Cosplay pics as Nagisa at some of the local meetups and LCCC. :) 

RinHaru week 2017-Day 4 Competition

Blue “Rin, I… I want to be like you, too.“ 

This was taken before high speed starting days came out on DVD! This was my interruption of how Haru read Rin’s letter from the novel. So I didn’t know how the actual scene was animated yet at the time!

I think Rin’s letter was really sweet. TwT And it was cute how he was too embarrassed to send it directly to Haru and sent it to Sousuke instead.

Photo and edit:  Alkun00


More pictures from Sakura-Con as Arabian Nagisa from Free!, with our wonderful Haru. Photos taken by the lovely and talented @sometimes-lucas who was our Rei! :)


So…Wandering on the internet I found These FANTASTIC cosplays from the anime Free!… Among all those who were there,in my opinion,these are the ones that really deserves an award for the similarity!!!😍😍 (NO WORDS FOR SOUSUKE AND HARU😍😍😍😍😍😍)