nancy barry

quotes for the signs

aries: “i decided i was safe. i was strong. i was brave. nothing could vanqush me.” cheryl strayed, wild: from lost to found on the pacific crest trail

taurus: “to be alive: not just the carcass, but the spark. that’s crudely put, but… if we’re not supposed to dance, why all this music?” gregory orr

gemini: “you are so complex that you don’t always respond to danger.” jenny holzer, survival

cancer: “i cling to my own ache, i cling to the past and it gets to a point when i can’t even remember without hurting.” anne sexton, a self-portrait in letters

leo: “you say love so fast you always forget to taste it. it comes out like a spill at a bar no one wants to clean up.” nancy barry, excerpt from brittany

virgo: “and now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” john steinbeck, east of eden

libra: “i was the most exquisite loneliness, the most exquisite creature among all of the unloved.” caitlyn siehl, quite death

scorpio: “you are not a reflection of those who can’t love you. you will love again. you will be loved again.” caitlyn siehl, literary sexts

sagittarius: “how do we forgive ourselves for all of the things we did not become?” david ‘doc’ luben, 14 lines from love letters or suicide notes

capricorn: “i can’t touch syllables, tenderness, throats. look, it’s like this: i’m just like the rest, limping across the city, flying when i can.” dionne brand, from thirsty

aquarius: “the world cannot be translated; it can only be dreamed of and touched.” dejan stojanovic, from the creator

pisces: “when is a monster not a monster? oh, when you love it.” caitlyn siehl, literary sexts

anonymous asked:

Hey! A while ago you did a list of "quotes that make you shudder" and I was wondering if since then you'd found any more to add to that list? Or just quoted that make you feel A LOT in general? I'm thirsty for shudder-worthy quotes


“Oh, body, be held now by whom you love.
Whole years will be spent, underneath these impossible stars,
when dirt’s the only animal who will sleep with you
& touch you with
its mouth.”
–Aracelis Girmay, from “Kingdom Animalia"

“You think I can’t tame that? I always come home. Always.
Ravenous. Loaded. You know better than anybody:
I’m bigger than God. ”
–Jeanann Verlee, from “The Mania Speaks"

“If you want to get a child to love you, then you should just go and hide in the closet for three or four hours. They get down on their knees and pray for you to return. That child will turn you into God. Lonely children probably wrote the Bible.”
–Heather O’Neill, Lullabies for Little Criminals

“I am not sure if we matter
I am not sure if your face matters
But I will destroy this house for it anyway
But I will scorch this black world for it anyway”
–Dorothea Lasky, from “This is a poem for you"

“There is no one to save us
because there is no need to be saved.
I’ve hurt you. I’ve loved you. I’ve mowed
the front yard.”
–Matthew Dickman, from Slow Dance

“I knew I did from that first moment we met. It was… Not love at first sight exactly, but - familiarity. Like: oh, hello, it’s you. It’s going to be you.”
–Mhairi McFarlane

“And I cried. For myself. For this woman talkin’ about love. For all the women who have ever stretched their bodies out anticipating civilization and finding ruins.”
–Sonia Sanchez, Homegirls and Handgrenades

“Once, I wanted to be the side of a war that lost
A man loves a pillaged town
A place that will king him for bringing it back to life”
–Meghan Privitello, from “Love, Cases of Falling Out Of”

“You say love so fast you always forget to taste it.
It comes out like a spill
at a bar no one wants to clean up.”
–Nancy Barry, excerpt from “Brittany”

“I am no stranger to love and I am not waiting for you, because I believe we will be reborn, because I believe everything, and I believe that we will meet again and suffer together again.”
–Richard Siken, Lillian Gish Goes to Hell

“O how he loves you, darling boy. O how, like always, he invents the monsters underneath the bed to get you to sleep next to him, chest to chest or chest to back, the covers drawn around you in an act of faith against the night.”
–You are Jeff, Richard Siken

“I thought she was sleeping until I heard her call out from across the room, “Will you bring me a glass of water?” I did. Then in her always-sleepy tone and drawl she said, “Do you remember when you were a little boy and you would ask your mama to bring you a glass of water?” Yeah. “You know how half the time you weren’t even thirsty. You just wanted that hand that was attached to that glass that was attached to that person you just wanted to stay there until you fell asleep.” She took the glass of water that I brought her and just sat it down full on the table next to her. Wow, I thought. What am I gonna do with love like this.”
–One Night from Dito Montiel’s A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints

“Hold onto your voice. Hold onto your breath. Don’t make a noise,
don’t leave the room until I come back from the dead for you. I will
come back from the dead for you.”
–Richard Siken, Snow and Dirty Rain

“CHORUS: Helen! wild mad Helen
you murdered so many beneath Troy.
Now you’ve crowned yourself one final perfect time,
a crown of blood that will not wash away.
Strife walks with you everywhere you go.
KLYTAIMESTRA: Oh, stop whining.
And why get angry at Helen?
As if she singlehandedly destroyed those multitudes of men.
As if she all alone made this wound in us.”
–Agamemnon, Aeschylus (trans. Anne Carson)

the ugly truth is you’re the the loudest one here.
the soundtrack to your sadness is five-inch heels
on the wooden floor, your breath crashing
into that boys neck, winning everyone at beer pong.

all long curls like a telephone cord, eyes green
like the spinach his mother always told him
was good for him, and you’re good for him, you are
but being in someone else’s mouth is a big
commitment and you aren’t ready yet, you aren’t.

you let him touch you and call it cleansing.
call it forgetting. call it replacing. call it
catharsis. call it moving on. call it love, love,
love, but love isn’t supposed to feel this way.

the nightmares haunt. the memories are like fish
inside you, you keep trying to gut with knifes.
you sit in therapy for an hour and don’t say
a single word. can’t. won’t. can’t. can’t. can’t. won’t.

this boy is holding you, but his hands are empty.
still, you lie there and tell yourself maybe
he’ll get you to feel something.
his hair sticks to the pillow and you’re turning this
into more than it is. you make sure your hands
are always on him, terrified of what your own skin
feels like.

you use the word like a cleansing secret.
you say love so fast you always forget to taste it.
it comes out like a spill
at a bar no one wants to clean up.

Headcanon that Iris and Barry wore matching costumes for Halloween growing up which continued into adulthood Wally West voice: lbr they were couple costumes

Sometimes Iris chose–Nancy Drew and Ned. Sometimes Barry chose–Zombies. Their favorite costumes were Uhura and Captain Kirk because kickass black woman for Iris and sci-fi nerdiness for Barry :)