SOCK: Oh, Jon! You’re here.

JONATHAN: The fuck, man. I’ve been calling for you for minutes now.

JONATHAN: I brought Lil if there’s not a problem.

SOCK: Nah, not at all.

LIL: Wassup, dude.

SOCK: Hi, Lil.

SOCK: Oh! You could help with the blog!

LIL: With the what

JONATHAN: Sock has a thing where random people from I don’t know where sends him random asks and he answers them.

SOCK: Us, Jonathan, sends us. It’s our blog.

JONATHAN: Whatever.

LIL: Yeah, why not.



Mr Cameron, who left Downing Street after Britain voted to leave the EU in a referendum last year, said: “Well, there’s been a bit of a fight already.

"My children want to use it as a Wendy House, I want to use it as a book-writing room and my son also wants it as an alternative bedroom. So, quite a lot of competition.

"When it first arrived there was great excitement - who was going to spend the first night in it?

"Who won? That was my son … I wasn’t going to take him on!”

Speaking about Mr Cameron’s purchase, Mr Bennett told Sky News: “He is going to use the hut to write his new book. I don’t know what the book is about.

"He was an absolute delight. I know people talk about ‘Call Me Dave’, but he really was a delight and so was Samantha.

"She was really involved in the design of it and it was spot on. It was a fantastic design, she has certainly got an eye.

Vintage Nancy Drew [x]

On a rainy spring day, the only logical thing to do is curl up with a blanket and a yellow hardback Nancy Drew book. While the rain may be falling outdoors, the bright yellow spines bring a little bit on vintage sunshine indoors. To create a vintage inspired look inspired by the books and their bright covers, pair a cream blouse with yellow jeans, a straw hat, yellow and cream t-bar pumps, a satchel bag, and a gold polka dotted phone case. Book page earrings, a magnifying glass necklace, floral and pearl bracelets, a skeleton key ring, and a key hole ring complete the look.

It was hard to be apart from each other. 

Jonathan was in New York. Nancy was in New Jersey. Steve was in Indiana.

There was distance between the three of them. And Jonathan wondered if it left them feeling as hollow as it did for him.

He felt the absence on nights like this when they all had been too busy to keep up their tradition of weekly phone calls between the three of them. Each week, depending on the day when all of them had a free evening, they’d talk on the phone. They’d catch each other up on what was happening in their respective lives at that time.

 But this week it hadn’t happened. Nancy had a paper for one of her history classes, Steve had an exam he needed to study for, and Jonathan was free but it didn’t matter if they weren’t too. It was the first time that they’d missed, with promises of next week, but Jonathan couldn’t help the gnawing doubts that he felt. 

 Because once something fell through, it set it up to be easier to fall through again. 

 Sighing, he hugged himself closer in an attempt to soothe his nerves but it only furthered the deep unsettled feeling that had started within him. He was wearing a hoodie he’d borrowed from Steve back when they’d all started dating, coming across it again when packing and he couldn’t bear to part with it. It was something that made it feel like Steve was with him, even when he couldn’t be. As he breathed in the familiar scent of cinnamon and something reminiscent of vanilla, his heart ached. Jonathan didn’t want to pretend that Steve was holding him close. He wanted the real thing. 

Jonathan absentmindedly toyed with the gold colored band on his ring finger. It was a gift from Nancy, herself and Steve having identical ones. 

 She had given it to him the night of their graduation ceremony. Nancy’s gentle fingers wove through his hair as the three of them laid tangled up. Steve’s arm lazily draped over his waist. Relishing in the moment and the warmth of each other. The rings were a symbol, of commitment and of comfort. Promise rings. 

 They still had months until the semester was over, until Nancy and Jonathan could return to Hawkins for the summer break. Jonathan felt immense comfort that Steve had chosen a school in Indiana, because he went back home nearly every other weekend and always spent a day with Will when he did. Someone was around to check on Will, to fill the role of older brother when he couldn’t and he was grateful.

 Will adored Steve. Steve adored Will. It was a very good deal for both of them.

(Not to mention, he’d always bring something of his school to him. Will had at least 3 different jackets with Purdue’s colors and emblems on them. A backpack. And countless other items that Jonathan had lost the count of long ago.) Nancy had sent Will a package consisting of Princeton memorabilia on his birthday, insisting that he’d look arguably cooler in it then in Steve’s stuff.

 Jonathan had received a phone call from Will following the arrival of the gift, with the message of, “Your girlfriend and boyfriend are fighting over me." 

 Steve also helped Joyce around the house when he visited. Offering to get groceries, to stay with Will until she got home from working a late shift. He was a very welcomed presence in the Byers’ home regardless of if Jonathan was there or not. Mike however, to Nancy’s dismay, was still icy towards Steve. To him, he was still ‘that douche bag- Steve Harrington’ and it’d take a long time for him to see it any other way. Steve was hurt but he understood. 

 Mike accepted Jonathan right away, simply because as long as Mike had known Will, he’d known Jonathan too. He was protective of his sister, which Jonathan understood completely, they had trust in each other to protect what was important to them when the other could not. Mike protected Will. Jonathan protected Nancy. Everything was warm between them. 

He also knew Mike wore the NYU hoodie that Jonathan had sent him for his birthday, as a way to poke fun at Steve when he visited. He tried not to laugh whenever Steve grumbled about it. 

 His heart felt warmer as he recalled how his family and his partners got along. Family was a priority to him, and he loved that the two blended so well together. He longed to be back in Hawkins. To be with his family, to be with his partners. 

NYU was great and he was happy to be here, but he was without a doubt homesick. 

 Not for a place but for the people who were home for him.

My final project in my Natural Science class is to write a paper about the disappearance of Amelia Earhart using the scientific method and WOW THIS CLASS WOULD HAVE BEEN SO FUN WITH JOE AND FRANK HARDY

- Joe Hardy understanding conspiracies logically being fake but choosing to believe them anyway

- Frank analyzing every topic like Bigfoot, DB Cooper, twin telepathy, if animals can predict earthquakes, who built the pyramids, etc. until his mind hurts

- Joe drawing doodles of the Loch Ness monster and Bigfoot in his class notes

- Joe thinking up elaborate explanations to defend the possibility of conspiracy theories

- Frank caving into conspiracy theories for the fun of it

- Frank giving his final presentation in front of the class slightly dressed up for confidence (nice sweater or nice button down, maybe jacket with those professor elbow patches?)

- Joe having a fun time presenting his topic with a fun slideshow (probably something to do with aliens?)

Idk guys, college Frank and Joe sound great