EXO: S/O Having To Do A Sex Scene For A Film (M/F/A)

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He would be angry, and feel slightly betrayed. He loved you a lot and his protective side took over when you told him about your new role in a movie. The thought of your hands touching a man he didn’t trust blinded him with anger. He was not pleased and you cowered in the awkward hemisphere.

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Well, obviously you can see Kai’s hair is surprisingly long in this situation~ At least I don’t think he does use hair gel to spike his hair in the show, I prefer thinking it’s natural for his hair to be that crazy. :)
Aaaaand, yes, the old Sensei has decided he won’t disturb two kids there this time.

So this topic may stop here, at least for now! Seriously, anyone still interested in this topic? Just curious, I may continue this some other time anyway. Until then, let’s see what I would bring to you guys next week?


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Imagine Kris working up the courage to ask Vin Diesel to introduce him to The Rock. Kris’ main concern lies in which name to use. Dwayne Johnson? The Rock? Will he look like a square if he doesn’t use the cool title, or will he come off as a disrespectful jerk for not regarding his real name? Kris whimpers and buries his face in a throw pillow.