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can you make a list of Instagram @names for previous degrassi cast members? :)

Sure! I truly hope they won’t mind! below are the instagram names of DJH/DH cast that I have found so far… I know most of you already know some of these. 

staciemistysyn (Stacie Mistysyn/Caitlin)

kirstenbournekelly (Kirsten Kelly/Tessa)

erenicoura (Irene Courakos/Alexa)

dgr8estever (Dayo Ade / BLT)

annabelle_waugh (Annabelle Waugh / Dorothy)

pat_mastroianni (Pat Mastroianni / Joey)

lammer (Colleen Lam / Vivian Wong)

stefanbrogren (Stefan Brogren / Snake)

arlodesigns (Arlene Lott / Nancy) 

craigdriscoll (Craig Driscoll / Rick Munro) 

That’s all I have right now! I haven’t done a search in a while though. So let me know if you know of any more! 

TWEEK: It doesn’t count!
CLYDE: C’mon, you gotta tell us.
TWEEK: *sighs* O-Okay, so you know Calvin?
CRAIG: … That guy with that weird cap?
TWEEK: Yes, him.
TWEEK: Okay, so remember when we went to that field trip to the Pioneer Village? And we had to hold hands?
CLYDE: And then we were held hostage? Token, we were partners, right? And you held hands with Kenny.
CRAIG: Jesus Christ, why do you all remember this?
TOKEN: Because we almost died.
CRAIG: We always almost die.
TWEEK: Anyway, Calvin and I held hands. 

TWEEK: And then when we were held hostage, I thought we were gonna die, man! A-And I thought I was gonna die without ever having my first kiss and so did he!
CRAIG: So you kissed each other?
TWEEK: Yeah.
CRAIG: … That’s actually a good explanation.
CLYDE: But why does Jimmy know?
JIMMY: I saw it. I p-pr-promised not to tell anyone, though.