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So how is this season going to end for Oliver Queen? (3x23 speculation)

Sometimes inspiration strikes at the randomest moments.

I was texting my best friend about the 3x22 promo and how Ray was going to show up in Nanda Parbat. She commented that Felicity did warn Ra’s she would go to war with him, so of course she’d bring all the muscle she knows. I replied back with, “Yeah, she’s bringing Diggle, the Black Canary, the Dark Archer, the Atom, and Katana with her.”

And then I stopped, looked at the list of superheroes, and I had one of those scary, exciting lightbulb moments about how season three—how episode 3x23—is going to end.

It’s probably a crazy ass theory. I might be totally off base. The evidence that I’ve compiled could just be my brain enabling my craziness. But you know what? This is Tumblr, land of the crazy ass theories, so let me share it with y'all…under the cut.

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I’M TOO EXCITED NOT TO SHARE SOMETHING. Hopefully I’ll get this finished tonight, I spent too much time at work doing nothing, and so of course I started writing because why not…

A sneak peak of what I think should happen in Nanda Parbat…

“She made the sweetest little sound in the back of her throat, and he felt her shivering under his touch again, and then the kiss grew in ferocity.

Months. Months.

How long had he dreamed about this moment, wanted it so bad he could taste it, and denied himself all the same? Watching her with Palmer, watching her move on, knowing it was exactly what she was supposed to do because she deserved so much better, knowing he had made the right choice… but still wanting her so bad that he felt like someone was skinning him alive every second he was around her without being able to touch, to smell, to hear her voice, to taste her… 

With a ragged gasp for air, Oliver broke the kiss, rasping her name against her lips and she whispered his in return, a beautiful breathless litany that left his chest feeling way too full. They were both shaking, against each other, for each other, and it was almost too much, but at the same time it wasn’t enough.”