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What if..... Haruka lost his love for water? Drama for the whole swimclub?

It’s such a strange concept I can’t even remotely picture it haha :p

  • Makoto would practically lose it and wouldn’t know what to do with himself, or Haru for that matter.
  • He’d become hyperaware of Haru, trying to spot anything that could have led to this.
  • He can’t get used to Haru actually being ready for school and not in the bath and still needing to make breakfast when he arrives at his house.
  • Nagisa would think the whole thing was some sort of phase and would tell everyone that he’d be back to his old self in no time.
  • To try and prove this, he forced Haru to stand by the pool and see how long it would take for him to strip and start swimming.
  • It took the poor boy five and a half hours until he gave up.
  • Rei thought it was a joke at first and became very afraid when he realised that it wasn’t.
  • He’d try and give Haru lots of pep talks in order to help him return to normal.
  • He’d research for hours, trying to discover what possibly could have led to his sudden change in behaviour, but sadly found nothing and began to panic even more.
  • Once hearing the news, Rin thought it was some sort of prank.
  • He’d come over to the Iwatobi swim club and confront Haru himself, getting angry and on the verge of fighting him… only for him to start crying about it. Oh Rin.
  • Sousuke would be very weirded out and become rather suspicious.
  • Aii would be really worried and try and help out in any way he could.
  • Momo would push Haru into the pool, thinking he just needed some help in the process. It didn’t work.

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