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Nancy had bought her food and was sitting at a round table waiting for him. When he carried his food over there, he noticed that no others were sitting at this table, yet the other tables were crowded. ‘I think things are very well organized here,’ Nancy said quietly as she ate. She was satisfied. Jose thought, he and Nancy were becoming more and more distant from one another. Still no one had joined them by the time they finished eating. Everyone else was crushed together, and many people even stood as they ate. The director and the two of them were isolated in this canteen.

Frontier by Can Xue (残雪), née Deng Xiaohua (邓小华). 2017. 

Avant-garde fiction writer and literary critic Can Xue is famous for her abstract, unconventional narrative form. Blurring the demarcations between dream-like imagination and reality, she treats each story as a self-experiment, implanting herself at the core of each twisting tale. After Can Xue’s gender was revealed to critics, it became evident that her subversive tone made them uncomfortable, with one male critic going as far as to label her “certifiably insane.” Can Xue’s critical writing has addressed many renowned creators, from Dante and Shakespeare to Borges and Goethe. Her work has greatly served to advance literary momentum in China, and several of her books have been translated into multiple languages. 

Frontier is Can Xue’s newest creation. The ambiguously located Pebble Town and its enigmatic Design Institute draw eclectic individuals seeking a sense of belonging and home. The town’s unpredictable magic seizes and shakes. Its inhabitants experience vivid hallucinations. The area is overrun by wild animals. In the midst of Pebble Town’s anomalies, Can Xue starts and stops different narratives. Each chapter is dedicated to one or more of about a dozen characters, none of whom have a clear story arc or conventionally resolved endings. The intricate tangle of relationships, the aberrance of the setting, and the short, terse language: Can Xue truly weaves a novel deviating from traditional storytelling that reads like both wonder and surrender. 

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I had a bad idea for an old meme and my friend had access to MS Paint.



I headcanon that Sasuke might be somewhat of a jumpy person, in his later pre-teen to teen years. Jumpiness and hypervigilance are both common effects of PTSD, so is anxiety, so I can imagine Sasuke getting a little jumpier after the massacre and the more things progress. He flinches when someone moves too fast near him, he starts at the sound of thunder, he jumps whenever a crash or other loud sound resounds near him. It’s an integrated part of his personality that he doesn’t notice since it’s been that way as long as he can remember. He only notices when people point it out in such a mocking manner. Statements such as “Haha, what’s the matter, you scared?” or “Would you fuckin’ relax, I’m not even doing anything!” are among some of the things Sasuke’s heard. 

When he’s at home, after several years without any place to call home, Sasuke thinks the habit might be gone. He has no reason to jump, to feel nervous. He’s now an adult (if eighteen is an adult, he doesn’t feel any different from being seventeen) and out of the clutches of his childhood. He’s past it. It isn’t until Naruto happens to slam a cabinet door a little too loud that the old habit rears its ugly head, and Sasuke jumps as the sound jars through him. His eyes close and he prepares for the biting, albeit harmless comment he’s sure Naruto has brimming at his lips. But instead, Sasuke feels a gentle hand resting reassuringly on his shoulder.

“Hey, it’s okay. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” 

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Because I’m bored and desperate for new content, here’s a closer look at Nancy’s photo board

  • First off, the production team loves using actual pictures of the actors (like the baby picture of Charlie in the Byers’ house) and it makes me so happy that all of these photos are actually Natalia.  The one of her on the beach is from the same trip that her instagram profile picture was taken, which I find adorable.
  • In the top left corner, there’s a picture of her trick-or-treating as a bunny rabbit, which is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen (and we better get to see Nancy in a Halloween costume this year, that’s all I’m saying)
  • Bottom center is a picture of her in a dance leotard, confirming that Nancy definitely participated in all those recitals as a kid
  • In the righthand side of the screen there’s a photo that I’m pretty confident is of Ted and possibly his relatives and it’s super cute that she has a picture of her parents on her wall
  • The patch that says “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem” which is just such a Nancy saying I love it (Steve definitely gets her a pin later that says “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate” and she wears it constantly)
  • And finally, the note tucked behind that baby photo.  If you zoom in you can read the end, and I’m pretty sure it reads: “Again, thanks for a weekend that is not likely to be forgotten. -Barbara.”  Not only is that the sweetest thing ever, but the fact that Nancy pinned it to her bulletin board… wow.