nancy rohde

As a stylist for Dries, you’re working with clothes made using incredible techniques that are rarely found any more. He loves colours, prints, embroidery and weaving, so you get such rich material to play with. Even when he tries to do a plain collection, there’s such a wealth of texture and colour involved. I admire his utter dedication to what he does. So many other designers become successful, go to the right parties, and leave their assistants behind to do the collections. Whereas Dries is there every day working with the team, which means they become totally involved. And that kind of commitment and vision is very unusual at his level. That’s why he got such a loyal team, who work so hard for him, because he’s committed, too. Maybe because he’s still independent, he has that purity of vision, it’s 100% with him.
—   Nancy Rohde on Dries Van Noten