nancy spungen

On This Day - Feb. 2, 1979

Punk rocker Sid Vicious is found dead of a heroin overdose. He was only twenty one years old.

Famous for his sneering performances and tortured romance with Nancy Spungen, the former Sex Pistol succumbed to a massive overdose and died while awaiting trial for Nancy’s supposed murder; several months earlier she had been found dead in a hotel bathroom, her abdomen peppered with stab wounds. Vicious had been staying with her in the same room, and the two had consumed copious amounts of drugs the night before. He claimed to have not remembered stabbing Nancy and denied killing her. When his body was discovered, his mother also found an apparent suicide note, which read “bury me next to my baby”.


Best Couples*

Elvis & Priscilla

Sid & Nancy

John & Yoko

Katy & Russell 

Angelina & Brad

Johnny & Winona

Bonnie & Clyde

Kurt & Courtney

Marilyn & Dita

Amy & Blake


Sid didn’t have any normal, ordinary relationships, and I think the sex part overtook him. I always saw him as being the child to Nancy as mum. She was one of those doting people, and he had never had that in his life.“ - Pamela Rooke

When they were together he was like a kitten, but without her he would go crazy.” - Dennis Morris

You were my little baby girl

And I knew all your fears

Such joy to hold you in my arms

And kiss away your tears

But now you’re gone

There’s only pain

And nothing I can do

And I don’t want to live this life

If I can’t live for you.“ - Sid Vicious’ poem, ‘Nancy’