Give me this interaction the next crossover please. I mean come on, have Sara use her charm on Supergirl nand get Kara all flustered. It’s what we deserve. And i need jealous Lena to rise for an ep

still can’t get over the fact that

when in the first chapter of ‘Who Killed Markiplier?’ it’s DAMIEN that checks to see if we’re okay in the drunk montageTM. like, THAT’S HOW MUCH HE CARES ABOUT Y/N


i am as broken as that mirror tbh crying

(also, PSA: i will never be over damien. ever. this is a part of me now. this melancholy is home.)


Presley Series

Honestly I have 64 requests rn, and their all cute af but I need more to this series myself. So here you go. Enjoy. 
(Also I’m watching football and listening to Shawn while writing so it might be complete shit)

It’s time. He’s waited long enough. He’s knows that this is what he wants to do. Their who he wants to spend the rest of his life with. 


and Presley. 

He’s on his way home from tour. Off for a year, unless something else pops up, like another album. 

But it’s time for him to be with his girls. He needs it and they need it. 

Usually it’s him surprising Presley. But this time he’s decided to surprise Y/n. He spoke to her boss, and she has a ‘meeting’ at 2.

It’s 1:45

And he’s walking up the stairs to the conference room. 

He’s slipping past her office hoping she doesn’t see him, and he’s chuckling because she’s cursing at her printer.

“Shawn?” Her boss Lindsay asks standing up from a chair in the conference room.

“Yeah that’s me.” He says extending a hand to shake. She takes it with a tight smile and shakes his hand. “Thanks for letting me do this, I wanted to surprise her this time.”

“Yeah, I may be a single heartless bitch, but I couldn’t not let this romantic moment happen.”

If she thought this was romantic, wait till she hears about tonight.

“She’s on her way.” Lindsay says looking at her watch, receiving a text from Y/n. She ducks out of the room and Shawn straightens out the bouquet of roses he’s holding. He stands next to the table by the door, so he’ll be the first thing she sees when she walks in.

Then the door handle is turning, he’s heart rate picks up and he just wants her to walk through.

“Linds, you never said what I needed to bring so I brought the normal papers to fill out.” She says in a rush, looking down at the file in her hand. “What’s the client’s name?”

“Shawn.” He speaks smoothly. 

Her head snaps up and her eyes widen.

“What? What are you?” She says, in utter shock.

“Surprise baby.” He says with a smile. He holds out his arms and she drops her file jumping into them.

She’s thanking god she wore slacks today, that way when she wraps her legs around his waist no one can see anything.

“Oh my god.” She breathes, holding him close. 

“Got you huh?” He smirks as she looks at him.

“How? I’m so confused.”

“Called Lindsay, I’m your 2 o clock appointment.”

“That makes sense now, she refused to say what the name was.”

“Surprised you didn’t figure it out.” He says grinning.

“Been a little stressed.” She says smiling.

“What?” He says setting her down. “About what?”

“Presley had this project due today that she didn’t tell me about but two days before it was due. I have my own projects to worry about, and you were in Mexico.” She says shrugging.

“Worried about me?” He teases.


“I love you.”

“I love you too.” 

He pushes her against the wall, making her gasp. He leans down and connects their lips in fiery passion. 

“That shirt looks good on you.” He grumbles as he starts kissing down her jaw to her neck. “Are you wearing my perfume?”

“Yeah, reminds me of you.” She says breathless.

“Fuck it smells so good on you.” He says pressing her against him.

“Shawn, we’re at my work.” She warns weakly. She wants to get carried away with him, wants to be like this with him.

“I know.” He says retracting a bit. 

“I’ll get off early.” She says meeting his gaze.

“Good, I’m gonna pick up Pres.” He smiles. “See if I can pawn her off on Aaliyah.” 

“Why?” She asks, so innocent.

“I need you, alone.” He says becoming dark, hungry, sexy.

“Oh yeah? Maybe see if Aaliyah can keep till late tomorrow, so we have all night and day.” She whispers, sending chills down his back.

“Fuck.” He groans, kissing her again. She’s giggling before her smart comment tumbles off her lips.

“Got you huh?” 

He grins and shakes his head. 

“Don’t mock me.”

“Too late.”

“Go back to work Slacker, I’ll pick you up at 6.” He says pulling her to him again. Hand firmly pressed against her back. Fingers running over the dimples in her back.

“Okay.” She’s losing her breath again.

“Wear something nice, but easy to take off.” He says lower.

“Okay.” She says completely gone.

“I love you.”

“I love you.” She repeats.

Then in a swift movement he’s no longer in her arms. The roses are. 

He’s walking out the door, about to leave when he says;

“Don’t let them die.” 

Winking at her and then off down the hall. 


“Daddy!” Presley screams as she sees Shawn getting out of his car. 

“Presley!” He says, turning and meeting her halfway. He picks her up and kisses her cheek. “How’s my girl?”

“So much better now that you’re home.” 

“Good.” He says walking her over to the car. Opening the back door, she squeals when she sees the daises and the stuffed elephant sitting in her car seat.

“I got you the daises, Uncle Geoff got you the elephant.”

She giggles before responding.

“Thanks Daddy.” She says kissing his cheek. He slides her gifts off her seat so she can sit in it. “Can I call Uncle Geoff and thank him?” She says as he starts to help buckle her in.

“Yeah, how about we call him when we get to the nail salon.”

“We’re going to the nail salon?” She asks excitedly.

“Yeah, gotta pamper my Princess.” He smiles, kissing her forehead.

“I’m so excited.” She cheers as he shuts her door, opening his.


“Okay, bye Uncle Geoff.” She says before handing the phone back to Shawn. He clicks the end call and watches as his little girl gets her nails painted a bright pink. 

“So I need to talk to you.” He says catching his daughters attention.


“You know that I love your Mommy so much.” He starts his speech. She nods. “And when you love someone as much as I love your Mommy, to prove to the world that you love that someone, you marry them.” He says swallowing his nerves.

“Are you and Mommy getting married?” She squeals.

“Not yet, I have to ask her first.” He says laughing at her reaction. 


“But I wanted to ask you first.” He says, making the nail artists heart explode.

“Ask away.” Presley giggles.

“Can I marry your Mommy?” He says holding out a box that holds the bracelet he bought for her.

“YES! It’s about time.” She says exaggerating.

“Good.” He says letting out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding. 

“That was the cutest thing I have ever witnessed.” The nail artist says, checking to make sure her nails are dry. 

“Thanks.” Shawn awkwardly laughs, placing the bracelet on his daughters wrist.

He pays for the nails and takes Presley to Aaliyah’s apartment.

“Aunt Aaliyah!” Presley shouts as they enter her apartment. 

Aaliyah walks out to the front, where the door is, and smiles at her brother and niece.

“Presley? Is that you? I haven’t seen you in forever.” Aaliyah says crouching down and hugging her.

“Ha, Aunt Aaliyah we had dinner the other night.” Presley giggles.

“Really?” Shawn says looking at his sister.

“Yeah met them for dinner last Saturday.” She responds with a smile.

“Awesome.” He says, liking the relationship Aaliyah, Y/n, and Presley have.

“Tonight’s the night huh?” Aaliyah says resting Presley on her hip, grinning at her brother.

“So nervous.” He says rubbing he’s sweaty palms against his jeans.

“Why? She’s gonna say yes.” 

“Don’t, you’ll jinx it.” He says warning her.

“Can I see the ring?”

“Yeah here.” He says digging into his back pocket. He’s heart stops when he doesn’t find the box. He reaches into the other pocket, praying, but sighs when his fingers touch the leather of the box.

“Thank god.” He says pulling it out.

“Thought you lost it?” Aaliyah giggles.

“Shut up, I’m so nervous.” He says opening the box. 

“It’s just the engagement ring, she’ll get a different one when we get married.” He says quickly.

“Shawn it’s so beautiful.”

“She’s gonna like it?”

“Gonna love it.” 

“It’s supposed to represent the knot. You know ‘Tying the Knot’”

“That’s super cute.” Aaliyah says handing the box back to him.

“Can I change here? I gotta go pick her up, and well we live together and it wouldn’t be a date if I went home got dressed and then,” He’s rambling, fiddling with his fingers.

“Shawn, calm down. Go change and take a breath.” Aaliyah says shoving him towards the bathroom.

He changes and stares at the ring for five minutes wondering if he got her the right one. 

“Shawn, you’re going to be late.” Aaliyah knocks on the door. He shuts the box and meets her in the hall.

“It will be alright, right?” He says looking at his sister to calm him down.

“Shawn,” She rests her hands on his shoulders. “It’s Y/n, y’all have been together for three years. Practically already married, now she’ll just wear a ring.” 

“And be called Mendes.” He says.

“That too, but Shawn. Calm down. She loves you, with all her heart, does anything for you. Just relax, and just ask. Don’t stress, just ask.”

“Okay.” He says starting to walk to the door.



“Put the ring somewhere else, she’s gonna see it.” 

“What?” He says panicking again. 

“It’s sticking out of your pocket, shes gonna check out your ass in those jeans and gonna see it.” 

“How do you know she’s gonna check out my ass?”

“All girls check out their boys’ ass when he wears pants like that.” She shrugs.

“Got experience there?”


“What?” He didn’t expect that answer.

“Go, you’re gonna be late.” She pushes him away.

He kisses Presley and she wishes him luck.

“Here Daddy.” She says putting a four leafed clover sticker on the back of his hand. “For Luck.” She smiles.

“Thanks Baby, have fun with Aunt Aaliyah. Please, not a late night.” He says, eyes flickering to his sister.

“Yeah yeah, I know it makes her cranky. Now leave.” 

“Love you too.” He says before walking out.


His heart is in his throat as he knocks on the door. 

Knocking on the door to his own apartment.

“Hey.” She smiles, fiddling with her earring.

“Whoa.” He says looking at her. 

Shes in a black dress, shows some cleavage, and ties in the back.

It’s already driving him insane. 

“Whoa yourself.” She says looking him up and down.

“Yeah, I look like shit compared to you.” He says looking down at himself.

“No you look hot as hell.” She grins. “I love when you wear jeans.” 

“Good.” He grins back. “You ready?”

“Yeah.” She says grabbing her clutch.

“You look amazing.” He says taking her hand and twirling her as they walk to his car. 

“Thank you, I try.” She giggles.

“You don’t even have to try. You kill me every time.” He says opening her door.

“What happened to ‘She’s not even drop dead gorgeous’?” She’s giggling at his face.

“I hate your puns.” He says helping her in.

“Kills you anyway though.” She says cupping his cheek.

“Mhmm.” He says leaning in and kissing her, calming his nerves for a second.


“Mendes, table for two.” He says, holding her hand, and smiling at the host. 

“Right this way.” She leads them down the row of tables to one with a candle lit and white table cloth.

“Thank you.” He says, pulling out her chair.

“Shawn, this is, too much.” She says looking around.

“No, it’s just right.” He smiles, as he sits himself.

“This is amazing. Perfect.” She smiles, and he breathes another breath. Relieved that she thinks its perfect.

They’ve ordered, eaten and now sipping wine, talking. He reaches his hand across the table and takes her hand, interlocking their fingers.

“I love you.” He says staring into her eyes.

“I love you too.” She says smiling. “What’s this?” She asks, exaiming his new sticker.

“New Tat. Like it?” He asks, smirking.

“Love it.” She giggles. “Got a meaning?”

“Yeah, to wish me luck.” He says, knowing now is the time.

“Luck for what?” She quizzes.

“For this.” He whispers, kneeling down in front of her. 

Her eyes go wide, and she gasps covering his mouth.

“Y/n.” He starts and reaches for her left hand, which she gives to him. “I love you so much, you mean everything. You are everything. I couldn’t even dream of a better woman I want to stand by my side. I want you. I want you until the end of time. I want you next to me for everything. Y/n.” He’s taking a breath.

Just ask.

“Y/n, will you marry me?” He says smoothly, some how calm right now. 

She’s smiling wide, tearing up, and nodding as he opens the box. 

“Yes, Shawn. Oh my god, yes.” She says tears dropping down her face slowly.

“Yeah?” He asks, cracking a smile.

“Yeah.” She laughs hysterical.

He smiles wide and slides the ring on her finger. It fits perfectly, it’s perfect, she’s perfect. 

“I love you so much.” She says taking him into her arms.

“I love you.” He says hugging her. 

Then his lips are on hers and he knows that his life is set, and he couldn’t be happier.

“Take me home.” She whispers. 

“As you please.” He smirks, signing the check.


She’s content, in his arms. 

She’s in nothing but the ring, but she’s content. 

He’s holding her against his chest, face buried into her neck, even breaths tickling her ear. She’s running her fingers through his curls, staring at him. 

“I love you.” She whispers, knowing that he’s asleep and won’t hear her.

She couldn’t be happier. She knew she made the right choice when he asked her out, when he asked again, and then when he asked to meet her daughter. She knew he was the one when Presley called him Dad for the first time. If she approved then she knew she chose the right one.

And man did she get the best guy out there. 

*there will be a part 2*

Pulley Logic Gates

By  Alex Gorischek

To demonstrate how computers work, he has made a physical example of how binary logic gates work using pulleys and weights. For anyone who doesn’t know much about logic gates (Wikipedia), it’s a great lesson in one of the fundamentals of circuitry. Using an old chessboard, eyelets, rings, weights, and string, Alex has designed a system that can show off all of the logic gates. This includes: NOT, BUFFER, NAND, AND, OR, NOR, XOR, XNOR. 


0 in, 1 out; 1 in, 0 out.  Whatever you put in, you don't get out.

( GIFs: via Imgur - From: by Alex Gorischek  )


If you take the not of not, you get what you put in - 0 in, 0 out, 1 in, 1 out.


Both inputs must be brought up to 1 to lower the output to 0.


If you negate the result of Nand, you get And.  Both inputs must be brought up to 1 to raise the output up to 1.


If you not both inputs, and then Nand them together, you get Or.  If either input is raised to 1, the output raises to 1.


Negate both inputs, nand them together, and negate the output.


Xor is complicated - The large weight ands the inputs together.  The medium weights negate the inputs, but are pulled up by the large one when both are 1.  When you nor those together, you get Xor.


This is comparatively simple - just negate the output of Xor, and you&

#039;re there! Source:

The principles of logic can be realized in so many systems that it makes you understand how they really are universal. All you need is something that takes an input and produces the opposite output - a NOT gate; something that take two inputs and produces an output when any one of the inputs is active - an OR gate; and something that takes two inputs and produces an output only when both inputs are active - an AND gate. Once you have AND, OR and NOT you can build any other logic gate you need. They form a universal basis for logic. You can even do better - a single NAND, i.e. a NOT AND gate, is universal. Yes, you can make any other logic gate by simply combining NAND gates.

This sounds powerful but you also need to keep in mind that you can use logic gates to build a fully functioning computer. All you need to build a computer is lots of NAND gate. Pulley Logic Gates demonstrates how a set of ropes and pulleys can be used to implement the basic gates. To understand what is going on notice that binary values correspond to zero or one as written on the board - i.e. up is 1 and down is 0. For example, you immediately get a NOT gate with a single piece of rope. When one end is up the other is down and vice versa - it is an inverter.

An introduction to Kansai-ben

When it comes to regional dialects in Japan, Kansai-ben takes the throne as the most widely-recognized form. Here’s a quick rundown of what Kansai-ben is, how to identify it, and key terms to pick up on…

(Once again, as a work-in-progress, any inputs and comments are welcome!)

What is Kansai-ben?

Kansai-ben is a series of dialects native to—you guessed it—the Kansai region of Japan, also referred to as the Kinki region (I know, ha ha). Over the years, Kansai-ben has gained national recognition and popularity through a form of Japanese comedy double acts known as “manzai” (漫才).

The six staple Kansai-ben prefectures are: Shiga, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Hyogo, and Wakayama; however, the dialect is not uncommon in other surrounding prefectures of the region.

Consider the difference between standard Japanese to Kansai-ben much like the difference between American English to UK English. It involves not only the accent, but also a myriad of phrases and vocabulary. 

BONUS: many Kansai-jin (Kansai natives) are quite proud of their dialect, especially as it’s become so popular across the country. Hearing “fake” Kansai-ben can be quite irking to native speakers, particularly if the imitation is inaccurate.

Identifying Kansai-ben

To non-native speakers, Kansai-ben may not be as easy to distinguish from standard Japanese. Put simply, Kansai-ben employs far more inflections and slurred and/or shorthand syllables, making it overall more dynamic in sound.

Types of Kansai-ben

Kansai, being a major region in Japan, has its own subsets—and with it, differing types of Kansai-ben—however, they all tend to be generalized as one regional dialect. (In fact, many non-Kansai-ben speakers can’t distinguish between the specific types.) This list will cover the Big Three: Osaka-ben, Kyoto-ben, and Kobe-ben.

Osaka-ben is the most widely recognized, and the term is often used interchangeably with Kansai-ben. (Osaka is so large, the dialect has even more subsets—but we’ll focus on the popular form for now.) Osaka-ben tends to be quite brash in tone. Some key markers of Osaka-ben are:

  • Removing conjunctives such as “wa”, “wo”, etc.
  • Adds an “re” sound to conjunctions
    • “can’t speak/talk” hanasenai→hanasarehen
    • “can’t go” ikenai→ikarehen
  • Simplifying syllables: the dialect requires less work of the tongue/lips to pronounce syllables (e.g. ”s” sounds tend to convert to “h”)
    • “excuse me” sumimasen→sunmahen or “seven” shichihichi
  • Slurs syllables: often blends/extends certain a i u e o sounds
    • “that’s right” soudesude
  • Denial “hen: the negative “nai” (ない) becomes “hen” (へん)
    • “didn’t see” mitenai→mitehen
    • “don’t mind” kamawanai→kamahen
  • Suffixes “yade”/”de”, ”yaro”, “ya”/”yan”,  “nen”/“yanen”, etc. at the end of sentences
    • “that’s right” soudayo→seyade or sou→seya
    • “Why’s that?”/”How come?” nande?→nandeyanen?
  • Prefix “do” (occasionally “da”): emphasizes the adjective
    • do-aho

A great reference for different Japanese dialects is Detective Conan’s episode 651! You can hear the victim’s last words restated in standard Japanese as well as Kansai-ben…plus you’ll hear Conan’s (very poor) attempt at speaking Kansai-ben.

Kyoto-ben (aka Kyō-kotoba) is quite similar to Osaka-ben, but has an all-round “softer” sound due to fewer inflections and simplified syllables. It’s typically regarded as more elegant and refined than Osaka-ben.

  • Simplifies syllables (similar to Osaka-ben)
    • no” (の) can be abbreviated as “n” ん
  • Uses more “a” syllables, tends to repeat vowels in conjunctions
    • “will go” ikuikaharu (Kyoto), “can’t go” ikenai→ikehen
  • Slurs or prolongs syllables: commonly employs a prolonged “u” sound
    • “beautifully” utsukushiku→utsukushuu
  • Denial “hen”: similar to Osaka-ben
  • Honorific suffix “haru
    • “to do” shiteiru (st)shiteoru (Os)shiteharu (Ky)

Renzo Shima (Blue Exorcist) and Gin Ichimaru (BLEACH) are speakers of Kyoto-ben. And of course, DC’s movie 7 (Crossroad in the Ancient Capital), set in Kyoto, has an array of characters speaking Kyoto-ben.

Kobe-ben can be considered a merge of both Osaka and Kyoto, landing comfortably in the middle. Unlike the previous two, Kobe is a city, and therefore less distinguishable as its own dialect by non-Kansai-ben speakers. 

  • Frequent use of “o” sounds/syllables
    • “to be” iru→oru
    • “whatcha doing?” nani shiteiru?→nani shitennen (Os)→nani shitoo?/nani shiton(Ko)
    • “it’s raining” ame futteiru→ame futterunename futtoo

I highly, highly recommend you watch Studio Ghibli’s “Grave of the Fireflies”—it’s a feature film set in WWII-era Kobe, and regarded as one of the greatest war films ever & guaranteed to wrench your heart out as you try to pick up on Kobe-ben…!!


YES!!! FINALLY I GOT TO SEE MEREDY AGAIN!!! Oh nand looks like she’s casting her sensory magic to help Lucy in casting Fairy Sphere.

And then it looks like everyone’s magic’s being transferred to the casting of Fairy Sphere. Like I said EVERYONE like every single character from this series made their cameo!!

Blue Pegasus ft. Anna Heartfillia, Jellal (my baby ASDFGHJKL and he’s smiling too kyaaaa!!), Quatro Cereberus (hahaha WIIIILLLDDD), 4 Kings of Ishgar (wow like so after being beaten singlehandedly by God Serena they make an appearance XD), some members of Mermaid Heel (Riley, Beth and Arcana if I’m not mistaken), Flare and the giants from the Sun Village, Princess Hisui…..

The guys from Galuna Island, Previous Element Four (so they all turned a new leaf huh?), Wally and Sho (wow the last time we saw them was from Tower of Heaven arc), Kagura, Old Ultear (OMG 😭😭😭), The Exceeds, Brandish ft. a tiny version of Dimaria…

And apparently they were able to defeat Acnologia……. 

They managed to seal the physical body with Fairy Sphere

And defeat the conscious part of him

Did Natsu just pull a Luffy stunt in there ?? XD

And then Acnologia was done for


Lastly, the dragon slayers fall off from the skies and was able to reunite with their friends

And of course a FREAKIN NALU MOMENT!! 

Well folks, next week’s chapter will be the last!!! Can you believe it?!! It’s almost over!! At least we got 48 pages of this final act!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭


So there’s been this post going around about Gaston’s line “screw your courage to the sticking place” and how it’s from Macbeth and joking about how if Gaston’s read that then he should have told Belle, would have made flirting with her easier.

And like…guys.

Macbeth was originally a play. A play to be acted. Not a book to be read.

I posit that Gaston has never read Macbeth, but saw it as a play. Think about it, some traveling actors are passing through, probably put on a show to earn the money to rest a couple days and resupply. Macbeth has magic, witches, prophecy, fighting, nand a ‘rightful king returns’ plot, so it’s probably a crowd-pleaser.

And Gaston, watching that play, does what any of us does when we hear a superbly badass line and remembers it for being so cool. He’s probably used it other times too, when he wants to sound awesome.

Logic Gates!

Not - “0 in, 1 out; 1 in, 0 out.  Whatever you put in, you don’t get out.”

Buffer - “If you take the not of not, you get what you put in - 0 in, 0 out, 1 in, 1 out.”

NAND - “Both inputs must be brought up to 1 to lower the output to 0.”

AND - “If you negate the result of Nand, you get And.  Both inputs must be brought up to 1 to raise the output up to 1.”

OR - “If you not both inputs, and then Nand them together, you get Or.  If either input is raised to 1, the output raises to 1.”

NOR - “Negate both inputs, nand them together, and negate the output.”

XOR - “Xor is complicated - The large weight ands the inputs together.  The medium weights negate the inputs, but are pulled up by the large one when both are 1.  When you nor those together, you get Xor “

XNOR - “This is comparatively simple - just negate the output of Xor, and you’re there!”

Video Source

Images and Text Stolen from Imgur!