..came back with another drawing of demigods.I don’t know why but I really like this miniature of Percabeth and I constantly stop at this page every time when I leaf through my sketchbook,heh.Maybe,it’s a hint that I should draw them more..probably..I don’t know

Happy Birthday,Senpai!*O* Oh..I absolutely can not write an original congratulation for You. So many good words have been said by so many people already and I’ll just join them, OK?)

P.S. If You zoom this picture You’ll can see something interesting(sorry,englishmans,but you will not understand)

This is a birthday gift for the best Captain Inspiration I’ve ever known!Dear Vika,I’m not too original so I drew u again^^ Your new characters are very cute and I hope Keiko-chan will not be very upset because her locker is empty now.Well,I wish you to stay awesome and I ask to forgive me for this thing:

Happy Birthday!:3


Help,I addicted to that drug named Haikyuu!! These two weeks were full of sketching.Here are some of them: I decided to post this set ‘cause I was doing a lot of haikyuu sketches all this time and now I have enough stuff to show you:)