nancy stalks

Stranger Things high school football AU

I’m doing this in bullet-point format bc I don’t have the energy to write a full fic but I need it to exist in some form

  • Nancy and Jonathan are on the school newspaper
  • Jonathan is a photographer, Nancy writes
  • They’re best buds and work on articles together all the time
  • Somehow they always get stuck doing the football team stories
  • “Jonathan why are we here, this is like the third article we’ve had to do on the football team this week”
  • “Nothing happens in this town Nance. Plus everyone loves some good old red-blooded football”
  • They spend a lot of time hanging around the field, so they start to get to know some of the players pretty well
  • One in particular catches Nancy’s eye
  • Number 26. Wide receiver. A very good one. Sticky hands. Cute butt
  • Not that Nancy’s been looking
  • She’s totally been looking
  • “Why do you think #26 never takes his helmet off?”
  • Jonathan shrugs. “Idk, maybe he gets really bad helmet hair and doesn’t want anyone to see”
  • Nancy shoves him. He laughs
  • She thinks #26 would have cute hair. Not that she’s thought about it much
  • She totally has
  • They also get to know the other kids that hang around under the bleachers. Bad boys and stoners, mostly
  • One in particular takes an interest in Nancy
  • Steve Harrington. One of the coolest guys in school
  • She likes the attention. The thrill of dating a super popular “bad boy”
  • He takes her to parties, gives her her first taste of beer
  • At the same time, Nancy still tries to focus on her studies
  • When she’s not busy at the football field or with Steve, she spends most of her time in the library
  • She always sits at the same table, across from a redhead with short hair and large glasses
  • Eventually, Nancy strikes up a conversation with Barb, as the girl introduces herself
  • After that, they talk all the time, and quickly become friends
  • “You’d like her, Jonathan, she’s so nice and funny and smart. She’s in all advanced classes and she seems to know everything there is to know about history”
  • “She seems great. You should invite her to Homecoming on Friday”
  • “Yeah okay” The thought creates a warm feeling in her chest
  • But when she asks, Barb blushes scarlet and stammers, “Sorry, I have to, uh, do something then”
  • Nancy’s more disappointed than she expected
  • She ends up going with Jonathan, his camera, and her little journalism notebook. Might as well get some material for an article
  • She can’t stop watching #26, which is fine, bc he plays a great game
  • At halftime, Steve finds her and draws her under the bleachers to make out
  • Nancy doesn’t like it. He tastes like smoke and he gets way too handsy, even when she tells him to back off. She breaks it off with him
  • She decides that instead she’s gonna do something about that crush on a certain wide receiver that never really went away
  • #26 gives her the perfect opportunity when he catches a 20-yard pass for the winning touchdown
  • Nancy convinces Jonathan to wait outside and stations herself by the locker rooms after the game, notebook at the ready
  • The entire team streams in, whooping and cheering, and she’s afraid she’s somehow missed him
  • But then she spots him coming down the hall
  • She’s about to call out, but then he pulls off his helmet, and Nancy realizes she’s made a huge misconception about him
  • Or rather - her
  • “BARB?!”
  • Barb stops stock-still in the middle of the hall. Her sweaty ginger hair is tousled from her helmet. It is cute
  • “N- Nancy!”
  • Nancy stalks over, grabs Barb by the hand, drags her around the corner out of sight
  • And lays a kiss right on her
  • Barb’s brain appears to short circuit. “Wh- whuh…?”
  • “I’ve had 2 separate crushes on you, you know” Nancy tells her with a grin
  • Barb’s answering smile could light up the Upside-Down
  • The end

Frank had been classified as “missing” for two months, having disappeared during a case with no rhyme or reason. The eco-terrorist group they had gone after denied having any involvement in his disappearance and there was nothing connecting them to it. So missing it was.

And for good reason. Frank walked down the sidewalk, his jacket hood pulled up to hide his face. His gum ached where his newly acquired fangs were pushing against them. He could practically taste the blood of the man stalking Nancy at a distance already but he couldn’t afford to lose control of himself. He had to time this perfectly or everything could go wrong.

On one hand he shouldn’t have come back to River Heights to check on Nancy, but he was worried. He knew that she might be in danger, if what he heard through the grapevine was true. And now some menacing man was following her through the streets, and whether she knew it or not, there might not be a chance for her to defend herself.

Within a few minutes, the man managed to corner Nancy alone in an alley, already pulling out a knife. Through the dim light, Frank could see her eyes widen and her mouth opened to let out a scream she’d never be able to emit in time before the blade could reach her.

In a flash, Frank shot out, seizing the man’s wrist and dislocating his shoulder in one swift move. The man let out a strangled gasp before Frank yanked his head back so he could use his fangs to rip the man’s artery wide open, dropping the large bulky body to the ground as he bled out in seconds.

Nancy looked like a deer caught in headlights and Frank knew that once she got over her shock at seeing him again he was going to get a very long lecture and maybe a slap to the face.

“Hey Nancy,” he said. “It’s good to see you again.”