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Neural Network Story Name Illustrations 1-4

Images 1-4 of neural network story name illustrations (names from

Nancy Drew: The Last Day - Can Nancy Drew solve the Case of the Malevolent Moon before time runs out?

[Pictured: Nancy Drew stands in the clock tower from Majora’s Mask holding an ocarina. Outside, the evil moon hangs low in the sky and the Skull Kid watches from the background.]

Market That Knave - Dastardly villains, dashing makeovers!

[Pictured: A printed photo of Snidely Whiplash labeled “Before” lies on top of an unseen photo labeled “After”.]

Murder’s Eagle - The most brutal and bizarre bird in America!

[Pictured: A menacing eagle flies while holding a chainsaw.]

American Midnight: Swear Dragon - Are you a bad enough dragon to save the city from ninja related crime?

[Pictured: In a dark city street, a humanoid dragon takes down a sword wielding ninja using RADICAL SKATEBOARD STUNTS while breathing a cartoon swear as a fireball. More ninja goons approach from all sides. A label at the bottom says “Swear Enix“.]

An apparent suicide note penned by Sex Pistol guitarist Sid Vicious. The sneering punk rocker died in New York on February 2, 1979, of a massive heroin overdose.

The ‘baby’ referred to in the note is his late girlfriend Nancy Spungen (pictured alongside Vicious) who was found dead of multiple stab wounds in the Chelsea Hotel in October 1978 after a night of heavy drug use. Sid was charged with murdering her, and was awaiting trial when he overdosed.

was looking through my mini library and found something from my childhood:

Look at this thing! Copyright says 1959 and I’d read it so much in my childhood the spine was really coming off~ 

But the artwork!! is so old school and amazing?? I flipped through the thing and remembered they printed art in the cover

and in the pages

and it reminded me that mystery stories really need to up their game because these were one of the greatest things about the original Nancy Drew 

sometimes i wish there were clues in the game that weren’t really necessary to the plot or the game but just stuff geared towards the characters

like, show me wade thornton’s stash of whiskey bottles because his nightmares keep him up at night. let me find the old cd’s and gifts henry bought for summer, the ones she hated and trashed on his doorstep. show me old, faded pictures of ma and pa on their wedding day. linda’s diary spilling her anxieties about getting a new stepdaughter. nick falcone’s toothbrush hidden behind the counter at the theater. ollie’s divorce letters from freddie’s mother, left unsigned. frank hardy’s old cell-phone from middle school full of pictures of him and nancy on the bus. an empty engagement ring box from tex in mary yazzie’s closet, hal tanaka’s mail from his parents, baby pictures of nancy in carson’s briefcase.

show me these things and let me discover who these characters are so i can learn to love and appreciate all of them instead of wondering what their life was like before nancy drew came along


He was six years old the first time he’d heard it.

“Stephen!’ His mother had snapped as soon as she opened the door to her husband’s study.  “Stop annoying your father, he’s got important things to do.”

Steve had stopped dead in his tracks, his story about his new friend from school ending abruptly.  He’d glanced at his father, hoping to hear some dismissive words along the lines of “it’s not annoying,” but his dad had just glared at him.  Steve had quickly left the room, being shooed off to play with the nanny.

He never did end up finishing that story.

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