at Ashton. “Like you said Ashton, I’m not a weird child anymore, I can cuddle whoever I like.” Ashton wraps his arms around me protectively and sighs. “Well you’re still my baby sister so that means, no boys. Also, you wanted to cuddle me first.”


Michael had always been really protective of you, and when your mom suggested that you go on tour with him and 5SOS, he thought it was a horrible idea. It wasn’t that he didn’t want you with him, just.. you and a bunch of rowdy and hormonal teenage boys on a bus for 3 months.. not a good idea. No matter how much he tried to get you to stay home, you had already had your mind set on going with him. “Michael nothing is going to happen! Everything will be okay, plus, I have my big brother to protect me. Sure, you may be a hair dying, video game playing, man-child… but you’re MY hair dying, video game playing, man-child.” you joke punching his shoulder. “Fine, Y/N. I’ll let you come. But only because I know you will find some way to come anyways.” he smiles pulling you into a bone crushing hug.

That was 3 weeks ago and you couldn’t have been prepared for what happened in the weeks to come. You had known the boys as long as Michael had and you all got along really well, with some more than others. Ashton treated you like a baby sister, so did Luke , but Calum… that was something different.

“Hey Y/N, come look, it’s a cat playing Jenga.” Cal calls you, patting the couch next to him. It was just you and him on the bus right now, the other boys had gone to get Nandos with Niall while you were all in England together. Both you and Cal decided not to go, you had a strange relationship, sort of like best friends but it was clear you both wanted something more, you just weren’t sure how Michael would react. Walking over to Calum you sat down and layed your head on his shoulder and looked down at his laptop, watching the little kitten surprisingly not fail at Jenga. You laugh and look up at him, both of you locking eyes before your faces slowly come together, his lips meeting yours in a quick his. You two pull away and he gauges your reaction before moving in again, this time more forcefully.

The bus door opens, but you two don’t notice until you are forcefully pulled apart by someone a lot stronger than you, opening your eyes to see your brother Michael holding Calum by his shirt collar with a lot more strength than you knew he had. “CALUM WHAT THE HELL?! THAT’S MY LITTLE SISTER!” he yells, pushing Calum against a wall. Your eyes widen, never having seen this side of Michael before. “I can explain dude! Nothing happened, I just kissed her!” “Okay I got that, but my question is WHY? And THAT IS MY LITTLE SISTER!” Finding your strength, you run and put your hands between them trying to push your other off of Calum. “Michael don’t! I like him it’s okay! It was a mutual choice and we just kissed! Nothing bad happened!” You say to your brother, hugging him. “You like him? He likes you… Why.. what.. Well. I guess that’s okay then, but if you ever hurt her, I will whoop you.” Michael says walking away, back to Luke, Ashton, and Niall who were all watching.


“Y/N Michael has a crush on you!” Your twin brother chimes, while being chased around the house by Michael. Luke had gotten his phone and started reading his messages between him and Ashton about you. This discovery really wasn’t anything new, I mean… it was painfully obvious, but Luke found it all the more funny to make the poor red haired boy suffer. “Shut the fuck up Luke! Y/N he’s lying!” they say, running endlessly around the couch before Luke finally leaps over it with his ballerina legs. Luke tosses you the phone, which you thank God for catching, because iPhones+ hardwood floors don’t make the best of friends.

“Aww so you don’t like me Clifford?” Michael sputters, out of breath from all the running and walks over to you, as you stuff the phone in your bra. “You can’t prove anything, and you think I won’t reach in there and get it?” He says, turning almost as red as his hair at the thought. “No you won’t, cause I would kick your ass.” Luke says, playfully tackling Michael to the ground. “Run to the bathroom, Lock the door and read them Y/N! Then we can both make fun of him Y/N!” Luke knew you had the biggest crush on Michael, and this was the best way for him to tell you you thought. You loved your brother and he knew how much you liked abnormal things, like a confession of love being thrust upon you through texts shown to you by your brother. You lock the door, and slide down on the floor in front of it, hearing someone struggle to get up the stairs, no doubt Luke making Michael drag him up. You unlock his phone and smile as you see the messages. She is so fucking beautiful / I just want to date her / why am I so fucking shy / ash help me ask her out / do you really think she’d go for someone like me? / I also think it would be awkward to date her cause she’s Luke’s twin / would making out with her be like making out with Luke? / Oh god why did I think of that ;-; /

1D Pref; BSM - You're adopted and he doesn't like you (Niall)


“You have got to be kidding me..” Niall grumbled, getting out of bed. 

The amount of noise that was blasting throughout your room at 9 in the morning really pissed Niall off.

“Seriously?!” Niall banged on the door, “Keep it down will you?! Some people are actually sleeping!" 

Lately you’ve been nothing but nice to Niall and he can’t seem to accept you. Being a part of his family had its up and down, a majority of it being the ups. But with Niall treating you like garbage every second was one of its down.

You opened the door to be face to face with your big brother

"Okay seriously?” You said.

“What? You’re literally being the noisiest person on the planet, just stay quiet for once, will you?!” He shouted.

“I’ve been nothing but nice to you the whole time I’ve been here. I know it’s hard to accept someone that you don’t know and then they become your sister, but I’m trying.” You replied, tears welling up. “You’re so bipolar! Last week you told me to talk more and be louder, and when I am, you tell me to stay quiet?”

Niall was quiet for a moment, not expecting you to open the door and respond to him.

“I-I’m sorry.. I’m sorry you feel that way.” Niall stuttered. “It’s just.. I have another sibling now and I’m taking advantage of that, I’m sorry.”

“You know what, it’s okay. I’ll keep it down.” You sighed, closing your door. But Niall put his foot in between the door.

“Wait!” He pushed the door open, “Can we start over? I know we didn’t have a really good start and that’s my fault. So how about I take you out for lunch so we can get to know each other?" 

"Nandos?” You asked, hopeful.

“Yes!” Niall cheered, “I’ll see you at noon." 

"Wait, where are you going?” You questioned.

“I’m going back to sleep.” Niall yelled already halfway down the hall.

“Typical.” You said rolling your eyes.

“I heard that!” Niall shouted in his room.

Already having a good start with Niall, you didn’t want to ruin it. So you blasted the music, but not too loud or else he’d kill you. 


“Oops…” You said to yourself before turning it louder, forgetting that he’d kill you during lunch.

Part 8 - Harry - He cheats on you SERIES

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And Harry’s teenager days are slowly coming to an end..

Just sayin' 


“Sophia! Y/N! Please just listen to me! It’s not what it looks like! Please LISTEN!” Harry screamed, tears running down his face. But Sophia hopped in the car, quickly sticking the key in, stuck her hand out the window for a quick second to flip off Harry, and drove away.

Present day:

Your POV: The ride to Niall’s flat was completely silent. While Sophia drove with anger and rage, I just sat in the passenger’s seat, depressed and confused. My phone was already blowing up with phone calls, voicemails, and text messages from Harry.

‘Tell her what she saw!’

What exactly was I supposed to have seen?

I let out a loud sigh. Sophia turned to look at me, sighing as well. “Once a cheater, always a cheater,” is all she said before focusing her attention back on the road. Maybe she was right.

Or maybe she was completely wrong.

In no time, we had arrived at Niall’s flat. Sophia helped me slide into my wheelchair and pushed me up to his door. I knocked on the door, while Sophia rummaged through her purse to find the keys, but by the time she stuck the key in the lock, a shirtless Niall had already opened up the door. “Oh uh…hey Y/N!” he smiled, although I knew he wasn’t so happy to see me.

“Such enthusiasm.” I smirked

He just laughed, “Sorry, I didn’t know you would be coming tonight.”

“Yeah…um…we had some issues with Harry. So she is going to be sleeping here for a few nights.” Sophia bit her lip as she pushed me into the dining room, where we saw a set of lit candles in the center of the table, with several plates of food (courtesy of Nandos) surrounding it. Niall chuckled when he saw the shock on our faces. “What? I’m romantic……….sometimes.”

“Niall…this is…beautiful.” Sophia gasped, looking around as if she had just stepped into Disney World for the first time.

“Yeah, you really outdid yourself buddy.” I told him.

“Well, what’s this about having issues with Harry?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Ugh… he –“

“Isn’t home right now.” I cut off Sophia, much to her confusion. “And…uh…silly me forgot my key.”

Niall raised an eyebrow, “Uh okay? But babe I thought you said that Y/N had to sleep over for a few nights?”

Sophia looked at me, then back at Niall, “Uh..” she stammered, “I just…misspoke. Just for tonight.” She smiled, “Well, I’m sure we’re all very hungry! Why don’t we all just sit and chow down on some Nandos?”

“Thanks Sophia, but Niall obviously went through a lot of effort to put this together. I’ll just take a shower and leave you two alone.” I said smiling at the couple.

Niall quickly shook his head, “Don’t worry about that Y/N there’s plent—“ “I’ll be okay Niall. I’m honestly not that hungry anyways.” I lied.

“Well, if that’s what you want. I’ll go take you to the shower.” Sophia said impatiently, as she quickly pushed me towards the guest bedroom, leaving her boyfriend both confused and suspicious.

When we were alone, she closed the door and slapped my shoulder. “SHIT!” I screamed trying to muffle my voice. “Is everyone okay?!” Niall called out. “NO SHE JU—“  I started but was interrupted by another slap to my neck. “We’re fine!” Sophia sweetly replied before turning around to face me. “Why the hell would you lie to Niall about Harry?”

I sighed, “I don’t know Soph, okay? I just…I’m not sure. What if he wasn’t cheating on me? What if it really was a misunderstanding or something?” Sophia just rolled her eyes and kneeled down so that she could look at me in my eyes, “Listen to me and listen to me good. Harry is no good. He cheated on you with that slut once and then he takes advantage of the fact that you weren’t home to have a quick shag session.” “Well, I mean…we weren’t dating or anything. We were just –“ “Why are you continuing to defend him?” she asked me curiously. I looked at her in shock, “I’m not! We’re all innocent until proven guilty, right?”

“Yes Judge. Now let us look at evidence A, shall we?” she asked as she looked through a dresser for some pajamas. “He cheats on you for the first time. Evidence B: he agrees with management and says that you are too clingy and that you cuss too much. Evidence C: he brings the same girl that he had in the beginning back to his flat when you’re not there, and we just happened to walk in on them making out.” She said pulling out some lingerie.  I rolled my eyes, “You’re going to give me lingerie to wear to bed?” “Hell no, this is for me for tonight.” She smirked giving me a quick wink as she set the lingerie down on the bed and continuing digging through the dresser.

“I don’t know Sophia. These last few weeks were…different.” I said, watching her turn her attention to me, “We got to know each other a little better. We shared a lot of laughs and remembered some old times we used to have together.” I sighed, not wanting to believe that he had cheated on me yet again. My friend just sighed, pulling out a pair of rainbow printed pajamas and tossing them on the bed. I’m guessing those were mine for the night. “You can figure out if this was real or a ‘misunderstanding’ tomorrow.” She said making air quotes when she said “misunderstanding.” But for tonight, just rest yourself. Okay? I’ll sneak you a plate later.”

The tears came out in the shower, as most of my tears usually did. I started asking myself questions. Who was that blonde haired girl? Did Harry want her? Why was she at his flat? Did these last few weeks mean nothing to him? And the most important question of all: Was the whole thing a misunderstanding? After about 30 minutes of standing under the hot water, I turned the handles off and unwillingly stepped out into the cold air.  I welcomed the semi-warm towel to my body. It felt good to do something for myself again. Showering was still giving me pain in my side, and the stress that Harry was putting me through was definitely adding to the pain, but at least I was able to walk.

Kind of.

I put on Sophia’s pajamas and walked out, smiling when I saw, resting on my bed, a plate wrapped in aluminum foil. There was a sticky note on it. It said: Just rest<3 Don’t think about anything tonight! Xx

If only it were that easy.

I whipped out my phone, ignoring Harry’s 43 calls, 23 voice messages, and 57 texts, and went to YouTube, finding a video that would make me laugh while I ate. Everything was good for about 30 minutes, until I eventually found my way to some of One Direction’s interview videos. It was an interview about 3 months before any of this craziness happened. I was about halfway through the video when the interviewer asked Harry how his relationship was doing. He immediately spread a wide grin on his face, “I’m guessing it’s good then?” the interviewer joked. “It’s great.” He smiled, “Not just great, amazing.” He went on and on about you two, until you just turned it off and went to go look at his texts.

Hazza: Baby PLEASE look at this

Hazza: I love you

Hazza: It’s not what you think I swear

Hazza: I know it’s hard to believe me right now, but please just trust me ok?

Hazza: she wasn’t there for sex or anything

Hazza: She was there for a different reason

Hazza: I promise

Hazza: But I don’t wanna text you about this can we meet?

Hazza: Babe?

Hazza: Helllllooo?

Hazza: I know you see this

Hazza: Come onnnn :((((( You’re killing me love

Hazza: Honestly babe you don’t know the whole story

Hazza: Please answer

Hazza: Please

Hazza: Please

Hazza: Please

Hazza: Please

Hazza: Please

Hazza: Please?

Hazza: Pretty Please?

Hazza: Pretty please with candy sprinkles on top

Hazza: ……………………

The texts went on and on about nonsense…they were sent mostly likely to make me smile.

They didn’t.

I listened to the last voicemail he sent. He seemed to be crying in the background. “I’m so sorry.” He whispered, “Baby I love you so much. I need you so bad. I need you with me….I know you’re probably over at Nialls, but I don’t want to go and bother you. Plus Sophia would probably kill me.” He said letting out a small chuckle. His voice turned serious, “I need to talk to you. Not like this…even though it would be amazing to hear your voice right now… but I need to talk to you face to face. I need to tell you what happened in there. Let me put your mind at ease. Please?…….and babe….” He sighed pausing for a while, “I’m—nevermind. I’ll just…okay…bye babe. Have a good night sleep.”

I sighed a sigh of relief. Harry’s story better be good. I was at the point where I didn’t care if his story was true or a lie. I just wanted him back. I wanted him to wrap his arms around me and promise me that none of this would never happen again. I wanted him to whisper to me that everything would be alright. I just needed something to hold on to again.

I hesitated for moment, typing a text to him. Should I send it to him? Or should I let him suffer for the night? It sounded harsh, but he’d put me through hell in just a matter of a month. I sighed, pressing send, and immediately regretting the decision.

Me: Meet me tomorrow at the park.

My phone immediately began to blow up with texts, mostly stupid ones sent to make me smile. This time, they did. All of them made me eventually fall asleep with my phone gripped tightly in my hand and a dumb smile stuck on my face.

Dreams Niall imagine

Can you do one where niall or harry wakes up with morning glory… I want it sweet, passionate and just yeah ☺️ if you can.. That’d be great ! Love youu and your blog. Xx

Sure!! I can tell by the username.. NIALL IT IS! (we both love him) Searching up google what does Morning glory is..

Oh my god. ARE YOU- OMG. Sorry. (I know what it is now.. omgg) KK here ya go! Inside of me I was like yesss! and then omg.

P.S I guess its kind of a smut. Rating, 2/5 lol. I hope thats alright love!

Loveeeee you too and love ya blog back xx


You heard a load moan. You opened your eyes. You turned around. The sunlight hitting your eyes. You squinted. But then the sun went down, so it was kind of dark. You saw Niall wasn’t having his blanket on him. The sheets by him were messy. He was sweating. His hair was all messy too.

“Y/N oh god…" 

Wet dream?

You saw a bulge on his sweatpants. Yep definitely a wet dream.

"Ugh Y/N..” he groaned. He opened his eyes, and he was panting. 

He looked at you. “Nice dream ya have there,” you giggled. “W-When did you wake up?” he asked, blushing a bit.

“Oh harder Niall! Harder!” You teased. You laughed so hard. “Stop… I can’t help it when you’re right here, in your underwear,” he complained.

Its true. Sometimes you wear sweaters and sweatpants, sometimes you wear just, underwear. You were in your underwear right now. “I just heard Y/N oh god and some stuff after that,” you laughed. 

“You ended the most best dream I ever had,” he pouted. “We could do it in real life too,” you smiled. “Seriously?” he asked.

You nodded. “Now?” he grinned. 

“At night,” you smiled. He made a face at you. You made a face back. “Your lucky I love you,” you said. 

He tackled you, then he got on top of you. You smiled and he smiled back. “Love ye too Y/N,” he kissed your lips. he began moving his hands to your hips. “Niall not now..” you blushed. “I want you so bad,” he whined. “Too bad. Get off me so I can make you food,” you laughed. He got off you and you went to the kitchen. You were grabbing the ingredients, and set them down on the counter. You felt a pair of strong arms on your waist lifting you up. “Niall!” you giggled. “I’m sorry babe, its really hard if you had a wet dream about your girl, and she’s standing right here in her underwear,” he smirked.

“Niall stop being so cute or i’ll- i’ll…” you paused. “What?” he asked pouting. Oh how you could not resist his cuteness. “Stop..” you whined. “Am I being cute?” he asked snuggling into your neck. “Niall!” you blushed. “Or what?” he asked kissing your neck. You let a quiet moan. “Stop it..” you begged. “Please Y/N..” he whined. “I have to go somewhere,” you sighed. “Where?” he asked. “A photo shoot for a magazine,” you laughed. 

“Oh well… fine,” he pouted. He took his arms off your waist and crossed his arms. You turned around and kissed his lips. He kissed back, holding your waist. He kissed you back sweet and passionately. He broke the kiss. “When do ye have to go?” he asked. “In five minutes,” you said. You saw the bulge again. “Niall what’s with you?” you laughed. He stood there. He kissed you again. He quickly played with his waistband of your panties, and then he let go. “Just a quick kiss,” he smiled. “Oh man you’re so cheeky,” you smiled. He hugged you and you hugged back. You changed clothes and left. 

“You didn’t even make me breakfast. I’ll eat ya later :) xx” message from Niall

“Don’t even start Horan,” sent to Niall

“You know how hungry I am now?” message from Niall

“Yeah yeah, i’ll go order Nandos for ya ” sent to Niall

“There its coming to our house” sent to Niall

“Thanks love, Love ya! xx I’ll save you some later ;)” message from Niall

“How nice of ya! I’ll kiss you when I get home :P” sent to Niall

“Love youuuu :)”

“Idiot,” you laughed.