Art commissions are OPEN!
Would you like anything? <:

I just wanna draw you guys some things~
It has nothing to do with moths flying from my wallet.

Send me all the necessary reference images and notes and I’ll get started! 
And don’t feel restricted by the guide, if you want something specific just ask. 


RE-DRAWN Gorillaz Competition Entry 1 (Week2)
It’s been exactly 1 year now since I entered the Gorillaz Evangelist Competition, and thanks again to those of you voted for me or shared my links that got me into the top 12, I still cannot convey how thankful I am. I thought I’d redraw the designs I submitted last year, better than letting them go to waste <:

The flat colours I first put down were really grey so I tried to add some colour, I like it but I’m not great with this sorta thing x:

Included a couple digital concept sketches in there and a line test when I tried redrawing him without pen pressure. I spent a long time trying to figure out the design before drawing it on their canvas. I was going for a sorta Bounty Hunter with a Día de Muertos mask. 

I apologize for obnoxiously long post (1/3)


RE-DRAWN Gorillaz Competition Entry 2 (Week3)
Okay, here is the second re-drawn entry from last years Gorillaz Evangelist Competition. (First submission is here.) This one was a little more free design wise, thought a little less about the ‘evangelist' concept and just had fun with it. Went for a modern Tengu, from the same universe as some other characters I have.

As for the re-draw. I got really stuck with colours. I wanted black wings and hoodie like in the sketches. But it looked like too much black. So I settled for a crazy onslaught of colour… not sure if it suits him. 

And so ends obnoxiously long post (2/3)


RE-DRAWN Gorillaz Competition Entry 3 (Week4)
Last one! The final re-drawn entry from last years Gorillaz Evangelist Competition. (First submission is here. Second is here.) This is the entry where I tried to focus on the word ‘evangelist’. (Also I wanted to draw a female this time round.) Going for white, rhinestones and a cross. My first design unfortunately looked like a design in week 3. When you see your own idea has already been done, it immediately feels like a bad idea. So I changed it to look more like a Teutonic knight which meant more detail that’s so hard to do on that browser canvas.

Aaand not to complain about colours every time. But uh… she’s meant to be totally white, which is kinda boring. I rushed it a bit because I slacked off to play Skyward Sword but uh… it now looks.. maybe… too colourful. Ah well. Also that Master Sword was sorta in the original submission, feels fitting that it’s in there now while I play(ed) Skyward Sword.

So here we end obnoxiously long post (3/3)
Thanks again, everyone! 

Spanio’s Commission
Sadi and Enver from his webcomic

I have heaps of doodles for these guys dating back to October. Every time I tried they looked awful. Finally stuck to it and got some results. The colours were tough too, but picking what you like seems to help. Since my last commission I got a job so, I haven’t had much time for this. Thought I’d crank one out before the Christmas rush.