nancy wilde

Fall in Together

When Steve Harrington opened his door at 9 PM Wednesday night, the last thing he expected to greet him was the anxious face of his girlfriend’s little brother.

“Steve!” Mike exclaimed.  Steve kept frowning, looking around at the other kids standing behind Mike.  Lucas and Dustin were there, along with that new girl that Steve knew to be Billy’s sister Max.  The youngest Byers was nowhere in sight, but Steve wasn’t very surprised by that.  They all looked nervous, staring at him with wide eyes and harried expressions.  “Is Nancy here?”

Steve’s frown only deepened.  “No, I haven’t seen her since school,” he answered slowly.  Their faces all fell, and Mike looked terrified.  “Mike, what’s going on?”

Mike met his eyes and with a sinking stomach, Steve guessed the words he was going to say right before he said them.  “It’s Nancy.  She’s gone.”

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Signs as Emma Roberts characters

Madison Montgomery (AHS Coven): Libra, Taurus

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Chanel Oberlin (Scream Queens):   Aries, Cancer

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Jill Roberts (Scream 4): Pisces,  Aquarius 

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Nancy Drew (Nancy Drew): Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo

Poppy (Wild Child): Leo, Capricorn, Scorpio

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I swear Emma Roberts and Dylan O'Brien are slowly taking over Hollywood

And I’m totally okay with it