Free! cellphone model list, compiled:

- Haruka: SoftBank PANTONE SLIDE Sharp 825SH in Aqua Blue
- Makoto: SoftBank PANTONE SLIDE Sharp 825SH in Lime green
- Nagisa: docomo SMART series NEC N-04A in Ultimate Pink
- Rei: docomo PRO series Sharp SH-04A in White
- Rin: Closest I was able to find was au Toshiba W65T in Jet Black. The color of the dial and the four buttons on the top keypad are different.
- Gou: SoftBank Samsung 920SC in non-existent black ✕ pink color combination
- Gou’s camera: Olympus Camedia FE-330 in Diamond Pink, released in February 2008.

All known phones so far had a JP release date of 2008 through February 2009.
Everyone had silder phones.

Was Free! really set in 2009…?


Our photos based on the scene from Free! Eternal Summer Ep. 11, with the anime references. (Click here for to view the proper photo set)

Haru • Jin (behindinfinity)
Makoto • Miguel
photography • Reskiy

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