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Nancy Drew in Treasure in the Royal Tower

Different Types of Nancy Drew Fans

-People that read the old Nancy Books
-People that the 80’s Nancy Drew books
-People who played the earliest Nancy Drew games and now are 20 and have a ND tumblr
-People who played the kinda early games and now are in their teens and have a ND tumblr
- The Conservative people on the boards
- The people who were mildly interested in the Drew and got really pissed by “too female”
-The ten year olds who are reading the Nancy Drew diaries and are going to type Nancy Drew into google in a couple years and have their head exploded by the clue crew



In “Monkey-Wrench Blues” Nancy (and mechanic Bess) is asked to drive a fuel-efficient prototype in a government-sponsored race. But someone is determined that Nancy and Bess lose- at any cost! Plus, when Bess and George help Nancy pick out a dress for Deirdre’s big party, little do they suspect it’s the identical dress Deirdre will be wearing. After a minor altercation with the perturbed hostess, Nancy leaves the party only to be grabbed by a dark figure, tossed into a van and kidnapped! That leaves Bess and George, with some help from Ned, to try and solve the mystery of exactly what just happened to Nancy in “Dress Reversal.”

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Damn Stefan told Alaric! He’s like Mancy Drew! <3 Get the love of your life Stefan!

So, the Nancy Drew Diaries.

I’ve read the first two books, and preordered the next two (I’ll get to that later). I think bullet points might be the best way to talk about this.

• Point of view: is first person, from Nancy’s perspective, much like the Nancy Drew Girl Detective series.

• Nancy’s age: seems to be eighteen, although the book didn’t specifically mention it, that I recall.

• Dating: Nancy is dating Ned, who is attending River Heights University, not Emerson College. On the one hand, Ned being closer is good; on the other hand, why not Emerson? She communicates with him during the second book, but only briefly, and the story does not linger on Nancy’s feelings for him.

• Target reader age group: is apparently 8-12, although it’s lower on that scale, in my estimation.

• Setting: is present day. Very present day.

• Comparable to: most likely, the NDGD series. The dialogue and maturity level are definitely comparable, and to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nancy and her friends were really supposed to be about sixteen years old in the book.

• Recommended: for 8-12 year olds, especially those who enjoyed the NDGD series. If you are a fan of the Mystery Stories or the Files, for example, I don’t think this series would do it for you.

• Why order the next two books, then? Well, Ned doesn’t appear in books 1 or 2, but he’s in book 3, and since I love Ned, I’m going to read it.

The story from Curse of the Arctic Star, #1, continues in #2, Strangers on a Train. Nancy’s friend Becca is working for a new cruise ship line and when the inaugural voyage is plagued with sabotage and threats before it even departs, Becca calls Nancy in to help figure out who’s behind it and stop them before they can do serious damage. Nancy and her friends Bess and George, along with Bess’s new boyfriend Alan, stay in a gorgeous four-bedroom suite on the ship and investigate as they cruise off the shore of Alaska.

I did want these stories to be more reminiscent of at least the Mystery Stories, but I wouldn’t say they were. It could be that no series will ever truly be reminiscent of that series again. Ahh well.