nancy dowd

in fact in the entire 76-year history of the best original screenplay category only eight women have won the award. muriel box in 1946 for the seventh veil (co-written with her husband sydney box), sonya levien in 1955 for interrupted melody (co-written with william ludwig), nancy dowd in 1978 for coming home (co-written with robert c. jones and waldo salt), pamela wallace in 1985 for witness (co-written with her husband earl w. wallace and william kelley), callie khouri in 1991 for thelma and louise, jane campion in 1993 for the piano, sofia coppola in 2003 for lost in translation, and diablo cody in 2007 for juno.

It’s not the number of people who walk through your doors; it’s the individuals whose lives you are changing. It’s not the number of books or videos you are lending; it’s the lives that are impacted by reading or watching them.
If we are going to get our community to believe in our value, every single person who works for the library will need to look at the library from a community point of view. Who needs help? Where are the gaps? How can the library help to plug those gaps?
—  Nancy Dowd

possibly the most delightful sequence in sports film history.

SLAP SHOT is a curiosity of a film. starring that guy that makes the pasta sauce and Sheriff Harry S. Truman who (spoiler alert) concludes the film by skating around stripping naked! (i would love to hear what Agent Dale Cooper has to say about that… or see the look on Deputy Hawk’s face!)

in spite of its harsh and offensive nature it is secretly kind of a thoughtful film. and surprise, surprise a woman wrote it. plenty of men have written plenty of thoughtful things, but they tend to handle writing female characters weakly and that is what distinguishes SLAP SHOT from the rest of the sports film pack. they may not receive as much screen time but they are REAL and contain some depth. the film expresses a dissatisfaction with the men who populate its world. they are bums who need to grow up, who just arent worth waiting around on forever.

and then of course theres the organist getting concussed with a puck to the head…