nancy & tonya

“The Tonya Harding movie was enjoyable, but as a long time skating fan, the little inaccuracies annoyed me. For example - when they showed Tonya winning Skate America in 1991 (91-92 season), they had Nancy on the podium in 2nd (who wasn’t even there!) and someone in Kristi Yamaguchi’s costume in 3rd (she was 2nd). How hard is it to get one podium shot done correctly…it takes like 2 seconds to search Wikipedia for the correct placements??”


I remember 1994. Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding. The OJ Simpson white Ford Bronco chase. A runaway planet hurtling between the Earth and the Moon unleashing cosmic destruction. And Ace of Base on the radio.

Nancy Kerrigan was assaulted.

And there’s a room of people wearing black to stand up for women’s rights and laughing with Tonya Harding.

Jip that is 2018 for you…