We all remember this:
It wasn’t after the 2017 Upfronts, it was during. CS just…left. Scamharts were angry because that meant no breadcrumbs. I was sure KJ was going to be joining him since KJ had to be there for MCM Comic...

Not gonna dissect this point by point (too redundant, stupid, etc)…but….

Cole went to London to shoot the soon to be Mrs. Joe Jonas, was waaay too busy working and then went to a drag club because he’s a laid back, artsy guy and straight dudes have gone to drag clubs for fucking decades. As have het ladies, because I have, with all my het lady friends. More than once.

Ru Paul’s fan base has as many straights as it does queers and always has (actually his guest judge is always someone het and over 40, usually a chick)

Being supportive of LGBTQ culture doesn’t mean you’re queer. Let alone that you’re fucking your village idiot co-star. And that it’s verboten by the PR Overlords, who never would’ve permitted it to have surfaced IF that were true….

If He Doesn’t Conform 1952′s Concept of Macho, Then He’s a Nancee Boy’s Nightmare signing off….

Oh PS…..we “scamharts” weren’t one bit disappointed, because even in that half morning, we had a lovely feast:

Cole’s fingers in Lili’s hair kink

Dommie Cole

First Noticeable “Geez Cole, is it ever DOWN?” sighting

And…you know….

such a lot of world to see 

music for exploring in the woods. listen here.


follow you down to the red oak tree- james vincent mcmorrow // exploration- coraline soundtrack // goods- iamamiwhoami // moon river- the honey trees // lofticries- purity ring // moonsetter- homestuck vol. 9 // woodland- the paper kites // fountain- iamamiwhoami // aeolus- freelance whales // a taste for adventure- homestuck vol. 9 // wolves within the woods- the mariner’s children // plant life (instrumental)- owl city // the cave- mumford and sons // where no one goes (instrumental)- httyd2 soundtrack // hopeless wanderer- mumford and sons // it carved your name into the ground- the mariner’s children // the carnival of the animals (the aquarium)- saint saens // run boy run- woodkid // prelude to the afternoon of a fawn- debussy // playing for keeps- elle king (the doughnuts cover) // snail song- snail party // sis puella magica!- puella magi madoka magica soundtrack // astronaut- amanda palmer (totalspiffage cover) // fineshrine- purity ring // transformation- brother bear ost // witchcraft- pendulum // spitting image- freelance whales // claire de lune- debussy // dearly departed- shakey graves // find home- the honey trees // all the pretty little horses- nancee kahler mccraw // you’ll not feel the drowning- the decemberists (horizon cover)