nancy's mysterious letter


Recipe Number 56 - Nancy’s Tomato Salad 

“Nancy’s Tomato Salad” is a simple recipe Nancy throws together while helping Hannah around the house in book 8. Hannah and Nancy are waiting for Carson to come home so they can discuss the latest mysteries. 

This is another easy, healthy recipe that anyone could manage. It does require an hour of marination so it takes longer than you might guess but prep only takes about 5-10 minutes. It includes a homemade, vinaigrette dressing that soaks into the tomatoes and brings out their fresh, crisp taste. Then it is topped off with creamy, crumbled cheese. Deeeelicious!

I used goat cheese instead of cottage cheese but I think they’re the same or almost the same thing? I’m sure my savvy followers will let me know :) 

(Edit: Ok. Followers informing me that goat cheese and cottage cheese are completely different. My bad, I’m sorry! I’ll try to be more accurate with my recipes in the future.)

8-Nancy's Mysterious Letter

What’s supposed to happen: Nancy finds Nancy Smith Drew to give her a letter.

What actually happens: Nancy finds Nancy S. Drew and stops her from marrying a villain! Also she is useless about missing mail.

  • 10 days from start to finish
  • It’s mentioned that Nancy, Bess, and George are returning from Red Gate Farm; hooray for continuity!
  • Why doesNancythink she is above the law? In this case she invited the mailman in (apparently against the law?) and she says that the postmaster should make an exception and he does. -.-
  • So,Nancyis supposed to be finding missing mail yet she never does because the post office finds it first O.o
  • There’s a whole chapter dedicated to a football game (American football that is) and it’s really boring. I don’t care much for sports, though so that could be why.
  • N. S. Drew was governess of a family calledWilson. A huge coincidence happens that young Miss Wilson is dating one of the guys on Emerson’s football team. Naturally,Nancyuses this never-again-mentioned friend to find Miss Drew.

Nancy’s Mysterious Letter (Nancy Drew #8), 1932. Carolyn Keene. Illustrated by Russell Tandy. Grosset & Dunlap. First edition. Original dust jacket.

When the Drew’s mail is stolen, this puts their letter carrier in a bind. An inheritance meant for a Nancy Smith Drew, is mentioned in a letter mistakenly sent to Nancy. Nancy’s search for the other Nancy Drew and the thief of the Drew’s mail leads to the discovery of a thief trying to steal the heart of Ms. Smith Drew’s inheritance!