nancy stalks

Player Player (Jungkook)

High School AU

Summary: Ay, playboy, Jeon Jungkook, he’s called. And so the question remained, would you actually remain friends with the boy, even after catching unknown feelings?


“Babe, I can explain-”

The sound echoed in the hallways as Jungkook clutched his right palm to his cheek.
Several murmurs of ‘ooh’ and ‘ouch’ were heard as you struggled to restrain from giggling. This attempt was noticed, however, as Hoseok, Taehyung and you had your hands over your mouths with smiling eyes and Namjoon snickered at you.
The offender, Jungkook’s latest fling, Nancy, stalked off with her head held high. The second she’d gone, the six boys and you roared with laughter.

Jungkook walked over with a sheepish grin.
“Yeah yeah, my love life is quite the entertainment for you, I understand.”
“Love life? You sure you don’t mean your physically assaulted by women life?” Yoongi went and Jin grinned.
Huffing a breath, Jungkook put his muscular arm around you and pulled you to his side, scowling at the boys.
“At least Y/N’s nice.”
You stretched your fingers and wiggled it at him,
“Just wait until they hit your face too, Jeon, then let’s see you rephrase that to 'Y/N is perfectly badass, thank you.’”

“Sure, how badass. Now will this bad, bad girl do the pleasure of accompanying me to the clinic?” He asked, already steering you away from the boys.
“I see sparks!” Taehyung hollered from behind.

You rolled your eyes at his crazy theories of Jungkook falling in love with you. Although, you might have a school girl crush on the boy, you’d never admit it. You assumed it would go away. You were never one to fall for a playboy.
You walked in silence until you reached the clinic.
“Nurse hotpants isn’t here!” Jungkook pouted. Hitting him upside down on the head you said, “ Stop calling her that kookie.”

Rolling your eyes at him sticking his tongue out at you, you gripped his shoulders and pushed him so he was sitting on the bed.
“What’s this? Are you finall-”
“Shut up.” You hit his arm at his suggestive smirk. “I work here in the free periods, remember?” You said.
He hummed in response and watched as you bustled around gathering bandages and a hot pack. Well aware of his eyes on you, you walked to him with the supplies while saying “This is your sixth slap in the last five hours, Jeon-”
You gasped when he suddenly put his hands around your waist and pulled you forward.
“Just apply the stupid ointment or whatever.”

Your flustered form quickly put the ice pack over his bruised cheek, almost hitting the spot.
“Y/N!” He hissed in pain.
“Sorry. I’m sorry.”
Putting his hand over yours, he adjusted the pack under you so it was sitting comfortably on his cheek with your hand’s help.
“So clumsy.” He muttered and dropped his hand to your waist, holding you in place.
“I will punch you on your bruise Jungkook.” You threatened.
“How badass.”
“That’s the point Jeon.” You smirked.
A few moments passed in silence as you concentrated only on his cheek, not wanting to meet his eyes. You shuffled to get the bandages.

As you tried to put them on, you said “You know Jungkook, you should really stop breaking girls hearts, or they’re going to break your cheekbones and that would be a shame. You have insanely attractive cheek-” Your voice dropped to a whisper as you realized you’d been rambling. In your defence, it was having Jungkook so close, “-bones.” You finished, wanting to punch yourself.

“What was that, Y/N?” He grinned and leaned down. This time, your breath caught at the action.
“Did I hear you say-” He moved so his lips were less than a centimeter away from your right cheek, near your ear. “I had insanely attractive cheekbones?” he’d had his mouth hovering over your ear and nibbled on it at the end of his sentence. You squealed at the tickling sensation the movement brought and pushed Jungkook away, blaring red.

When he raised an amused eyebrow, you huffed and walked away, hoping he hadn’t noticed your ability to turn into a tomato at the slightest contact.
“Are you blushing, Y/N?” He noticed.
“What? Me? NO. Of course not. Psshhht. Y/N never blushes.”
You heard him snicker and kicked yourself a thousand times in your head.

You were saved from further embarrassment, thanks to the nurse, Ms.Jade walking in at the moment. Breathing a sigh of relief, you were about to speak but she was first.
“Oh, it’s you two. The girl was strong this time again, was she Jeon?”
Before he could respond, she talked again,
“Wait, Y/N, are you sick?”
“No?” You said puzzled as to why she even doubted your health.
“You must be running a temperature Y/N, what else could make you so red?”
You internally facepalmed, sure of your fate being a bitch. Jungkook burst out laughing.
He got up and walked over to you, still chortling. “Well Ms. J, we should get going.” And he dragged you out, snickering at you and saying something along the lines of “not blushing, sure.” to which you knocked him upside down on the head,muttering a “you’re talking to a badass, kid, you better be careful with what you say.”
He threw his head back in laughter again, and you smiled unconsciously at the sight, the nurse’s question wholly answered by the boy for whom you felt loads of affection, Jeon Jungkook.

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you realize that nancy literally stalked and harassed and killed people, threatened to murder sarah if she left, manipulated her and gaslighted her so many times, and in the end she literally tried to murder sarah, slit sarah's wrists, and tricked her into believing that her parents were killed on a plane crash, and she even tried to manipulate her even further by pretending to be sorry before she tried to stab her to death in the name of gaining power. if that's not abuse, you're ridiculous.

I feel like you dont have a lot of real problems