nancy drew got

  • Me: I don't mean to brag, but I'm a pretty hardcore gamer
  • Me: *pulls out 18 Nancy Drew game disks*

i get that no one likes bill kessler from ice but come on just imagine for a moment that he’s a widower and lost his wife like five years ago (and they got married at the lodge right before his grandmother sold it!!!!) and just comes to the lodge to relive his childhood and go ice fishing and listen to their wedding song on his shitty radio and play some old game with some weird kid that he just met and pretend he’s not falling apart at the seams

WAC valedictorian thing

OKAY so as a person that had to apply to a multitude of colleges this year (and thank goodness get into one even though I’ve been homeschooled and gone to three other schools for high school), the way these girls are talking about getting into colleges, they better have the best damn applications these schools have ever seen.  I am replaying the game right now and Izzy just says “I’m going to be valedictorian.  And then I’m going to Harvard.” (that might not be word for word but that’s pretty close)  But Izzy girl no.  You better have your writing supplement in and an absolutely stellar, upheld grade point average.  Your SAT and your subject tests and your ACT scores must be higher than anybody else and, even if you do get valedictorian, you have to pray to whatever god you believe in or wish because you need to have everything accounted for you can’t just be like “Harvard, I choose you!” 

It does not work like that. 

Things About Ned Nickerson Everyone Should Know

*feel free to add* (Book Fact)

  • Full name is Edward Coleman Nickerson
  • Still lives with his parents
  • also basically lives at the Drew House
  • introduced in the seventh book
  • but really started dating Nancy between 7th and 8th
  • Nancy didn’t like him at first
  • In fact she thought he was a car thief
  • but then realized he was the nicest guy in the world
  • He has two best friends
  • Who date Bess and George
  • Burt was in SEA and is a complete dork(GF’s BF)
  • Dave is basically Adrien Agreste but 5 years older(minus sad rich kid)
  • learned how to fly an airplane to surprise Nancy
  • also once escaped a crazy kidnapper by flying a helicopter
  • Fought a lion for Nancy
  • loves ghost stories
  • and dancing
  • will basically go through hell with/because of Nancy
  • and be fine three minutes later
  • Togo loves him
  • Nancy once had a noxious gas induced dream where she and Ned turned to bird people and were flying
  • Ned’s dream(by the same noxious gas) was him as a knight riding a horse through a forest fighting dragons
  • Tells Dad Jokes
  • his lips turn blue when he’s scared
  • calls Nancy “Miss.Detective”
  • She in turn calls him “Mr.Detective”
  • He’s a camp counselor during the summer
  • is working for a degree in chemical engineering
  • has a special code with Nancy in case he gets kidnapped
  • he Can speak Chinese

Who should I do next?

you know i’d really like to believe that frank’s been Frank™ his entire life but let’s be real here – there was a point in frank hardy’s life that consisted of cheap cigarettes and hair that curled around his ears and band t-shirts okay, and no he wasn’t ever like a “troubled kid” but he was just so quiet you know, like eerie quiet and when he did talk everything that came out of his mouth was pedantic and cynical and sarcastic until one day he just woke up and decided he wasn’t going to do this anymore and threw out his last pack of cigarettes and cut his hair and became frank like the frank everyone loves and adores, the spitting image of his father, the strong older brother, and the only person that remembers the smell of nicotine on all his shirts is nancy and even though she begged him to quit nearly a thousand times she won’t wash the shirt she stole from him back in high school because it smells like cigarettes and it smells like frank

Inspired by Brigitte Penvellyn in Curse of Blackmoor Manor (x)

This lady’s passion for the stars has made her my favorite Penvellyn since I first played the game. I admire how nothing could compete with her love of the night sky, to the point that she chose never to marry in a time when that was practically unheard of. She looks so refined in her portrait with her telescope, and she even has a beautiful ballad written in her honor. I want to know everything there is to know about her.