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What are your thoughts on the aloan version of Pokemon some I think are fucking great (mr dragon coconut tree) but the meowth seems kinda stupid

I love Alolan Meowth cause it basically became so spoiled that the evolved into an entire new subspecies of assholes with smug anime faces

Alolan Exeggutor is my fav new form, and I also love surfin raichu.

I dont hate any of them, but my least favs are Vulpix nand Ninetales cause I think they couldof did more with the designs 

Hey look, kids!  It’s your shiny new Otakon 2016 playlist, fresh out of the box!

Sex Machineguns - “S.H.R.”
Death Rabbits - “Nande?”
Tempura Kidz feat. Shinsuke Nakamura - “Miira Killer”
Prof. SAKAMOTO & LeftyMonsterP (feat. GUMI) - “Bokura no Sekai ni Dance wo”
Kishidan - “Swinging Nippon Forever”
Daigo☆Stardust - “Rock the Planet”
Go Go Nana Ni San Ni Rei - “Ponpara Pecorna Papiyotta”
Yuki - “The End of Shite”
Supercar - “Be”
Halcali - Baby Blue"
Complex - “Be My Baby”
Sendai Kamotsu - “Vacuuuuuum!”
Yaen - “Fish Fight!”

Thanks for coming out to see us again this year, and be sure to catch the NEXT panel at Anime Weekend Atlanta!

On Sunday (07/08/2016), an ethnic Nande militia, the Mai-Mai Mazembe, killed at least seven civilians in the town of Kibirizi before the troops arrived, local activist Innocent Gasigwa said.

Gasigwa said the attack appeared to be revenge against the Rwandophone community in Kibirizi. Rebels from the Rwandophone Hutu ethnic group were suspected of killing at least seven civilians last month in an attack targeting the town’s Nande residents.

He said an ethnic Hutu militia, the Nyatura, had also killed a man on Sunday in the nearby town of Nyanzale who was suspected of belonging to Mai-Mai Mazembe.

Local army spokesman Captain Guillaume Djike said the attacks near Kibirizi and Nyanzale were both the work of the Nyatura and that they killed at least 11 people with firearms and machetes and burned down dozens of houses.

Hey, everyone.

I’m a fucking idiot and I want to die, because I’ve done something so mind-bogglingly stupid I would win a Darwin award no matter how I died.
I’ve lost all of my writing. All of my novels, short stories, fanfiction… I’ve absolutely lost everything.
The NAND chip in my USB snapped all the way through, and it’s extremely doubtful I will ever get my work back. Thankfully, some things are saved on iCloud, but that’s hardly fucking anything.
I’m crying my fucking eyes out as I write this. But to the point, I guess: I have lost so much hard work that it feels like a piece of my soul is missing. So, if anyone has ANYTHING I’ve sent them in regards to writing (whether it be photos of a word document, ideas I’ve typed out, or drafts I’ve submitted), I need it back. Please. For the love of whatever gods there are, please.
For anyone who wants full details on what happened to the chip and how, please ask off-anon. Yeah, it was that fucking stupid of me that I don’t even want to disclose it publicly.
As for details that I can bear to say: Every single piece of work I’ve lost was created on Microsoft Word. If anybody has any idea as to how I may recover even one of the things I’ve lost, I’d be eternally grateful and in your debt.

TL;DR: USB broke, and I’ve lost all my life’s work. If you have suggestions on how to recover the data, or I have sent anything related to my writing to you, please let me know.

Flash memory has "fingerprints": distinctive subcritical manufacturing flaws #5yrsago

Mark sez, “University researchers have developed a way to check the authenticity of NAND flash. Pegged as a method to defeat counterfeiting within the manufacturing chain, this method would allow companies within the hardware industry to verify the flash chips. And whilst analysts state that this is not likely to be something that consumers would be particularly interested in, it does bear a striking similarity to the idea behind camera fingerprinting (to marry an image to a specific source camera) - so perhaps some sort of consumer awareness of the perverse uses might be of benefit?”

Data is written and erased from NAND flash through changes in the states of each cell, which are applied by sending a voltage through the cell. If a cell is rewritten many times in a row, the voltage can bleed into an adjacent cell so much that the adjacent cell also changes its state. The order in which cells are modified prevents this from happening in normal operation, Swanson said.

In the test, the number of repetitions it takes to disturb the neighboring cell depends on the thickness of the barriers between the cells and other factors, which vary from one chip to another, Swanson said. The Program Disturb test counts the number of repetitions needed to cause the cell next door to change its state, typically hundreds or thousands. It can be run again later to see if that number matches the original result.

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Sea foam, nymph, voyage

Ergh nand you have horrible question taste <3 

Sea foam: describe your ideal summer vacation: 

tbh probably somewhere near the ocean (surprise surprise)… My standards are so low literally all I could ever want is the sea, the smell of that indescribably sandy-salty-sunscreeny smell that I associate with the beach, going 2 bed warm listening to waves crashing and waking up to birds and sunlight and freedom :)

Nymph: old fashioned or modern decor?

modern decor gives me headaches bc of the angles and the line and the harsh colours bleurrghhh old fashioned probably

Voyage: what are you favourite names?

okay call me a loser but I think the name Imogen is so pretty (Imo shut up you read nothing)

LIST: Cinemalaya 2016 Awards and Winners

Here are the winning films, actors and directors for Cinemalaya 2016:

Audience Choice Short Feature: Forever Natin by Cyrus Valdez  

Audience Choice Full Length: Tuos by Roderick Cabrido

Best Sound Full Length Feature: Tuos by Roderick Cabrido  

Best Original Music Score Full Length: Tuos by Roderick Cabrido

Best Editing Full Length Feature: Pamilya Ordinaryo by Eduardo Roy Jr.

Best Production Design Full Length: Tuos by Roderick Cabrido

Best Cinematography Full Length Feature: Tuos by Roderick Cabrido

Best Performance of a Supporting Actor Full-Length: Lou Veloso, Jun Urbano, Leo Rialp, and Nanding Josef for Hiblang Abo

Best Performance of a Supporting Actress Full-Length: Lollie Mara for Ang Bagong Pamilya ni Ponching and Elizabeth Oropesa for I America

Best Actor Full Length: Tommy Abuel for Dagsin

Best Actress Full Length: Hasmin Killip for Pamilya Ordinaryo

Best Screenplay Short Feature: Pektus by Isabel Quesada

Special Jury Prize Short Feature: Fish Out Of Water by Ramon AL Garilao

NETPAC Jury Prize Short Feature: Ang Maangas, Ang Marikit At Ang Makata by Ibarra Guballa

Best Direction Short Feature: Ramon Garilao for Fish Out Of Water

Best Film Short Feature: Pektus by Isabel Quesada

Best Screenplay Full Length: Mercury Is Mine by Jason Paul Laxamana

Special Jury Prize Full Length: Mercury Is Mine by Jason Paul Laxamana

NETPAC Jury Prize Full Length: Pamilya Ordinaryo by Eduardo Roy Jr.

Best Direction Full Length: Eduardo Roy Jr. for Pamilya Ordinaryo

Best Film Full Length: Pamilya Ordinaryo by Eduardo Roy Jr.

Js if youre an adult and you debate with me i wont pull the shitty “ur harrassing a minor!!1!!1!” trick. If i choose to debate with you or vise versa, as long as youre not actually calling me names/misgendering me/insulting me/ect then i will have a nice debate. I personally love debating as long as youre not being shitty about it. Nand to minors who get pissy bc their arguement has been torn to shreds and you pull that shitty trick: delete your fucking blog and stop acting like you can get your way bc you have a huge temper tantrum