nancy hathaway

My FBAWTFT genderswap headcanon.

Felicity Jones as Nancy Scamander.

Diego Luna as Patrick “Trick” Goldstein.

Chris Evans as Queentin Goldstein.

Melissa McCarthy as Janeth Kowalski.

Lena Headey as Persephone Graves

Emily Rudd as Cadence Barebone

Gwendoline Christie as Gallya Grindelwald

Hollan Roden as Thea Scamander

Michael Ealy as Seraphim Picquery

Anne Hathaway as Miss Abernathy.

Of all the Olympian gods, Hermes had the most interesting post-Hellenic career. While other immortals were slowly relegated to the worlds of art, literature, and civic sculpture, Hermes was reinvented, given an expanded persona with its own genealogy, accomplishments, and historical reality.  All this happened because in the fifth century BCE Herodotus identified Hermes, the Greek messenger of the gods, with Thoth, the Egyptian scribe god of writing. Gradually the two gods adhered to each other. The identification became official in 196 BCE when the priests of Rosetta decreed that Thoth and Hermes were one and the same. After that, distinctions between Thoth, Hermes, and Mercury (the Roman version of Hermes) blurred, and the names Hermes and Thoth melded together to produce a new and amazing figure: Hermes Trismegistus whose literary output was to figure not only in Hellenistic philosophy and religion but also in medieval alchemy, magic, and astrology.
—  Nancy Hathaway, The Friendly Guide to Mythology
Although we don’t think of Hermes as especially sexual, he was a fertility god, responsible for the well-being of the animals under his domain. He had many dalliances but, because he lived on the boundary, he was perceived as bisexual and is sometimes said to have invented the art of masturbation. (Robert Graves suggests that his rapid growth on the day he was born represents “Homer’s playful obscenity.”)
—  Nancy Hathaway, The Friendly Guide to Mythology

One of the things that I admire about my character is her very carefully curated wardrobe. Every piece that she has works with at least three different outfits.

It was the motivation I needed to look at some of my own purchases and say ‘Yes, a Céline sweater is incredibly expensive, but it’s worth the investment if you can do it.

-Anne Hathaway on her character Jules in The Intern


A male director can have a series of failures and still get hired. Sometimes movies don’t work, and I feel like if it stars a woman or is directed by a woman, the wheels can’t fall off the train. If this movie directed by a woman does well and this movie directed by a woman does well and then one doesn’t, it’s ‘oh, people don’t like movies directed by women.’

Anne Hathaway directed by women filmography:

Havoc dir. Barbara Kopple (2005)
One Day dir. Lone Scherfig (2011)
Song One dir. Kate Barker-Froyland (2014)
The Intern dir. Nancy Meyers (2015)