nancy drew mystery

Frank (Ian Alexander) and Josie (Rowan Blanchard) are the only new kids in their freshman class, and quickly become best friends, bonding over their shared fascination with everything mystery related - Frank has done extensive research about famous unsolved cases for his tumblr blog, and Josie is an aspiring crime novelist, with a large collection of Agatha Christie books. With the help of their english teacher, Mr. Aoki (George Takei), they form a mystery club, but only one other student joins - a junior, Nancy (Amandla Stenberg). At first, the only mysteries they have to solve are things from Encyclopedia Brown novels. But when one of their classmates goes missing, and the club finds themselves caught up in it, they find that real mysteries are much more complicated than they could have imagined.

“Stay sleuthy” honestly shut the hell up Her????? we are being more sluethy than ever tryna find out wtf is up with u?? is this a real life Nancy drew mystery?? Figure out why ___ is being so dodgy, firing people, not getting work done??? Is this what this is?? Is this the game???????

reasons you should pick up gotham academy

so i’ve been getting a lot of people asking me whether or not gotham academy is the worth the money. and i get it. comics are expensive. but this one is worth it i promise. you should get it because:

  • teenage girls that actually look like teenage girls
  • if you like scooby doo or nancy drew or fun kid mysteries like that
  • several non-white protagonists
  • most of whom are girls
  • olive is great. she’s the first young protagonist who doesn’t like batman, because of what happened over the summer, and she could honestly go either way at the mo in the hero/villain department
  • also she can start FIRES
  • it’s also got a really heartfelt side in that this is a girl recovering from her mother’s death and then having her world torn apart again when she realizes that her mom’s not only alive but a SUPER-VILLAIN
  • also maps. maps is a great character. there are few characters in comics that make me laugh out loud but maps is one of them.
  • if you’re a killer croc fan and like seeing him being portrayed sympathetically then you will like issue 5/6. it’s the best written croc’s been in years imo
  • also if you’re a fan of damian wayne issue 7 is probably right up your alley
  • also it’s so much FUN. dc likes its dark and gritty, which is okay for a short while, but this is so far from that. it’s not about the DOOM OF GOTHAM it’s about these young kids growing up, being friends and exploring mysteries in their school/city
  • it’s off the wall at times but in a good way. there’s an issue where clayface battles the school’s drama teacher in a actor vs actor verbal battle. and then they defeat him with a water hose. that kind of 1966 batman stuff that makes gotham academy all that more special
  • they don’t have an lgbt+ lead yet however the creative team have said they are actively trying to work one into the upcoming issues.
  • the upcoming issues will also branch out into gotham some more. maps and olive will go exploring in gotham pretty soon and also have to go to arkham asylum to rescue one of their friends. that premise alone excites me so much

@twomillionfreckles tagged me to post 9 characters I’m like. It’s sad that I’ve had this list ready in my head for months (with one addition).

I just want y’all to know two things: 

1) I’M NOT A F//RRY I SWEAR piglet is just a cool lil dude
2) I’m not gonna go blow up a Chantry any time soon, I just really like Anders woops

names and where they’re from are in the captions

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Do you think Nancy was a fan of the Nancy Drew mysteries when she was younger? Do you think she ever pretended that she was Nancy DREW instead of Nancy WHEELER and went around trying to solve mysteries that she herself made up? Do you think she’d rope Jonathan Byers into playing with her whenever Will came over to play with Mike and Lucas because none of her girlfriends were interested and she hadn’t met Barb yet and wouldn’t until eighth grade?

Do you think they both thought about this the entire time they were monster-hunting but neither of them mentioned it because it was just a silly kid’s game and both were sure the other had forgotten all about it by now?

Do you think they were both completely wrong about that?

‘cause I do…

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: It has been approximately 8 years since I first played Her Interactive's Nancy Drew: White Wolf of Icicle Creek (2007) and I still have not completed it because I could not win Fox and Geese. I will never experience the glory of catching the culprit, learning how he/she carried out the crime, and feeling the rush of finishing a classic Nancy Drew point and click mystery game. I cannot even try to replay the game, because I do not have access to a working PC that will run it. Quite frankly, I probably couldn't win Fox and Geese anyways. Bill Kessler has ruined my life.

What would happen if everyone’s favorite pop star moonlighted as a detective?

Artist Kitty Curran and writer Larissa Zageris have teamed up to realize their vision of Taylor Swift as an old-fashioned gumshoe — with bestie Lorde as her “colleague in crushing it.” Taylor Swift, Girl Detective is a graphic novel that nods to vintage detective thrillers like the Nancy Drew series, along with Taylor Swift’s own patented brand of girlsquad sass.

The first book in the series, The Secrets of the Starbucks Lovers, chronicles “the case of a struggling actress receiving threatening messages on her skinny mochas.” Taylor and Lorde are determined to get to the bottom of the mystery — you can bet they won’t just tell the victim to “shake it off.” 

Grab a magnifying glass and follow along here!