nancy drew mystery

Come to think of it... a lot of great stories from our childhoods would make excellent tv shows!

A To Z Mysteries…

The Bailey School Kids

(This is a bit old buuut) Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys

On the same “mystery” line maybe like idk more Scooby Doo??? Or this mystery series I adored called the Three Detectives (I think that’s what it was called)

LIVE ACTION MAGIC SCHOOL BUS (okay maybe not live action but updated animation would be nice)

The Secrets of Droon


ANIMAL ARK. Mmkay I’m getting a bit carried away but seriously I’d be so delighted if Animal Ark was brought back.

Uhhhh idk what else???


Ransom of the Seven Ships

Dwayne Powers
Your return was unexpected, but underwhelming. You weren’t very memorable in your first appearance. Your second was memorable only in its secondhand embarrassment. Who else were we supposed to suspect? Coucou? George?
You will never replace Loulou and I hate you for needing so many damn loquats.
El Toro

George’s appearance in this one was… mm. It was okay. I like her later appearances better. She needs to give off more lesbian vibe, mhm?